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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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I am so excited about today's topic for mine and Emily's Fall Favorites link up!  Fashion is my love language so you can imagine how much fun I've had following along with New York Fashion Week and all of the fashion bloggers I follow.  It would be a dream come true to attend that one year, but for right now, I'll follow along from Alabama 😜

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Today I want to share a few items I want to add to my closet along with two fall looks that I've already shared on the blog this month, but are still season appropriate.

I have been checking on these slides every single day, and they have yet to restock in my size.  If you have smaller feet, then they usually stay stocked.  I used to have a pair of leopard flats in college and wore them all the time because they went with everything!  Now that slides are "in" right now, I want a pair of them but in leopard so I can pair them with multiple looks.

I have a sweater from this exact brand and very similar in style but it's more of a purple-ish and maroon color.  This year I'm hoping to fill my closet with more neutral colors--browns, beiges, grays, blacks, navys.  Those classic colors can be mixed and matched with each other or printed clothes that I already own.  

I'm obsessed with this dress!  So classic.  So modest.  So preppy.  It also comes in a red, so that would be perfect for the Christmas season this year.

I also love everything about this look--the skirt, neutral top, leopard clutch.  I don't have many skirts because I'm drawn to dresses, so this is something I hope to add more of to my closet!

 If you live in a warmer climate like I do, then your fall outfits right now may look like the one above.  And if you're looking for the perfect white jean, I highly suggest JCrew.  Their jean material is thicker so it's not see-through but it isn't too thick that it's hot...if that makes sense.  Yes, I know it's more on the expensive side, but I think it's worth it!  I've also gotten BBQ sauce on these jeans before and it came right out after I treated it!
top | jeans | shoes on sale now!! | bag | sunglasses
And see the original post HERE

This is also a favorite look for fall because black and cognac always pair well.  This tunic is thin enough to wear now without sweating to death, and my boots are so well made that I know I'll probably be wearing them 10 years from now!
shirt | jeans (on sale!) | boots (on sale!) | bag
And see the original post HERE

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  1. I love that simple sweater and that skirt!!!!! LOVE that. Now I feel like I need to shop, haha!

  2. Commenting again, because I forgot to mention that dress. It is perfection!

  3. I love your picks..swooning over those loafers!!! Oh my!!! Happy Wednesday!

  4. I love leopard flats, those slides are so cute. I had no idea slides were making a comeback! You've got the cutest style, that last outfit is definitely a favorite of mine!

  5. I love the slides too and wanna go look at them in a minute! I have an old pair of TB leopard flats that I are WORN OUT but I still just love them because, like you said, they go with everything!

  6. omg that sailor dress is adorable! How cute. Ill prob not look great in it but I love it anyway!

  7. I'm more of a skirt person than a dress person and I LOVE that skirt you posted! I want to recreate that look for Thanksgiving!

  8. You are just super cute!
    I just got a pair of Toms booties from Nordstrom and I am OBSESSED! I haven't had a chance to try them on to see if they fit but I can't wait to rock them this Fall!

  9. That skirt outfit is adorable and I need that gray sweater. I love classic neutrals and that looks cozy!

  10. Love everything SO much, but especially those leopard slides-those are perfect for fall!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style


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