Home Tour Tuesday: 2017 Update!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Today is a day I've been looking forward to all month and then almost forgot about last minute!  I had to text Emily last night to make sure today was the home tour Show and Tell, AND I was also really glad it stays daylight longer so I could take some really quick photos!

So before we begin, a few disclaimers...
-lighting isn't the best since I was taking these yesterday evening on my iPhone
-game 1 of the College Baseball World Series was on, so you'll see it on and/or Dustin in the photos #reallife

To see my home when we first built (two years ago this month ahh!), click here.

Welcome to our first home together!
 This isn't the entire view of our home (I'm too lazy to photoshop our house number out of the photo so you don't get the full house shot haha), but we've added those rockers and pillows since last year!

 I've been wanting a door mat from PB, but this one from Walmart is working right now.
Come on in, y'all!

 This is right when you walk in the front door...notice college baseball on TV 😜  Dustin is also hiding to the left where you can't see him because #marriedtoablogger

 Our entry way is pretty simple but so is the rest of our house 😊

 Dustin and I lived in an apartment for the first 11 months of our marriage while we built this house, and we bought the couch and oversized chair while we lived there.  It's not what I really want for this space.  The next furniture I'm getting for the living room (if we're still in this house) is going to be a sectional so we can have more seating options.

Ignore my husband in the background haha...I told him it was okay to sit down.
The lantern and wreath on the left is a recent flea market buy from Franklin, TN.  Everything else is random...some gifts, some from Dustin (like the antlers and wildlife books).  I'm constantly changing this sofa table up because I love moving things around--kind of like shopping my house.

 The kitchen is behind this wall and then bar attaches to the right side.  We have an open floor plan and this is the only barrier in between the kitchen and living room--not really anything.
The bench was a find at Home Goods and the photo is a Georgia O'Keefe print.

 This is the view from the breakfast room to the front door.

 The dining room isn't finished but I'm so happy with what's in here!  I haven't added any artwork because I'm not sure what I want to do in here.  I do know I want a gallery wall on the back wall, but I'm not sure what I want that gallery wall to have in it.  Any suggestions?

 Coming in from the garage is this view of the kitchen.  Remember, if you want to see any room in detail, go to the Home Tours tab on the right side of this page and you can click on the kitchen link for my house.

I just added these plates last night to an open space in our kitchen.  They were a "gift" from my mom aka I took them from her house ha!  The pantry is the door to the left.

 My view from the kitchen sink 😊  

 Our bedroom and bathroom were really awkward to photograph, so this is the best I could do 😊  The bedroom door is to the left of the dresser.  The door to the right is a closet under the stairs.  We use it for winter coats, dirty clothes, and Dustin's diabetic supplies.  The open door is a pocket door to the bathroom.

 All of the books on the nightstand on the right makes it look like it would be my side of the bed, but those are the only books Dustin owns 😂😂  I have a stack I'm reading on my night stand and then my books are everywhere else.

 I love our curtains so much!  It took me a while to find what I wanted, but I finally found a good pair from PB.  Our bedding is also from PB.

 Like I said, the bathroom was really hard to photograph so you won't see everything.  Dustin's sink isn't pictured but it's to the right along with the toilet room.

 Our shower is the best thing about the bathroom--it's HUGE!  We've decided that we can never have a smaller shower than this because this shower has already spoiled us ha!

(Bad lighting...sorry!)  Our tub is also really big and it's a soaking tub, not jetted because I did not want to have to deal with cleaning those jets.  The linen closet is on the left and our master closet is to the left also.

I'm not taking pictures of the rest of our house, so if you want to see what our other bedrooms and bathrooms look like, click here!

Also, if you want to know where anything is from just let me know--I have a pretty good memory when it comes to household items!

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  1. I am so glad that you thought about it last night - I just love your home!!! I love your bedroom curtains - PB for the win! I think you should do a wall of plates in the dinng room. I think it's such a classic look.

  2. i love a good home tour!! you have a darling home and I just love the decor!

  3. Love your home! What if you did a gallery wall with a mixture of plates, pictures and signs in your dining room? I love how big your bathroom is! Wishing ours had that much room!

  4. Your curtain game is STRONG! Ha! I found myself multiple times thinking how pretty your curtains are! We feel the same way about our shower. We feel super spoiled and aren't sure how we'll live in a house without one just as nice (which we're not optimistic about haha!)

  5. We do have similar taste! Your home looks so peaceful. I want to come hang out! Where did you get the 'Southern' sign?

    1. Peaceful and calm was my goal, so that makes me so happy for you to say that! The Southern sig comes from

  6. We have a big shower too and are OBSESSED. It really is the best thing ever!

  7. I'm planning on doing a gallery wall in my dining room too, I'm going to do black & white photos of my grandparents and parents; favorites that show where they grew up since it's different from where I live or favorite pics from when my grandparents were dating. Then each is going to have a big mat and then thin classic looking frame. I'm thinking that will make it look modern and polished : )

    1. I love the black and white photo idea!!!! Thank you!

  8. What a beautiful home. I love the "Southern" sign above your door. I also love all of your curtains, but your bedroom curtains had me swooning.

  9. Everything about your home is gorgeous but that bathroom should be in magazines. You have a great eye for making things cozy but still with such a clean look.

  10. You have such a beautiful home! I'd love to know where your dining room curtains are from. They are DARLING! Cheers, Laura

  11. Absolutely LOVE your dining room curtains! I dream of a shower like that! Lol. You have a beautiful home!!

    1. I checked for months until those curtains went on sale! Thank you, Melissa!

  12. I love your home!!! The shower is pretty much amazing!

  13. Your home is beautiful! Love the open concept and sofa table!!

  14. First of all, your front door gets me every time. It is SO gorgeous.

    Second, I NEED that southern sign for our house.

    Third, the fact that Dustin is hiding so you could take your pics is hilarious and I will be telling Brian about that tonight because I've made him do that plenty of times in the past, too.

    And finally, everything is beautiful, Sarah! I love your style!

  15. I love this! I need to finish decorating our home so I can share photos on my blog... or get over the idea of it being "picture perfect" and just share it anyway! I LOVE your entry rug, is it from rugs USA?

  16. Your home is just gorgeous!! I LOVE the front of your house, especially your front door! And your sofa table and all the decorations on it is so cute. I also love your open floor plan and big master bathroom! Those are both musts for our future home.

  17. I love your pretty long tables and that tufted bench. Your curtains are so pretty and I love that you're slowly adding in more things you love to make everything just right. I'm a big fan of botanical print gallery walls. I'd love to have one if I find the right set of prints.

  18. Looks like something straight from Southern Living. ❤️ Beautiful!

  19. I just have always loved your house posts and I really love your curtains!!


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