Holiday Entertaining Tips

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

When Dustin and I built our home two years ago, we built it with the purpose of hospitality.  It's so important to me to have our home open to our friends and family.  There's nothing better than having a home full of laughing people who feel comfortable and who know they are loved and wanted!

Today's prompt for The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is on holiday entertaining.  And Victoria and I are so excited to welcome Catherine from Classic Catherine as our guest cohost today!  This couldn't have come at a better time because tomorrow night I'm hosting the Christmas party for my ladies' small group.  I have always wanted to host a friends' Christmas party but my friend group is spread throughout the state.

Even though a lot of these tips will be for holiday entertaining. most of these are ones I use throughout the year whenever I host people!

1. Set the atmosphere with music and lights.
Have Christmas music playing in the background before your guests arrive.  I suggest a Christmas jazz or piano Pandora station. Turn all of your lamps on because low light is so much better than the harsh over head lights most people have.  And of course, have your Christmas lights on!

2. Candles, candles, and more candles!
Since this isn't something that you're going to be cooking majorly for (mine is finger foods), it's okay to have scented candles lit.  If you aren't a fan of scented candles then just get unscented.

3. Make sure the area for food is easily navigated and flows well.
In our next home I'm going to build a huge island in our kitchen, but we don't have that right now so I've learned which areas of the kitchen have food and which counter has the drinks. I think it's important to make it flow well so that everyone is in line and in order getting food instead of cutting each other off.  And it makes it better to go back for seconds!

4. Set the table.
This doesn't have to be fancy at all.  My tablescape for tomorrow night is simple but welcoming.  Even if you use paper plates, still make the table look nice with an easy centerpiece.

5. Make sure everyone knows the dress code.
You don't want to throw a holiday party where half the guests show up in nice clothes and half show up in tacky Christmas sweaters.  Even if your dress code is dressy casual, make sure your guests know it.  There's nothing worse than looking out of place because you underdressed--I like to say it's better to be overdressed, but you may not want that either if this is a small affair haha!

6. Make your home cozy and inviting.
Welcome your guests with a smile.  Make sure they feel comfortable enough to feel at home, and that they know where the bathrooms are.  You want to focus on enjoying your guests instead of feeling like you're putting on a show and enjoyment happens when your guests feel comfortable and welcomed!

What are some of your holiday entertaining tips?

Come back tomorrow to share your Christmas Day in the Life!


  1. Beautiful tips! I love entertaining, epecially at the Holidays! Your guest room will be all ready at the new house!

  2. Love how you said organise the flow of the food! So very true!

  3. All great tips. I love a nice simple but elegant tablescape!

  4. these are such great tips! definitely going to steal a few of these for when i host my next party.

  5. Great tips, Sarah! You know I'm all about the ambient lighting, so that one is the most important for me!

  6. I'm so excited to read all of the posts from today's topic because on Friday I'm hosting my first Christmas party of the season-I totally agree with candles, they just make the atmosphere so much more cozy and inviting :)

    xoox, SS

    Southern and Style

  7. Food flow is key!! I love setting up a great buffet and drink station :)

  8. 100% agree with that entire list!!! Coziness all the way!

  9. Music and lights are big ones! I love candles, twinkle lights and tea lights and having some instrumental music in the background just makes everything feel calm and right!

  10. Great tips Sarah! I especially love that you let them know the dress code. Sometimes that is the trickiest part!


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