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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I've got some random pictures comin' at ya today for a little life lately post!

 My sister and I share a birthday month, and her birthday is on the 10th.  Since that was part of our fall break from school, Mom and I were able to meet my sister for lunch at mine and Rachel's favorite place to eat.....PANERA!!  Dustin and my dad make fun of how much Rachel and I love/can eat Panera Bread.  It's SO good.  And I love now that it's fall and they have the autumn squash soup.  I'm hungry just thinking about it!

 Later that night was Rachel's birthday dinner at her house.  Thanks Dad for giving us bunny ears at the ages of 26 and 29 😐

 I got to spend some time with Rachel last week, and as you can tell, she was really into the conversation we were having....

 ...Dustin, too.  We were trying to watch a TV documentary together.

And since fall has finally hit the South, I broke out my fall clothes for this week!
 sweater | leggings | scarf | similar flats (same brand)

 Isn't the back of this so cute?!  I may wear this sweater again Saturday night when Dustin and I go out to eat--I love it that much.  And I loved the price too!  And if you haven't bought these leggings yet, do it now.  I'm so glad I bought them during the NSale because I know I will wear them a ton during the colder weather.  Plus I've gotten so many compliments on them!

 sweater | old GAP leggings | necklace | similar mules

The back of this sweater is really cute too!  I've posted about this sweater before, but it really is a thinner sweater--so perfect for the fall.

ANNNNNDDD every once in a while I get this crazy idea that I want to cut my hair short again.  And every time I think about this, I always come back to this image...

I know it sounds obsessive but I probably think about cutting my hair at least 3 times a week.  I always talk myself out of it, though, because ever since I had surgery back in December, my hair basically grows at snail speed.  And I have really really thick hair.  But you never know, you may see a picture of me this year with a much shorter hair cut if I pull the trigger!
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  1. Love the photos. Looks so happy :)

  2. Go for it, I love Kelly Ripa's hair and with your beautiful face, any cute would look awesome on you! Your daddy is so cute. LOVE the back of that sweater...looking fab in your Fall Fashions!!

  3. I like Kelly's hair.....just do it!!!!!

  4. I feel like your hair is almost that cut as is it so just go for it!! Love your birthday traditions with your sister!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. I love that sweater you got from Loft!!! It's so cute! And I think you should go for it with the haircut, too! I actually have an appointment this week and I think since you talked about cutting your hair short, it is making me want to do it, too!

  6. Love Kelly Ripa's hairstyle! I think it would look great on you :-) I also love that grey sweater and leopard scarf combo!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  7. Um YES to that hair cut! You would totally rock that - do it! LOVE those leopard mules and all of your clothes!

  8. I love your outfits. They are prefect for fall. I love Kelly's hair. I think you would look great with a cut like that.

  9. I love her hair! I say chop it off if you've always wanted to!

  10. Look at you all cute in your Fall outfits!! Love it! I, too, love me some Panera. Their soup in a bread bowl is my absolute favorite!

  11. We love Panera, too!! We eat it all the time! I've never tried their autumn squash soup because I can't NOT get the brocolli cheddar. Soooo yummy.

  12. You could TOTALLY pull off hair that short! It looks great now but would be so cute short too! PS: Panera's Autumn Squash soup is my fave too! I love it with a half sandwich and piece of dipping bread. Omgggg now I want that for dinner! haha

  13. I love your leopard shoes-they're so stinkin' adorable! Also, Panera is totally my weakness too-I love their summer corn chowder, so I wonder if I would like the fall seasonal soup too? I'm a squash lover, so I might just have to try it out!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  14. Panera's black bean soup is my favorite! If you google panera soup recipes, quite a few come up -- I've made some of them at home and they taste almost exactly the same!

    I LOVE that hair cut! I get mine cut similar to that and just love the short hair look! I think you should go for it!

    So happy to hear that you're getting some fall weather down there!

  15. Hi Sarah! I have recently started following your blog. We have really similar taste in decor and clothing. I am working on updating my house and having trouble picking paint colors. Would you mind sharing the paint color(s) used around your house? I looked at your home tour posts and didn't see that info. I am guessing most people don't ask such specific questions! haha. Thank you!

  16. Ok, you could TOTALLY rock that cute hair style! Love your fall outfits. Those leopard mules are to die for!! So stinkin cute!


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