How to Find the Perfect Running Shoe for YOU!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I used to HATE running.  I suffered through it in PE class in school and only ran when I was required to run my mile.  I tried picking up running in college and hated it, but it was only when I was starting to lose weight that running actually clicked for me.

Want to know something funny?  I chose to pick up running because I thought it would be the cheapest form of exercise.  That I wouldn't have to pay a monthly gym fee.  And it is relatively cheap, but if there's one thing I've learned in the 6 years I've been running, it's that you cannot buy cheap shoes.  

I wore some cheap tennies from Academy when I first started "running"--I say that loosely because it was more like jog 30 seconds and walk a minute.  But when I really started to commit myself and build up my endurance, I learned that I needed shoes that were correct for my feet.  These shoes aren't cheap but they are worth the investment to protect your knees, feet, hips, etc.  The ones I just bought were $135 and that money was totally worth it.

Sorry this is blurry, but this was a 5 mile race!

My number one tip for buying running shoes is to visit your local running store to get fitted for shoes.  I have a Fleet Feet in my area and I purposely make the drive to buy my shoes from them.

I just finished my first half marathon!!

If you don't have a running store near you, here are a few tips I recommend in order to find shoes that work best for you.

1. Have someone video yourself walking away from the camera.
When you go to a running store, they'll put you on a treadmill (or watch you walk) and video you walking or running.  Then they'll play it for you and show you how you walk.  You need someone to get down on ground level and zoom in to video you walking away.

2. Figure out your gait (walking style).
Look for your ankles turning in a little as you walk (pronation), staying neutral, or turning out a little as you walk (supination or under-pronation).  I pronate so I need extra support and stability in my shoes--especially by my heels.  Regardless of how your gait is, you cannot expect to buy any type of running shoe and it fit you.  It's important to know exactly how you walk so you can buy the shoes correct for you so you can avoid an injury!

3. Research shoes for your gait.
Google the best running shoes for you.  You can google "running shoes for pronation" and lots of options for the best types of running shoes with detailed reviews.

4. Buy bigger.
Go up a half size to at least one size larger than your normal shoe.  You need the extra room in the toes so your toes don't hit the end of your shoe as you run.  This could lead to lost toenails!

5. Wear the right socks.
I am very particular about the socks I run in.  I wear these exact socks and own multiple pairs of them.  These help protect my feet from blisters and help keep them padded while I run.

I hope this advice was helpful to some!  Overall, don't forget to stretch properly because even with the correct shoes for your gait, if you don't stretch then you open yourself up to injuries!  

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  1. I love Balega socks and how cushiony the backs of them are!

  2. This is great advice, I feel people have little idea of the importance of the shoe is they are going to be running! LOVE your sweet lil face doing the peace sign!!

  3. I used to always hate going to get fitted for running shoes! But they really can tell you what works best!

  4. Such great tips girl! I have never been fitted or even thought about half the things you mentioned! Maybe if I did I would enjoy running more LOL! xo,Biana-BlovedBoston

  5. I need to keep this all in mind-I have never really invested in GOOD running shoes but really, I should!

  6. Mine are literally squeaking and falling apart haha I so needed this!

  7. YES! I 100% agree with this. Being fitted for the right running shoe can make all of the difference. There is a need for a significant investment in this department.

  8. Yes I agree! I ran competitively in HS and college and slowlyyy getting into it now post baby2 ;-) and they can definitely get expensive, but quality shoes and replacing them often are important to prevent against injury! I also agree about getting them a half size bigger! Great advice here.

  9. These are great tips! If I'm going to keep up this new running habit, I'm going to go get fitted like you recommended. Did you enjoy your half marathon? I have a long ways to go before doing something like that but I thought it might be a good goal for next year!

  10. Thanks for sharing this advice! I just did some research yesterday on getting some new shoes after getting a blister this week from walking :(.

  11. These are all great tips! I ran cross country for years and good shoes are SO important. I typically spend over $100 on mine as well. I had my gait analyzed about five years ago, too, just to make sure that I was choosing the right ones.

  12. I use to hate running in high school too - I'm still not a runner but a huge walker! I just recently started buying bigger too - socks take up so much space! I love anything with a good cushion!

  13. Great advice. I didn't realize all the analysis that goes into finding a great pair of running shoes. I think I would definitely benefit from having a pair of walking/running shoes that fit me really well.

  14. I think we should find a half marathon somewhere and train for it together! :) I miss running so much and could not agree more with your tips to buy good shoes. It was a game changer for me. Buying the 1/2 size bigger made a huge difference for me too. I really need a new pair and I miss running so much. I last ran a half in 2014 and ever since I've been battling back from a hip issue which is really just a result of not stretching properly. I also say every runner needs a foam helps with keeping those ligaments stretch out and loose and releasing all the lactic acid in your muscles.

    Shelly | The Queen in Between

  15. Thank you SO much for this post! I was running in our neighborhood the other day and felt that familiar feeling where you know it's time to go get some new shoes. My ankles are the most sensitive so I have to make sure I replace my shoes right on time!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  16. This was a great post! I had purchased new shoes this summer to use when I'm on our elliptical, but now that school has started, I'm speed walking 4 - 5 miles/day back and forth and around the neighborhood. And my hip and foot have been killing me. I think those new shoes are too small and not padded enough for the concrete outdoors! I'm on the hunt for a new pair ASAP!
    Heidi |


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