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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

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Happy Wednesday, y'all!

aka Happy Friday for me because I took off work tomorrow and everyone is off Friday!  Another reason why I'm so happy?  The high for today 55 degrees, so don't mind me while I wear a sweater, scarf, and boots #basic

Last night on IG stories I asked for blog content ideas because I am lacking creativity for the month of November.  I had SO many responses and wonderful ideas that I was blown away!  I jotted all of those down for the next few weeks until December (so check back tomorrow for a fun December blog announcement!)

One reader suggested a Q&A and I thought that would be perfect since I've never done it before!  I'm answering some of the questions I got on IG, so if you have any others, comment below or send me an email ( for my next post!

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How do you prioritize furnishing your home?
This was such a good/hard question because I'm still furnishing our home!  I plan on dedicating a whole blog post to it this month, but my advice so far is to focus on your main pieces first--and I always make sure those are quality pieces which are more costly.  Then work my way to smaller pieces.  For example, with my dining room I got the table and chairs first, then curtains, and next I'll purchase wall art.

Best winter soup you make?
I actually just made a soup last night that was new to Dustin and I.  I made Shay's Taco Tortellini Soup and it was good!  I did make a few changes though.  I used ground turkey instead of beef and I accidentally forgot to buy frozen corn, so we didn't have it in our soup.  But I felt like it was okay because we saved that starch since the tortellini was one!

What led to your decision to become a teacher?  How did you decide what you wanted to teach/which grade?
I laughed when I read this question because my answer will be so different than most teachers!  First of all, my mom is a teacher so I grew up saying that I DID NOT want to be a teacher when I got older.  I mean, parents would call our house during dinner or at bedtime asking stuff like, "Can I send a check for lunch money?" or really dumb questions that could have waited until the next day at school.  It wasn't until my sophomore year of college that I really felt like I was supposed to be a teacher.  I chose English because reading has always been a passion of mine.  I now teach 7th grade English in my hometown, and it wasn't my first choice BUT I really am so glad it's what I teach now because I enjoy that age group and I work with really great teachers!

Christmas gifts for teachers?
In the 7 years I've been teaching, I've gotten a wide variety of gifts.  Some really really useful and some stereotypical #1 teacher gifts.  But in my opinion, the best gifts are gift cards!  I once got a $5 Starbucks gift card (jr high kids have 7 teachers...eek!) tucked in a bag of candy.  It was a cute presentation and bought me almost 2 drinks, so I really appreciated that!  Obviously, I never expect gifts of any sort from my students, but I'm always so surprised when I get anything!

Best face mask?
I'm still working my way through the face mask box my friend got me for my birthday, but so far this Boscia mask has been my favorite!  It's not a peel off one, but my face felt super clean after washing it off!

How do you stay upbeat/positive while going through fertility treatments?
I'm really glad a sweet reader asked me this question because I think it's so important!  Infertility is so hard, y'all.  And fertility medicines are rough on your body and your emotions.  I hope that I appear good-spirited, positive, and upbeat to everyone because honestly I am 95% of the time.  But I do have my sad days or moments where I cry or have to deal with envy.  How do I stay so positive?  I could not do it without my faith in Jesus.  I've learned so much during these 26 months of infertility, and my biggest lesson is that my joy isn't found in a baby or a pregnancy because those are temporary things.  My joy is found in Jesus.  If we find our joy in anything other than the Lord, we'll be disappointed and unhappy.  I keep this verse in my purse and taped to my computer at school to remind me where my trust is kept:
"You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you because he trusts you.  Trust in the Lord God forever, for the Lord is an everlasting rock."
Isaiah 26:3-4 ESV

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  1. Jesus is the light that will get you through this journey, he is walking right beside of you and holds you in the happy and the sad. I am so happy you have a strong Faith!!! Oh girl, I am so excited to decorate our new home but I want to take my time til I get it just right. I LOVED this Q&A!!

  2. I never make soup at home but Gary always wants it so I need to make some! Love a great Q&A and cant wait for more! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I'm a teacher too! I totally agree that gifts are always unexpected but Starbucks gift cards are the BEST :)

    Katherine |

  4. I agree on teacher gift cards! Every single teacher I've ever met says that gift cards are, hands down, the best gift!!

  5. Great post! Enjoy your time off work!

  6. Gift cards for teachers it is! Thanks, Sarah! And I love the idea of adding some candy. I'll be praying for you as you go through the infertility treatments. Ugh it's hard, I know. God has a plan of how to complete your family and it is nothing short of perfect. Stay positive!

  7. Oh my, enjoy your nice long weekend!!!

  8. I'm with you on the furniture thing currently!!

  9. Love your answers, especially your response to the last one :)

  10. I love learning more about bloggers through Q&As. Your new blog design looks great!

  11. I've told you many times before, and I'll say it again. You're faith and strength during this struggle have been inspiring. The story that God is writing for you is going to be a huge testament of faith to share with others you meet later on. I'm asking for some face masks for my stocking this have me intrigued!!

  12. Love this post. I think gift cards for teachers is a great idea.

  13. Your faith is unwavering, Sarah, and it is inspiring. I pray for you every night and I hope those prayers are answered soon. <3

  14. This is such a fun Q and A. I love it!

  15. Fun post! I'm so glad you can stay positive most of the time!!

    I think gift cards for teacher is a fun idea; who doesn't want a gift card? It's very practical but in a good way!


  16. Great post idea!
    I don't think the comments I'm posting from my phone are working, so I'm going to post again. If it's a double, I apologize!
    I'm curious how you juggle life as an ELA teacher and accomplish so much outside of school. Do you guys have regular before school and after school meetings? We are constantly having them, along with meetings during our planning time. It's so hard to accomplish things during the school day, and I always feel guilty if I'm not at school 1.5 hours before it starts and leave right at the end of the day. How do you handle grading, planning and having a life outside of it all?

  17. Loved getting to know you more in this post!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  18. I love this post! We are still furnishing our home too so I can related... we've been in it almost 1 full year and still haven't hung wall art because we are painting, still trying to decide on a few furniture pieces, etc. It's a lot to tackle financially too! Your faith is such an inspiration, thanks for sharing!


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