A Day in the Life (6.13.17)

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I normally do day in the life posts during school days because I'm busier and I have more activities that I'm part of, but I also wanted to be able to look back at some point on what a normal summer day was for Dustin and I the summer before I turned 30 😜

I recorded yesterday, which also happened to be one of Dustin's off days, so if he were at work then my day would have looked completely different....and maybe a little more relaxing haha!

I set my alarm for 6:30 because I'm trying to get myself back on my regular sleeping routine--which is going to bed at a decent time (and not after 11 like Monday night) and getting up between 6-6:30 AM.  I hit snooze but I got up a minute later.

 I got up, grabbed a full glass of water, grabbed the computer, and turned on the local news until the Today Show aired.  During this time I did blog ups, comment on a few blogs, and answer emails from the afternoon/night before.  Dustin woke up at 7 and joined me in the living room.

 I saw this on IG and died.  I need a little girl at some point in my life and I cannot wait to dress her in clothes like this!

 Somewhere between 7:30 and 8, I cooked my breakfast.  I normally have a slice of toast with either avocado or natural peanut butter, but this morning I wanted a different source of protein and less carbs.  By the time I eat breakfast I'm usually on my 3rd glass of water--I'm a big water drinker!  (You're also going to see me reading this book a lot this day because my bff and I are reading it and discussing it over the phone and I was behind!!)

 I ate breakfast at the breakfast table 😂😂 and kept the Today Show on so I could eat/read/listen....multitasking at its finest!

 Dustin was getting ready to leave to run some errands so I made him take a picture with me to document that we did spend the morning together haha!

He got home and decided to make his breakfast (a protein smoothie) before going to the gym (I didn't have time for the gym'll see why).  I caught him cleaning up a spill he had 🙌🙌  Good job, Dustin!!

 After he left for the gym, I continued to read (y'all, I was way behind...WAY).

While I was at the house and alone, I decided to head to my favorite local coffee shop to grab a cup and read.  It was a dream come true!  I honestly think that I could do this every week....and I might 😀  I was able to finish my required section of the book and left to go...

 to Walmart!  
I spent way more money than I thought I did #notgoodatgrocerybudgeting

 And then I also headed to Kroger because there are a few things we get there that can't be bought at Walmart.  I also buy all meat and produce from Kroger, too, but I didn't get any of that this trip.

 I unloaded groceries and made my lunch.  Dustin ate lunch with his friend after they worked out at the gym.  He invited me along but I let the boys eat by themselves 😊  Notice that this time I'm eating at the dining table--we eat at both tables daily and sometimes only eat at our dining table.

 He got home and sat at the table with me while I read The Pioneer Woman magazine and he read my state retirement system newsletter.  Yes, this is who I'm married to.  Don't ever get him started on the topic of finances.  He will talk forever.

 Then we decided to clean out the garage!!!  I thought this would be fairly quick, but no.  It took us over 3 HOURS.  I took this when we first started and I was still smiling.

 This is what Dustin had us do: take everything out of the garage and take everything off of all shelving and dust shelving plus dust all items on shelving.  I didn't know this is what we were doing.  See that wood pile under the window?  We (meaning me) also had to dust off each piece of wood, move it, sweep that area a million times until Dustin was satisfied that it was clean enough, and then restack the wood where it went.  Even I questioned this amount of cleanliness and those who know me know I am very clean.

I may get aggravated when he tracks dirt or grass into the house or when he leaves crumbs all over the countertops and I constantly go behind him and wipe them up.  But when the man gets in the mood to clean, he DEEP CLEANS.  (Quick story--after putting away all of our Christmas decorations....which I did and he stacked in the attic...Dustin wanted us to deep clean the house.  I didn't feel like it.  I can't remember where I went but whenever I got home Dustin was washing all the baseboards in the house because he was in the mood to deep clean and he had also cleaned most of our ceiling fans, so I have to remind myself of his cleaning moods even if they are few and far in between haha!!)

After cleaning I started cutting up vegetables for supper.

I called Janie while doing all of this so we could discuss our section we read in our book.  I hate living over an hour away from my best friend, but it's so nice when we still are able to do things a book study.

We ate dinner together--roasted sweet potatoes and chicken sausage with sautéed squash and zucchini from my in-law's garden!

I showered and Dustin watered the grass.

I sat down to answer and email and write this blog post!  I finally got in bed/collapsed in bed at 10!

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  1. I always feel like those deep cleans are such a good idea, but they always end up taking WAYYYY longer than anticipated! Reading + coffee sounds like the perfect way to spend your morning. How was the magazine? I might run out to my store again tonight to see if they finally have it!

  2. I love that you did a day in life post of a summer day with your man!! Really, sounds like an accomplished and sweet day..a GREAT day you cutie pies!! Now I'm making roasted sweet tators for dinner!!

  3. I
    Love these posts! I laughing at Dustin making you dust the wood! So funny! What a good day you had!

  4. Girl I feel ya on the sleep schedule...I have gotten myself all kinds of messed up this past week and have been staying up until after midnight. Yesterday I stayed home not feeling well and fell asleep at like 3:30 and woke up at bueno. Gotta get it together. I can only dream o fa husband that would like to deep clean...heck I just need one that notices when something might need to be cleaned period haha. Have a super day!

  5. Way to go on the 6:30am - whew! Andi never wakes before 7:30/8 so I try to mimic her (haha) BUT some me time before doesn't sound like a terrible concept. Looks like you had a great day by the way - I need to do one of these posts! Have a great Wednesday! xo

  6. I am with you on the sleep schedule. Summer break can be brutal for me. I used to love staying up and then sleeping in but then I would be a wreck when school started back up. Last summer I stuck to my normal routine and that helped. It helped so much that I am doing it this summer as well. What a great day. I love day in the life posts. The deep cleaning had me laughing. My husband will pick the most random chore that turns into something like this as well, but it only happens once in a blue moon (and for that, I am thankful). Have a great day!

  7. Loved following along on your day! I, too, am a teacher (high school math)--love having summers off--and we have the same name and last initial! ;) Can't wait to see what else we have in common!

  8. Is it weird that this post makes me want to clean out my garage? Hahah!!!

  9. I love these posts! That little dress is cute but I have all the heart eyes for the chipmunks book in the background. I love Alvin & the Chipmunks so I would totally have to buy that if I saw it. Why is it that the grocery total is always so much higher than you think it will be?! I hate that!

  10. Those summer days off are just the best-minus cleaning the garage! Haha those are tasks I avoid at all costs-men can be so funny about things.

  11. My husband and I both work "business hours" year-round, have never taught nor do we have kids yet but we still end up on weird late night summer schedules every. single. year. it's so funny how that happens! I recently started grocery budgeting and I'm becoming strangely obsessed with it. However, it's a little obnoxious because it means I go to 3 different grocery stores plus order from Amazon Prime to get the prices I do. It's become a game for me but I know it won't be reasonable once kids are in the picture. Also, that little apple baby dress is too cute!

  12. Feel free to send Dustin to my house the next time he's in his deep cleaning mood! We've lived in our house for seven years and I don't think we've EVER cleaned the baseboards. Lol.

    As always I just eat these posts up! I need to do another one really soon... I think next time I'll do a day on the weekend just for fun!

  13. My early mornings are always set aside for blogging, it's always a nice way to start the day before my little one gets up.

  14. I always think it's so much fun to look back on simple days like this! Fun peeking into your day :)

  15. Don't you just love teacher summers :) I love that you're still sticking to a routine! It's so easy for me to sleep in because my husband leaves for work early in the AM. I need to work on my sleep routine for sure!

    xoxo, SS

  16. You accomplished so much!! And I miss teaching because of the summers off, isn't it amazing?!

  17. I love that you have a breakfast table! We eat breakfast at our island and the rest of our meals at the table. Thanks for linking up with us!

  18. I love Day in the Life posts! Such a fun, relaxing day! That's what summer is all about! Our husband's should be friends because when I get my state retirement newsletter each month I put it straight in Alex's pile. I don't even bother opening it anymore because I don't know what it means and he thrives over explaining every little detail!

  19. My husband is the same way with cleaning! Also, my best friend is 12 hours away, I would die of happiness if it were only one hour haha!


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