A Weekend Spent in Enemy Territory

Monday, November 13, 2017

When you read the title of today's blog post, you were probably confused--enemy territory..what?

Enemy territory = Auburn.

Yep.  This Alabama grad and Alabama fan spent the AU/GA game weekend in Auburn and it was a madhouse.  My best friend and her husband recently relocated to Auburn due to a new job, so I ventured down Friday morning to visit!  

Even though Dustin (who is a huge AL fan) went to Auburn, I never knew him in college so my only visit to Auburn was once in high school to watch a football game with a friend and her family.  Auburn is a quaint little town--and Opelika is the cutest--but it's not Tuscaloosa, and Tuscaloosa will always be my favorite!

 We ate lunch at Hamilton's after driving around 30 minutes searching for a parking space.  I mentioned to Janie that it was too bad we weren't in college and knew all the good places to park where no one else did aka a back alley way.  We used to have some pretty reliable parking places in downtown Tuscaloosa in case we couldn't find an actual parking space.

Hamilton's was really good!  I had blackened Mahi fish tacos and Janie had a toasted chicken salad sandwich and lobster bisque.

 This picture was taken a little before midnight, and I'm happy to note that we weren't the oldest people out. We look tired because we didn't nap before going out that night--anyone else used to do that?

 The next morning was a lazy morning of drinking coffee and watching College Gameday

Each year Janie and I get together either in November or December to make a holiday themed treat.  This year we decided to try making iced sugar cookies that were pieces of pumpkin pie.  I will say, they tasted AMAZING and turned out looking pretty good.  Next time we'll use actual piping bags instead of ziplocs with the tips cut off ha!  #improvising

Not bad for being iced with ziploc baggies!


  1. Those cookies are seriously impressive! Haha!

  2. such a fun weekend! I've only been to auburn once, in college to visit some friends! I agree, I love Tuscaloosa much more hahah. Cute cookies and such a fun weekend with your bestie!

  3. Those mahi tacos look delicious!

  4. LOVE the title of this post and those smiling faces!! Those cookies..oh my cuteness, GREAT idea too brilliant and beautiful woman!!!

  5. What a fun weekend with your friend!! I haven't been to a college game in two years and I just dont know if I could hang anymore LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Looks like you had so much fun, friend! XO

  7. Enemy territory is worth it when you get to see your bestie and have all that fun! :) SO glad it was a good weekend!!

  8. Sounds like it was a fun weekend. Those cookies look so good.

  9. Those cookies turned out SO cute & I love that you spent your weekend in my favorite town ever :) I grew up living about an hour north of Aubs & my husband graduated from there, so it's always a fun visit. Next time you go, try to eat at Acre-my absolute favorite restaurant ever, although Hamilton's is a close second!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  10. Bahahaha I feel you on enemy territory because Auburn is MY enemy territory as well. I wasn't even interested in going to the game because I can't stand their stadium. I was thankful we didn't go anyway after the way the game turned out. Ugh, I'm still sad about it!

  11. i just love how you guys take your football so seriously! hehe enemy territory made me crack up!

  12. Love that you and your bestie had a special weekend together! What a fun tradition to bake together!

  13. What a fun getaway! I've always wanted to make those pumpkin pie cookies.


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