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Friday, October 27, 2017

HAPPY FRI-YAY!!!!!  This has been the longest week, but it's been a good week!  I wish I could say I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow, but Mom and I (and hopefully Rachel) are headed to Nashville for the day to do some shopping....if the weather cooperates.  I'll be looking for Christmas card outfits for Dustin and me.  I want us to maybe dress up a little since we've worn jeans and sweaters/button ups the past two years...any suggestions?

Let's get to a few of my favorite things from the week!

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 Tuesday was twin day at school so my partner teacher and I dresses alike.  None of our students got our shirts 😂 And this is what my hair look like if I don't blow dry it straight and straighten it!

 Wednesday was my 30th birthday and I woke up to lots of surprises from Dustin!  I didn't get a picture of everything but he had those balloons ready for me along with a sash!  

And thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!

On the blog Wednesday, I shared 30 facts about me for my 30th birthday.  If you haven't had a chance to read them, head on over there now!

 My best friend surprised me during my planning period later that day!!  She moved 3 hours away and I hadn't seen her since September, so that was such a fun surprise!  I've got plans in about 2 weeks to go spend the night with her, but it was so nice to see her on my birthday--which also happened to be her 3rd anniversary!  You know you've got a good best friend when she asks permission to have her wedding on your birthday and then surprises you with a cookie cake that day!

 Dustin also had a sign on our porch, a sign in our yard, and a sign at school by the door I use to go in at school!  I was blown away and then laughed when he said he's got decorations to use each year now ha!

One of my friends got me a sampler box from Sephora of all different face masks, so I tried out my first one last night!  Since last year, I've been pretty obsessed with skin care and trying to find the perfect regimen.  I was hooked last night and my skin felt so clean and soft after taking off that mask.  I'm thinking about doing a post on all of the masks and skin care samples I've gotten from Sephora recently!

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  1. YES, I want to see a post on the masks! Yeah to you man for making 30 special and your BFF, that is so cool she could come in town! LOVE your hair on twin day, but then again, you're GORGEOUS EVERYDAY!! Happy weekend sweets!

  2. How sweet of you guy and your bff. Happy belated birthday and may 30 be your best year yet!

  3. So sweet of your husband & best friend to make your birthday so special!! Have fun shopping in Nashville tomorrow!

  4. Have fun in Nash! I'm already ready to go back!

  5. Sounds like you had an excellent birthday, so nice of your husband and BFF to make it special! I'd love to see a post on the masks & skin care products you've tried, I love adding great new items to my routine! :)

  6. It's been a great week! I love all the surprises from Dustin! Hope you make it to Nashville to shop!

  7. Dustin gets major kudos...what a keeper! I loved your insta-story!

  8. What a fun birthday week!! Hope you have a blast shopping with your mom and sister. Good luck finding some fancy, Christmas clothes :)


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