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Friday, September 22, 2017

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Happy Friday, friends!!  AND Happy first day of Fall!  I've only been pretending it's been fall since Labor Day was over, so I'm glad the calendar finally caught up with me!  Now if the weather could, right?!  I checked the weather forecast and we've got a hight of 88 today (yuck!) but next Friday it should start a week of highs in the low 70s--I'm hoping that happens!

As always, I'm sharing a bunch of my FAVORITES today!

 I got a massage last week, and it was heavenly!  My sister and I both go to the same girl and we think she's the very best we've ever been to.  Rachel gets massages like 3x a month and I get them very sporadically, but I wish I had time to get one every week or two.

 If you watched my IG stories (@saraheshaneyfelt) from Sunday, you saw where I went to a Hanson concert....basically by myself.  My sister is the biggest Hanson fan I know and she's been to 6 or 7 concerts.  Earlier this summer, she asked if I would go to this concert with her and I agreed since it was on a Sunday night, and they really are a good band!  (and it was my 3rd time to watch them)  It wasn't until 2 days before the concert that we found out Rachel won a backstage meet and greet with Hanson.  Then we found out she had to go alone and I would have to wait in line by myself. Long story short, she got front row spots because of that and when I was let into the venue 2 hours after her, I couldn't make my way up to her.  So I watched the concert alone next to some drunk girl--and basically let Rachel know that it was my last Hanson concert with her 😊

 Since I was exhausted Monday and my feet were sore from standing on concrete Sunday night, I was pleasantly surprised Monday morning when TWO students (one former and one current) brought me surprises!  A student from last year brought me a bag of candy corn because she remembered how much I love it, and a student from this year brought me breakfast!  I would love it if all Mondays started out that way!

 I got my hair colored and trimmed up this week, and I thought I'd get some healthy lifestyle motivation while sitting under the dryer.  If it were acceptable, I would close my eyes and sleep under that dryer haha!

 Wednesday I shared our fall decor home tour!

jeans | top is Matilda Jane
I pulled some inspiration from Loverly Grey and tied my shirt up yesterday for school.  I know it's something so simple, but I loved how it changed my look up enough that I'll definitely be doing that again!

A few other things...
-Wednesday the faculty played dodgeball against the students....dream come true, right?! ha!  It was so much fun and the teachers had shirts made that said "The Dodgefathers."  We had so much fun and hope to do that fundraiser again next year!  My arm was sore yesterday since I haven't thrown anything in a long time!
-I have been on a reading streak and am on my 4th book this month, so I can't wait to blog my recap since I spent most of July and August in a reading slump.
-My grandfather is still not doing well, so please continue to pray for him and my family.  

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  1. First of all, continuing to pray for your grandpa. Second, you look darling join that striped top and YES to a massage and sweet students!! Wishing you a blessed and hopefully, cooler weekend, I too am not digging these hot temps!

  2. I have (and adore) that MJ top, and I never thought to knot it! Totally trying that!! Happy Friday! Sending love & light to your Grandfather! <3

  3. I love a massage, I definitely need to partake in them more often. I can't believe you ended up having to watch the concert by yourself. I would have peaced out and gone back to the car, haha. How long did it last? Your sister must be a die hard fan? Cute cute outfit, perfect for this transitional time of year! Have a great weekend!

  4. Weeeeell I fall asleep under the dryer every. single. time and probably look ridiculous and don't care. Ha!! Best nap ever!

  5. Massages can make a week seriously! They are my favorite thing right now. I can't believe you guys weren't able to sit together - that stinks - and I didn't even know Hanson still did tours but that's fun you guys went, I was obsessed with them back in the day!

  6. Haha! I love that you went to a Hanson concert!! That takes me back!

  7. I've only had one massage ever and I want to go back for another so bad. It's been like 7 years since my first one! I hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Yes to massages! I used to get them semi-regularly when I was training all the time and it helped so much!

    I LOVE that tied shirt look -- I'm definitely going to give that a try with some of my looser tops!

  9. I love those sweet gifts from students! They must love you :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Love the jeans and yep totes jealous of the massage. I need one sooo bad lol

  11. Your story about y'all seeing Hanson has me cracking up! Also, totally jealous of your sister getting massages 3x a month! That sounds AMAZING.


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