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Friday, July 28, 2017

Happy Friday, y'all! Today I'm linking up with some of my favorites to share my favorite things with you today!

When I posted last week about the items I was going to keep from the NSale, I mentioned returning the Paige jeans that I ordered because they were so high-waisted, and I'm just not a fan of jeans zipping up over my belly button.  I ordered a 7 for All Mankind pair ($100 off!!)  and they came in yesterday.  I love them!  They are a mid-rise so they button right below my belly button which I prefer.  They are also a raw hem, and I'm loving that right now!  Anyone else this picky about jeans?! 

 My mom is an elementary science teacher and she hosted a science club earlier this week for about 30 students.  Dustin helped out and I stopped by so I could hear him talk about what he did with endangered species in his job before we married.

 Wednesday was our 3rd anniversary and Dustin surprised me with a remake of our wedding cake--strawberry cake with a buttercream icing dyed light pink.  It was so sweet!  And he told me he got the info from my blog when I blogged about our reception 😂😂

 I saw this at Hobby Lobby and wished I had bought the phone case when Kate Spade use this saying.  This is my motto thanks to my mom who would encourage us to eat cake for breakfast if we had some left over

Random but this is my favorite spaghetti sauce to use!  I find it at Kroger in the healthy section and it has only 4g of sugar.  I didn't realize how much sugar was in spaghetti sauce until a few months ago.  Kroger had one that had zero sugar but it was almost $12 for the thanks!  I know I could make my own, but also no thanks haha!

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  2. My mom did the same thing! She loves dessert for breakfast. I love that sign. How sweet of your husband! He wins some major points. Have a great weekend!

  3. Okay, we are kindred spirits because I am also super picky about jeans. These are my requirements:

    They must be skinnies or boyfriend fit
    I love distressing on them
    No whiskering designs on them
    No high rise
    Must be a premium brand so they don't stretch out

    I love AG jeans and Current / Elliot from Nordstrom -- Rag and Bone are also good!

  4. That is too dang cute about your wedding cake remake for your anniversary! Way to go Dustin!

  5. Love the wedding cake remake! And yes to the pasta sauce - so much sugar in most brands. I don't make my own either but Costco has an organic brand that is low in sugar so I stock up there.

  6. Love that your mom teaches science. xo

  7. Do y'all have Aldi near you? One of their organic jarred sauces had no added sugar. About $2 a jar I think!

  8. That cake is amazing and so thoughtful! Way to go, hubby :) Love that cake sign and your tip on the spaghetti sauce. I'll have to look for it at Kroger. I know I could make my own marinara, but that seems like a ton of work. No thanks!

  9. So stinkin' sweet about the cake! What girl doesn't love a little bit of thought into her gifts? <3 I've tried that sauce before and love it! When I was hardcore into Advocare I used that sauce in my stuffed pepper cassole all the time. Delicious!

  10. Oh goodness how sweet was that to get a remake of your wedding cake?! I love that your husband used your blog to get all of the details right!!

  11. How sweet of your husband to remake your wedding cake! That is absolutely adorable :-) I always agree that eating cake for breakfast is a good idea ;-)

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  12. How sweet that he had that cake made!!!

  13. Okay, Dustin getting your wedding cake remade for your anniversary is so sweet! I'm totally swooning over y'alls sweet marriage!

    xoxo, SS

  14. I'm going to have to try that spaghetti sauce! THat cake looks delicious and how sweet that he got it for you!!

  15. How sweet that he got you a remake of your wedding cake! It looks so good too!

  16. How precious of Dustin to have your wedding cake "remade!" My wedding cake was all different flavors (carrot, chocolate, lemon with raspberry filling, hummingbird, strawberry, tirimisu, vanilla) with cream cheese icing! I still dream about it & it's been 7 years! I wish I could have a piece of it each day for breakfast it was sooooo good. I ate all but vanilla, strawberry & chocolate ha! I'm very picky about my jeans & all my clothes! & food. & just prefer things I buy a certain way. But I'm flexible, too. So easy to make your own sauce! Esp with fresh garden tomatoes & herbs!


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