Family Beach Vacay 2017

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Dustin and I recently got back from a short family vacation to Gulf Shores with my family.  The weather our first 2 days wasn't the best--it was cloudy and overcast--but our last day was sunny and I got burnt as a result.

It was fun to finally take a family vacation with my mom.  Dustin and I had already taken 2 family vacays with his family, but never one with mine.

My mom and stepdad left Wednesday to go down to our condo a day before us.

 We got on the interstate at 5 AM Thursday morning ready to hit the beach!  It rained once we got down to south Alabama.  Once we got our stuff in the condo and in our separate rooms, the rain stopped and we put on our bathing suits and headed down to the beach for a few hours.  Even though it was cloudy, it didn't bother us.  We were happy to be there!

Dustin and I planned to go out to eat every night while we were there and he got to choose our first night.  He chose his old favorite, The Original Oyster House.  Yuck.  I really hate that place because everything is fried.  I got the salad bar and the waitress looked at me strange ha!

 Day 2 started out sunnier and got more overcast as the day went on.  Our condo was on the 18th floor, so I took this Friday morning as I was eating my breakfast on the balcony--so pretty!

 I read a little of this book on the beach and ended up reading the entire book on the drive back home.  I will share about it soon!

 bathing suit (mine is sold out but this is same brand and similar)

We went out as a family the second night to The Hangout.  Some people had never gone and I was really excited to get their fish tacos since that's my favorite thing there!

 Day 3 was the best and sunniest day!  We stayed out on the beach all day long.  I had convinced Dustin that he needed to tan his back some, and I can't remember if he's sleeping in this picture or streaming college baseball.

 Literally, so pretty!!  Because of the weather the past few days, the waves were insane so each time we went out into the ocean, you had to keep an eye on the waves because some were really high.

 I got asked lots of questions about this bathing suit--it's from Victoria's Secret 2 years ago.  I wish they still made bathing suits because I really loved theirs!


Saturday night was mine and Dustin's "fancy" date night.  We went to this new-to-us restaurant that came highly recommended from some of my teacher friends.  We declared it our favorite place and a restaurant that we must visit every time we're at the beach!  It may be on the pricey side, but it is so worth it!  If you're ever in the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area, I would highly recommend Cobalt!

 I ordered grilled shrimp with smoked gouda grits--amazing!

 Dustin had a blackened red snapper with smoked gouda grits and jambalaya.  He loved his too!

 We sat out on the back patio while we ate and watched a wedding reception happen and all of the fishing boats coming in for the day.  I wore a comfy Lilly slip dress.

Sunday morning we got up and packed everything to head home.  You can definitely see how my nose burned here haha!  I guess I put enough sunscreen on every other part of my face except for my nose!

We stayed at the San Carlos condominiums and our condo had 3 bedrooms/3 baths.  It was our first time staying there and we enjoyed it!  The pool wasn't the best, but we aren't pool people while we're at the beach.

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  1. I've heard amazing things about Gulf Shores! I'm glad you were able to get away for a few days.

  2. Looks like quite the lovely time!

  3. Sounds like you all had a great little getaway!! I love Gulf Shores. Have you ever eaten at Cosmo's?! So. Good.

  4. What a fun trip! Trips with family are the best!!

  5. Perfect weekend away! The beach is my fave. We have never been to any Alabama beaches only Florida but have heard it is just as nice.

  6. VS doesn't make suits anymore?? Eeeks! Also, yay for The Gulf! I can't believe I went 33 years before ever seeing it! How is Whole30 going? I blogged a bit about it last year! Buy some cashew butter is my top advice :)

  7. What a fun getaway to the beach! I LOVE your swimsuit, I am so so bummed that Victoria Secret doesn't sell swimsuits anymore! I hope this is just a publicity stunt, make everyone so sad they don't sell swimsuits and then come back next year saying, just kidding guys! One can hope! lol Also, that little speaker you use at the beach, what kind is that?

  8. Aw this looks like such a wonderful weekend! I will always be jealous of people who live close to the coast for that reason. I miss VS swimsuits too-I swear they have scaled back SO much on what they offer.

  9. The food you had at cobalt looked so good! Glad you had at least one really good day of weather!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  10. The beach and food both look amazing! I love that black and white suit and I'm also bummed they quit selling swimsuits!

  11. So much fun!! I literally was trying to read your book in that picture.. so maybe I should get the actual book haha!

  12. So happy you got to go with your mama and you and Dustin got in a great date night to boot! CUTE stripe suit indeed!

  13. That view from your balcony is just gorgeous! Your photos make me excited to take our beach vacation this summer. :) It looks like y'all had such a fun and relaxing time! I love both of your swimsuits!! Question, did your Jcrew suit come with lined cups or padding in the top part? I bought a swimsuit from Jcrew YEARS ago that I loved the fit, but it didn't have any cups/padding in the top and that bothered me. They prob are lined now since that was so long ago, but I'm curious about yours. Also, love that yours comes in a "long torso" option. I could def use that!

  14. What a great trip. The view from your condo was incredible!

  15. Ahhh I LOVE shrimp and grits. Yum! So glad you guys were still able to get down to the beach each day even though the weather wasn't always ideal!

  16. We LOVE Cobalt when we go to Gulf Shores, it's so good!

    xoxo, SS

  17. eeek! So fun! I cannot wait for some beach time! I have that one-piece as well, its one of my favs!


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