Weekend Recap: The One With All The Shopping!

Monday, October 30, 2017

I cannot believe it's Monday already!  I had a fun, jam-packed weekend, but that also means I'm exhausted on Monday morning (which is when I'm writing this post 😂).

Friday after school I had coffee with my mom, went grocery shopping, and then read/watched the World Series with Dustin until late.

Saturday morning I was up early to get ready for a quick day trip to Nashville with my mom!  We went to The Mall at Green Hills to do some shopping and it was great!  We both got really cute clothes, so I'll do a shopping post soon.

 We started off in The Container Store and spent 30 minutes wandering from aisle to aisle--it was wonderful!

 We went into Nordstrom and tried on a bunch of clothes.  One of the tops that I loved but didn't work for me was this ruffle hem top.  It was full of so much static when I put it on that it was completely stuck to my body.  I've seen a ton of bloggers wear this top and it's so cute on, but I wish it were made out of a different material.

 Mom grabbed me this top to try on in Loft.  It was so cute....until I put it on.  I don't like open sleeves or cold shoulder tops because they are too trendy for me, so this shirt was a definite no.  These types of tops look so cute on everyone I see, but they just aren't for me.

We spent hours in the mall and ended up having a late lunch at Fido in Hillsboro Village.  Then we drove to 12th South to grab donuts at Five Daughters Bakery.  We swung by Franklin on the way home, but they were having a huge festival and the downtown was blocked off, so we turned around and came home!

I got home that evening about the same time as Dustin did.  We quickly changed clothes and headed over to my sister's because her husband, Nick, had shot a huge buck but couldn't find it.  Dustin was going to help track it.  I finally made Dustin leave a little before 11 PM because I was exhausted #canthanganymore

Sunday morning Dustin had to work so I slept in and just went to our church service.  I made my crockpot chex mix...

And I stayed up finishing a book I had gotten from the local library which was really good!  October book review will be coming this week to the blog!

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Friday Favorites!

Friday, October 27, 2017

HAPPY FRI-YAY!!!!!  This has been the longest week, but it's been a good week!  I wish I could say I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow, but Mom and I (and hopefully Rachel) are headed to Nashville for the day to do some shopping....if the weather cooperates.  I'll be looking for Christmas card outfits for Dustin and me.  I want us to maybe dress up a little since we've worn jeans and sweaters/button ups the past two years...any suggestions?

Let's get to a few of my favorite things from the week!

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 Tuesday was twin day at school so my partner teacher and I dresses alike.  None of our students got our shirts 😂 And this is what my hair look like if I don't blow dry it straight and straighten it!

 Wednesday was my 30th birthday and I woke up to lots of surprises from Dustin!  I didn't get a picture of everything but he had those balloons ready for me along with a sash!  

And thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!

On the blog Wednesday, I shared 30 facts about me for my 30th birthday.  If you haven't had a chance to read them, head on over there now!

 My best friend surprised me during my planning period later that day!!  She moved 3 hours away and I hadn't seen her since September, so that was such a fun surprise!  I've got plans in about 2 weeks to go spend the night with her, but it was so nice to see her on my birthday--which also happened to be her 3rd anniversary!  You know you've got a good best friend when she asks permission to have her wedding on your birthday and then surprises you with a cookie cake that day!

 Dustin also had a sign on our porch, a sign in our yard, and a sign at school by the door I use to go in at school!  I was blown away and then laughed when he said he's got decorations to use each year now ha!

One of my friends got me a sampler box from Sephora of all different face masks, so I tried out my first one last night!  Since last year, I've been pretty obsessed with skin care and trying to find the perfect regimen.  I was hooked last night and my skin felt so clean and soft after taking off that mask.  I'm thinking about doing a post on all of the masks and skin care samples I've gotten from Sephora recently!

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30 Facts for My 30th Birthday

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

As always, a special thanks to my talented sister for these photos!!

Happy 30th Birthday TO ME!

Because I've seen this on a few other blogs, I thought I'd share 30 facts about me today.  Some of these you may already know, and some may be new to you!

1. 25 is my favorite number.
2. I used to play softball.  I batted 4th and played 1st base.
3.I have horrible eyesight but refuse to wear contacts or my glasses all the time.
4. I'm both the oldest and middle child.  I'm the middle child for my dad and the oldest child for my mom....all girls, too 😊
5. My goal in school was to be valedictorian.  I made my first B (89.3--I remember vividly) in chemistry and that knocked me out of the running.  I still graduated with above a 4.0.
6. My mom begged me to make Bs in college so I would enjoy college 😂😂 I took her advice and had a great college experience!
7. My hair is naturally brown and wavy.
8. My toenails are always painted.  The only time they haven't been has been for surgery.
9. I could have died as a 3 year old.  I had the chicken pox which resulted in staph infection and I was hospitalized for over a week.  That resulted in my teeth being discolored (which I'm really self conscious about)
10. I really like running and the longest race I've ever run is a half marathon
11. I don't like going to the dentist.
12. I love going to the dermatologist.
13. I pass out when I see blood coming out of someone's mouth or when I'm giving blood (which is why I never give blood anymore!)
14. I can't sing
15. I can't play an instrument
16. I once rear-ended a couple who had been having an affair with each other.  Long story, but my insurance agent ended up having to tell the woman, after she claimed she had to go to the hospital for neck pain, that he would tell her husband who she was with if she didn't stop calling me.  How did I know it was an affair?  They started out at the light beside me and kept making out--then I noticed it was a much older woman and a younger guy.  It was an interesting week.
17. I'm 5'7" and am taller than my mom and both sisters
18. Yosemite National Park is the most beautiful place I've ever been in my life
19. I love to fly, but I get really nervous during take off because I stress about whether my ears will pop or not.
20. I'm extremely laid back about lots of things and Dustin is extremely type A about the things I'm laid back about.
21. I mostly sleep on my back.
22. I have a really good memory
23. I like to scare Dustin every once in a while because he's so easy to scare
24. I take a shower every morning and every matter what
25. I keep a running list of baby names on my phone along with a running list of books I want to read and the paint colors I used in my house
26. I am the worst at backing up my car, but I can parallel park.
27. I am a really fast reader
28. I never wanted to be a teacher, and I didn't change my major to English until the spring semester of my sophomore year.  But I love it and know this is where God wants me.
29. I have a high pain tolerance
30. My favorite movies are When Harry Met Sally and Pretty Woman.

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Birth Day Stories (Repost)

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

I posted these last year on my birthday, and since... 
1. I'm turning 30 tomorrow (😩🙈) 
2. this was one of my favorite blog posts ever  
3. I have new blog readers...

I decided to repost!  And you know what?  I teared up again reading these.

Having divorced parents is tough, BUT I'm thankful to have two parents who love me tremendously--and who love me enough to contribute to my blog 😜

Having both Mom AND Dad walk me down the aisle

From my mom:

I was so excited when I found out I was pregnant with you!!!!!  I was going to have my very own baby!!!!! I was going to have a friend for life!  Not knowing if you were a boy or girl didn't matter to me.  All I wanted was a healthy baby!!!! Baby "How to Books" became my current read.  Eating healthy was my goal.  Cravings of meat and vegetables were satisfied.  Looking for nursery items were fun. Enrolling in Childbirth Classes were expected and fun.  Being blessed by a sweet lady who sold me her maternity clothes kept me in fashion (for that time)  Remembering the first time I wore a maternity bathing suit was SHOCKING!!!!  I was too big for a regular bathing suit and a little too small for a maternity suit.  Putting that baggie thing on made me look like I had a VERY ILL- FITTING suit on.  Took me a while to get use to "those kind of clothes".  Being nervous NEVER crossed my mind.  I was confident.  Gaining only 20 pounds during my last month (back then, we talked about being pregnant in months....not weeks)  of  pregnancy alarmed doctors enough to have some type of test done to make sure you were okay.  Test results were good and everything was right on target....except my weight.

I remember working the day before you were born.  My lower back hurt.  That didn't really concern me.  Thinking I overdid it (as I usually do) cleaning the entire house, including closets, your nursery, washing all your clothes again for the hundredth time (called nesting), little did I know I was going into labor.  It was a Friday night.  We went to a relative's house to visit.  Bill Cosby was on t.v. telling jokes.  The last joke I remember was the one about him going to the dentist.  I think I laughed myself into labor.  At that time, I told your father I was hurting REALLY BAD.  Having an EXTREMELY HIGH  pain tolerance was not to my advantage.  It was then we decided to run by the house for a "packed baby suitcase."  You know, the one you take to the hospital when you are GOING TO HAVE A BABY!!!!!!  Seemed like only minutes after arriving to the hospital, I was rushed up to the "baby floor" to have my baby....YOU!  Probably within a half an hour, you were born.  Wow!!!  

From the minute they put you on my chest, you had me.

Happy Birthday to my firstborn!!
Your Mother

From My Dad:

I remember a lot but, some is blurry because it was an experience for me too!  And I thought to myself the day you were born, what a smart kid, she knew to be born on an Alabama by-week! lol

It was still Saturday night! I can't remember what we did but, at about 10:30 that night, I was sitting on the toilet and your mother walks in and said it's time to go! Well, I freaked! Wait, I said, I'm on the toilet! But, I finally got myself together somewhat, while your mother grabbed the hospital bag!  Off we go!

We made it to the hospital around 11ish, I think, and went straight to the delivery waiting to be delivered, room(?) Folks going back and forth; me sweating but fanning your mother because she gave a natural childbirth (tough woman). I saw every vein in your mothers head and neck and it worried me to see the pain but, it didn't last that long because, within a short time, here you come and there wasn't a dry eye in the room! And, who was the first to hold you, beside the doctor and nurse, your Dad! One of my tears dropped on your cheek and that, not only that, baptized you into my heart forever! 

Even through some bad times, your Father has never stopped loving you, and never will regardless

I love you SuperSissy!

Daddy Paul Wiley

I'll see y'all back here tomorrow for a very special blog post!!!!

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Weekend Review!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Happy Monday, y'all!!

I hope y'all have had a wonderful weekend--I definitely have!  I had planned on doing my usual Friday Favorites post last week, but I had a good excuse for missing it... older sister flew in!  Thursday night we went to my younger sister's house to all hang out and I didn't get home until late Thursday night, so there wasn't any time left to blog.  Family comes first :)  Stefanie now lives in Colorado so I don't get to see her very often, and always love when I do.

Saturday morning I ran, had a fun photo shoot with my sister (coming to the blog Wednesday!!), and then got ready for the Alabama / Tennessee game.

 This guy was ready, too ha!  I got home from Rachel's and walked in to see him at the bar like this.  Notice his glass--it's from a past UA football game.

We beat Tennessee AGAIN--even though the first half wasn't that fun to watch, the second half was much better!

 After the football game, we left to go celebrate my birthday!!!!  My birthday is later this week, but the celebration started Saturday night with dinner at Bonefish Grill.  This was mine and Dustin's celebration together, and we had lots of fun.  Why?  We ended the night at Sephora where I got new eye cream and lots of samples that I can't wait to try out!

sweater | leggings similar flats (same brand)

I wore this outfit and it was a perfect date night look!  Super comfortable, but also stylish!

Sunday Dustin and I went to church and I really wish I would have taken a picture of my dress.  It's reversible (didn't know that until the sales lady told me in the dressing room!) and makes me feel super skinny.  

After eating lunch at home, we turned off our AC unit and got the pilot light back on for our fireplace because it's going to be much cooler next week!!  I watched a Hallmark movie and then we went back to church that night and ended the night watching Youtube videos romantic, right? 😜

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Life Lately

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I've got some random pictures comin' at ya today for a little life lately post!

 My sister and I share a birthday month, and her birthday is on the 10th.  Since that was part of our fall break from school, Mom and I were able to meet my sister for lunch at mine and Rachel's favorite place to eat.....PANERA!!  Dustin and my dad make fun of how much Rachel and I love/can eat Panera Bread.  It's SO good.  And I love now that it's fall and they have the autumn squash soup.  I'm hungry just thinking about it!

 Later that night was Rachel's birthday dinner at her house.  Thanks Dad for giving us bunny ears at the ages of 26 and 29 😐

 I got to spend some time with Rachel last week, and as you can tell, she was really into the conversation we were having....

 ...Dustin, too.  We were trying to watch a TV documentary together.

And since fall has finally hit the South, I broke out my fall clothes for this week!
 sweater | leggings | scarf | similar flats (same brand)

 Isn't the back of this so cute?!  I may wear this sweater again Saturday night when Dustin and I go out to eat--I love it that much.  And I loved the price too!  And if you haven't bought these leggings yet, do it now.  I'm so glad I bought them during the NSale because I know I will wear them a ton during the colder weather.  Plus I've gotten so many compliments on them!

 sweater | old GAP leggings | necklace | similar mules

The back of this sweater is really cute too!  I've posted about this sweater before, but it really is a thinner sweater--so perfect for the fall.

ANNNNNDDD every once in a while I get this crazy idea that I want to cut my hair short again.  And every time I think about this, I always come back to this image...

I know it sounds obsessive but I probably think about cutting my hair at least 3 times a week.  I always talk myself out of it, though, because ever since I had surgery back in December, my hair basically grows at snail speed.  And I have really really thick hair.  But you never know, you may see a picture of me this year with a much shorter hair cut if I pull the trigger!
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Fall Outfits on IG

Monday, October 16, 2017

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I cannot believe it's already Monday.  Last week was such a crazy week--Monday and Tuesday was our fall break, I went to work on Wednesday, and then I had a procedure on Thursday, so I was out of commission since then.  This is basically all I did.... Hallmark and nap 😂

Since I haven't been feeling the best, today's post is just a few things I've seen over the weekend on IG.  (And to everyone who commented on Wednesday's post--I will be replying back to those emails sometime today!  I'm so behind on blog reading, too--I've read ZERO blogs since Thursday!)

 This is the only outfit I didn't come across on IG this weekend, but this Rachel Parcell dress is to die for.  I should have ordered it when it first came out because it's now sold out in my size.  I love the silhouette and floral print.

 I've seen lots of bloggers wear camo but I've always thought that I would look super redneck if I tried pulling it off.  BUT this outfit is different!  I love the gold ankle zipper detail on the pants, and how she paired it with the off white sweater.  These are both on sale!

 I pretty much love everything Loverly Grey wears and this sweater and shirt combo is no exception.

I've seen a few bloggers wearing this dress, and I love how this blogger paired it with tall boots and a dark scarf.  This dress comes in multiple colors and it also comes sleeveless for the summer--the sleeves are my favorite.

Have you seen any fall outfits on IG that you'd like to recreate?

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Sense of Sarah: Guilty Pleasures

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

We all have those "guilty pleasures" where we take time for ourselves to do something that we specifically enjoy.  Sometimes we enjoy doing these things alone (hello, alone time = the best) or we do them with a friend or significant other.  I have LOTS of guilty pleasures because I enjoy doing lots of things!  I left a few things off, like watching the Kardashians, but this is a pretty comprehensive list of who I am 😜

Check out my other Sense of Sarah posts!

1. Making holiday-themed sweets
 My best friend and I started making holiday-themed sweets when we lived together in college and we've kept it up since college.  It'll probably be pretty hard this year since she's just moved 3 hours away 😩, but this is something I always look forward to!  When we lived together in college, we didn't get super creative like we do now.  I remember one year making chocolate dipped pretzels for the people who cleaned our dorm building.  A couple of years ago we made reindeer out of marshmallows and pretzels and it literally took us HOURS.

2. Monogramming....everything
 I've calmed down a little on my in, my towels aren't monogrammed anymore now that I have to share them with Dustin.  BUT when we were dating, I even got him on the monogramming train and ordered him a monogrammed lunchbox for him to take to work.  Please note, he doesn't style his hair like that, it was from sweat and working outside in the field that day 😂

3. Eating cookie cake
 I'm pretty particular about my cookie cake, too--it better be from the Great American Cookie Company.  I'm obsessed with cookie cake and you better limit what I have in front of me because I'll eat it until I become sick.  After Dustin proposed to me, he took me back to my mom's house to a surprise engagement party where he also surprised me with cookie cake--he was definitely trying to impress me haha!

4. Shopping
 I love fashion; I love clothes; I love putting together outfits.  I love it all.  Shopping is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine, and actually, I enjoy shopping alone sometimes more that I enjoy it with people because I'm always afraid that whoever is with me is bored and then I feel pressured.  Just me?!

5. Eating sweets
 I really have to practice self control around sweets.  Stick me in a room with a ton of bags of chips--I won't be tempted.  Stick me in a room with lots of sweets??  Buy me bigger pants.  It's a problem 🙈

 I have loved reading probably for my entire life.  It's my favorite thing to do and if I'm really into a book, I can sit and read for hours without realizing it.  I'm also a super fast reader so it doesn't take me long to read something at all.  I'll never forget the first time I really became obsessed with reading something.  I was in the 3rd grade and decided I wanted to read everything about Eleanor Roosevelt (why?!?).  I read all of the books about her in my elementary school library, and then my mom took me to the public library and I read all of the books about her there--aka I was reading adult biography books as a 3rd grader.  Basically I have an addictive personality (thanks Mom) and once I find something I like, I become obsessed--like with Eleanor Roosevelt 😂😂😂

7. Blonde hair
 Surprise, surprise, blonde hair isn't my real hair color!  It's actually a dark brown.  But I love how I look with blonde hair so much more than with dark brown so blonde hair is definitely and guilty (and expensive) pleasure.

8. CHRISTMAS!!!!  (and coffee)
 Christmas decorating starts for me on Veteran's Day and along with that comes Christmas music and movies and all the Christmas things.  I love this holiday so much and may even sporadically listen to Christmas music throughout the year ha!  

Coffee is also a guilty pleasure!  I didn't start drinking coffee until I was 27 when I had my very first pumpkin spice latte.  I still can't drink black coffee but I've definitely dialed down the sugar in my coffee a lot since then!  

9. Summer Snow
 For those of you who have never been blessed with Summer Snow, it's a shaved ice place in Tuscaloosa, AL.  It's basically heaven in a cup because it does not taste like shaved ice--the consistency is so different.  I was introduced to SS my freshman year just a few days after I moved in my dorm after hearing some girls talk about it on the elevator.  I'm so glad I listened in on their conversation because my life has never been the same 😂  I loved it so much while I was in college that I overdrafted my checking account several times at SS because I still didn't know how to manage money...embarrassing, I know.  Now every time I go to Tuscaloosa and if it's SS season, then I make sure to stop by and buy my favorite flavor--the Jimmy Buffet, which is strawberry flavoring and margarita flavoring.  Yum!

10. Taking pictures of Dustin sleeping
 #wheredustinsleeps is the best hashtag ever on IG (thanks Erica!)  Dustin falls asleep in random spots and taking these pictures of him has become a guilty pleasure since we've gotten married 😂  It's like I try to challenge myself to find him sleeping in weird one time he fell asleep on my shin while I was watching tv.

11. Pizza
I mentioned before that I'm obsessed with sweets, but when it comes to savory is my favorite.  I could eat pizza all day every day if I allowed myself to.  One year in college when my best friend and I were trying to decide what to give up for Lent (picture 2 Southern Baptist girls who really didn't understand the reason behind giving up something for Lent.  We were just trying to join in with our Methodist friend.), I decided to give up pizza because I ate it every day.  Yes, I was that college stereotype.  Now that I try to eat healthier, I don't eat pizza on the reg and just save it for a special occasion.  Pepperoni pizza is my favorite!

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A Day in the Life! (10.6.17)

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

I know I say this every time I do a Day in the Life post, but I love them!  I love reading how other people live their daily lives--I find it so interesting.  But I had a hard time remembering to do this day.  I was going to do it on Thursday, October 5th, but I didn't remember until about 10:30 that morning.  So Friday became Plan B....and it didn't go as planned.

My alarm went off at 5:20 and so I'm only 20 minutes late remembering to take a picture 😜

I set my alarm to wake up earlier than I needed to so I could try to read a few blogs before I had to hop in the shower.

I got my coffee ready to brew while I took a shower.  I've been drinking decaf since this summer (😩) so I use the measurer in the regular coffee bag to get mine out.  I will be so ready for drink regular caffeinated coffee again!

Oh, and Dustin left at this time to head to his hunting land to check cameras.

I've been listening to this podcast every morning.  It's full of quick 5-6 minute long biographies of people involved in the Protestant Reformation--this month marks the 500 year anniversary.

Friday is jean day for teachers so you better believe every teacher has on jeans on a Friday.    I actually had to wear these unbuttoned because since we're going through IVF again and Friday was day 6 of stim meds, I was pretty uncomfortable.  Sadly, yoga pants aren't an option.

This is where my plans changed that day.  

I started cramping pretty badly while I was getting ready that morning, and I just kept telling myself I would feel better if I could get to school and sit down.  By the time I got out of my car, the cramping was so bad that I had to walk slowly to my classroom.  It was then that I made the decision that I needed to go home and lay down.  This happened on one of the days during our last round and shortly after that we scheduled my retrieval, so I wanted to rest up and take care of my body because I was no where near ready for retrieval on Friday.  So I reluctantly left school.  If you're a teacher, you know it's much harder to take off than it is to just be there.

I put on my pajamas and laid on the couch all day.

Dustin came home around lunch and immediately checked the sim cards from his game cameras.

My cramping stopped after lunch, but I continued to lay on the couch to make sure my body was resting.  (Sorry this is sideways--I don't know why it flipped)

We had made plans to go to the movies that night, but because of when the movie started (it was opening night) and when it would have ended conflicted with when we would have to give my shot.  We ended up going to eat at Bonefish Grill--so yum!!!  We shared the bang bang shrimp as an appetizer and I had blackened cod fish tacos for my meal!

My night was made when we stopped by Edgar's for dessert.  Their strawberry cake is my favorite thing ever!

Dustin working on getting my shot ready--and listening to the broadcast of our high school football game.  #men

We did it!

And I finished the night by laying in bed with the tv on while I read The Identicals.

Friday definitely did not go as planned, but I'm glad I listened to my body.  I took the rest of the weekend easy and laid around a lot--which is not like me at all!  I miss working out and being active, but I know this is for a short time and I'll be back to working out after I recover from the retrieval.  For those of you who are praying for us, we really, really appreciate it and  covet your prayers!  Please continue to pray for us and pray not only that my body continues to do what it's supposed to, but that I also am calm and resting in God's sovereignty throughout this process.

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