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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Cooking is a HUGE passion of mine, so I was really excited when today's Show and Tell linkup was about favorite recipes!  All I really needed to do for this post was just tell y'all to go to my Recipes tab on the right side of my blog and click there since everything I've blogged is a favorite, but I thought I might as well feature a few, too 😜  I can't wait to read what everyone else blogs!

This Triple Berry Lime Smoothie is my favorite breakfast and sometimes supper if I'm not wanting something heavy.  It's filling but also feels light so it won't leave you with that gross full feeling.

This BLT Pasta Salad is the perfect summer lunch.  Who doesn't love BLTs during the summer?  Take that and make it a pasta salad and you've got a lunch everyone will be asking you to make!

I'm obsessed with this chili recipe enough to name it the Best Chili Ever!  I won't make chili any other way ever again, and Dustin LOVES this chili too!  

 Who doesn't love a good Black Bean Enchilada?  These are easy to throw together but look like you've spent a long time making supper πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

WE LOVE THIS Light Cheeseburger Pie in our house!  My mom used to make a cheeseburger quiche when I was growing up that was so good, but I never made it once Dustin and I got married because it was fattening.  So I found a recipe similar to this and I adjusted it and added a few things and now this is a major favorite!

 Chocolate chip cookies + cake = my two favorite desserts, so I married them together and got these Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake Bars.  This is the easiest dessert to whip up, and if you have to take a dessert somewhere, there's no chance in messing it up!  It will turn out every time!

These Cookies and Cream Cupcakes are fluffy, moist, and delicious!

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  1. Oooh so many good ones! You know I adore cooking as well, so I was so excited about this prompt too! Is it bad I want a cupcake for breakfast? Those look scrumptious! Have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. all these recipes look so yummy! I want to try the cheeseburger pie soon!!

  3. Cooking is definitely a favorite of mine if I could learn to not actually love the food so much! haha That BLT pasta looks amazing!

  4. Cooking is a favorite of mine too. These all look so yummy!

  5. Yum. Now I want dinner for breakfast :) Also, those cupcakes are darling!

  6. I need those chocolate chip cookie cake bars in my life, asap!

  7. I definitely need to try that BLT pasta salad. It looks so good. BLTs are one of my favorite things ever and nobody else my family will eat them so I never make them!

  8. Oh my! That chili looks delicious. That is always a favorite in our house.

  9. Yum to all of these!! That smoothie sounds so good for an easy meal during the hot summer and I've been craving chili all week.


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