Random Thoughts on a Wednesday!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Today's post is just a collection of random thoughts I've got floating around in my head right now 😜

I think I want to become a hot tea drinker.  Ever since I drank my first Coldbuster from Starbucks and it contained hot tea, I've decided to try it.  I talked to my best friend on the phone the other day and found out she's a hot tea drinker too, so I feel like that means I can too ha!  She loves the Tazo cranberry orange--which sounds like it would be my favorite.  I plan on picking some up my next grocery trip and I'll keep y'all updated!

I really want this lipstick.  I'm still searching for a red that looks good on me.

I've been inspired to read some of Candace Cameron Bure's books because I've seen her all over the Hallmark Channel this Christmas season.  I want to read Reshaping It All and her latest release, Staying Stylish. 

I'm sure everyone has already read about and watched the news about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  When I first heard they were dating, I didn't give much thought to it because she is American, she's a movie star, and she's divorced.  I assumed it was another fling and he'd move onto someone with a better pedigree (sounds awful but true).  Now that they have officially announced their engagement, I am hopping on the fan club bandwagon for Meghan Markle.  I didn't know her before (except I'm pretty sure she's been in a Hallmark I right?!), but after checking out some of her clothes, I'm really becoming a fan of her style!  


  1. I have always loved Meghan Markle's look and I am SO excited to see more and more of her with the engagement and wedding!!! You should try Harney & Son's Hot Cinnamon Sunset tea - you can get it at Target. It's delicious!

  2. She's on Suits too! My husband used to watch that - I had no idea about them but my friends quickly filled me in via group text and I was like oh geez! haha Love that lip color - try it!

  3. MM is so smart, have you heard her interviews? I am a huge fan of her elegance, wit and compassion, it's a great match and being an ultimate Diana fan forever, I think she'd be proud. Love love hot tea! Wish we could have a cup together! Have a GREAT day!

  4. Megan is adorable! Like you, I didn't pay a ton of attention, but seeing them together is SO cute!

  5. Sign me up for all the Royal Wedding Watch articles and reports from now until May!! I loved the Coldbuster drink too...I think I could become a hot tea drinker if I could find the right one. Keep us posted!

  6. I love Harry and Meghan! What a cute couple!

  7. I feel like I sometimes say Candace Cameron Bure in my sleep. Her name has such a jingle to it, and I'm always hearing it from watching too much Hallmark channel!

  8. I'm excited about a royal wedding and another royal baby in 2018!! I'm also hoping to reading Staying Stylish

  9. I second Emily! She turned me on to that Hot Cinnamon Sunset Tea and it is AH-MAZING!

  10. He was with that blonde girl/lady for a while wasn't he? I wonder how she's feeling about him getting engaged after a year. Why do I think about these things?

    I am happy for them and can't wait to see wedding details. They both seem like good people.

    Good luck with your hunt for the perfect red lipstick! I am on the same hunt. Most of the reds I've tried are from the drugstore though.

  11. I'm a tea drinker too & honestly, the past few weeks I've been drinking more tea than I have coffee! I really like chai tea & earl gray. Those are my favorite morning teas & then chamomile at night :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style


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