A Comfortable 4th of July Look

Thursday, June 29, 2017

As always, a special thanks for my fabulous photographer, Rachel, for these images!  North Alabama people, use her!

dress (sold out but similar HERE and HERE) | wedges | lipstick | nail polish

We all know that summer is hot and that the 4th of July is a holiday meant to be spent outside.  If you're like me, you want the least amount of clothes on so you don't sweat to death while eating BBQ under a tree. 😂😜 

This chambray shirt dress is thin and loose which is the perfect combination for a party outside.  Before I bought these wedges, I read and reread reviews online to make sure I was getting quality shoes (my main concern is "Can I stand in these all day teaching?"), and these are literally the perfect teacher shoe!  They are like walking on clouds, so don't be alarmed if you see me wearing them in all of my pictures until I'm forced to wear close-toed shoes ha!

Don't forget a red lip and/or red nails to add a pop of color to your 4th of July outfit!

What's your favorite kind of outfit to wear on the 4th?

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What's Up Wednesday--June 2017

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Yet again, the last Wednesday of the month snuck up on me.  I guess it's true that time flies when you're having fun.  June has been such a fun month, but I have a feeling that July will be even better!  Even though I'm really looking forward to July, I still want it to crawl by so I can savor every last moment of this summer!

What we're eating this week...

Monday I made my Light Cheeseburger Pie and we ate off of it for three meals.

Thursday I'll make Shay's Tex-Mex Pitas and Friday is Dustin's work picnic.

What I'm reminiscing about...
Is it bad to say nothing?  I can't think of anything this month that I'm reminiscing about but next month is our anniversary so I definitely will be then!!

What I'm loving...
So many things!  I've been seriously thinking about getting a pair of these for this winter so we'll see if they go on sale anytime soon.  If so I'm scooping them up!

 I also love taking fun pictures with Dustin...he probably doesn't feel the same way.  Too bad he married into a picture-taking family ha!

And one last thing I'm loving is being able to exercise at anytime during the day instead of having to wait until after school.  I've been loving being able to get to the gym around 8ish, and I know I only have about a month of that flexibility left 😩

What we've been up to...

 We went to the beach with my family.

 I did Whole30 for one whole day 🙈🙈😂

 I've enjoyed lots of reading and coffee drinking!

 We cleaned out our garage and I learned that I'm married to a crazy person.

 I went to Franklin, TN, for a pop-up flea market.

 We've enjoyed long days together!

 We celebrated Father's Day

And I shared an updated home tour!

What I'm dreading...
School starting back in August (with some workshops in July)

What I'm working on...
Nothing??  It's summer so I'm just enjoying it!

What I'm excited about...
July is a big month for us!  Dustin's birthday and then our three year anniversary! 

Oh, and I saw yesterday where Eric and Jessie are coming back for season 3!!  Yeah!  Dustin and I loved watching that show together!  And since Eric is now a Tennessee Titan, we'll be going to a game....obviously I'll be hoping to spot Jessie ha!

What I'm watching/reading...
Watching: Counting On, everything on Hallmark, I've quit The Bachelorette because I got bored with it, and my other shows just had their finale

I'll be posting my May and June book review next week!

What I'm listening to...
John Mayer's new album and lots of Dave Matthews Band pandora

I've also really enjoyed listening to podcasts while I do cardio at the gym.  I either listen to old sermons from our new church or one of these: The Big Boo Cast, The Church at Brook Hills, The Gospel Coalition, Theocast, and some of Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology.  I have never been able to listen to music while I run because it gets on my nerves, but I can listen to a podcast and it not bother me at all.

What I'm wearing...
 Lots of workout clothes--these are my new favorite tops that I found at WALMART of all places!

 Cute new Matilda Jane and my favorite white jeans

tank / jeans (linking the last pair) / sandals / lip stain / sunglasses

What I'm doing this weekend...
Hanging out with my love!

What I'm looking forward to next month...
Celebrating Dustin's birthday and our anniversary!

What else is new...
Not anything I can think of??

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Home Tour Tuesday: 2017 Update!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Today is a day I've been looking forward to all month and then almost forgot about last minute!  I had to text Emily last night to make sure today was the home tour Show and Tell, AND I was also really glad it stays daylight longer so I could take some really quick photos!

So before we begin, a few disclaimers...
-lighting isn't the best since I was taking these yesterday evening on my iPhone
-game 1 of the College Baseball World Series was on, so you'll see it on and/or Dustin in the photos #reallife

To see my home when we first built (two years ago this month ahh!), click here.

Welcome to our first home together!
 This isn't the entire view of our home (I'm too lazy to photoshop our house number out of the photo so you don't get the full house shot haha), but we've added those rockers and pillows since last year!

 I've been wanting a door mat from PB, but this one from Walmart is working right now.
Come on in, y'all!

 This is right when you walk in the front door...notice college baseball on TV 😜  Dustin is also hiding to the left where you can't see him because #marriedtoablogger

 Our entry way is pretty simple but so is the rest of our house 😊

 Dustin and I lived in an apartment for the first 11 months of our marriage while we built this house, and we bought the couch and oversized chair while we lived there.  It's not what I really want for this space.  The next furniture I'm getting for the living room (if we're still in this house) is going to be a sectional so we can have more seating options.

Ignore my husband in the background haha...I told him it was okay to sit down.
The lantern and wreath on the left is a recent flea market buy from Franklin, TN.  Everything else is random...some gifts, some from Dustin (like the antlers and wildlife books).  I'm constantly changing this sofa table up because I love moving things around--kind of like shopping my house.

 The kitchen is behind this wall and then bar attaches to the right side.  We have an open floor plan and this is the only barrier in between the kitchen and living room--not really anything.
The bench was a find at Home Goods and the photo is a Georgia O'Keefe print.

 This is the view from the breakfast room to the front door.

 The dining room isn't finished but I'm so happy with what's in here!  I haven't added any artwork because I'm not sure what I want to do in here.  I do know I want a gallery wall on the back wall, but I'm not sure what I want that gallery wall to have in it.  Any suggestions?

 Coming in from the garage is this view of the kitchen.  Remember, if you want to see any room in detail, go to the Home Tours tab on the right side of this page and you can click on the kitchen link for my house.

I just added these plates last night to an open space in our kitchen.  They were a "gift" from my mom aka I took them from her house ha!  The pantry is the door to the left.

 My view from the kitchen sink 😊  

 Our bedroom and bathroom were really awkward to photograph, so this is the best I could do 😊  The bedroom door is to the left of the dresser.  The door to the right is a closet under the stairs.  We use it for winter coats, dirty clothes, and Dustin's diabetic supplies.  The open door is a pocket door to the bathroom.

 All of the books on the nightstand on the right makes it look like it would be my side of the bed, but those are the only books Dustin owns 😂😂  I have a stack I'm reading on my night stand and then my books are everywhere else.

 I love our curtains so much!  It took me a while to find what I wanted, but I finally found a good pair from PB.  Our bedding is also from PB.

 Like I said, the bathroom was really hard to photograph so you won't see everything.  Dustin's sink isn't pictured but it's to the right along with the toilet room.

 Our shower is the best thing about the bathroom--it's HUGE!  We've decided that we can never have a smaller shower than this because this shower has already spoiled us ha!

(Bad lighting...sorry!)  Our tub is also really big and it's a soaking tub, not jetted because I did not want to have to deal with cleaning those jets.  The linen closet is on the left and our master closet is to the left also.

I'm not taking pictures of the rest of our house, so if you want to see what our other bedrooms and bathrooms look like, click here!

Also, if you want to know where anything is from just let me know--I have a pretty good memory when it comes to household items!

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Friday Favorites

Friday, June 23, 2017

Happy Friday, y'all!  You know, these Friday Favorites posts aren't near as fun to write during summer break because that means I'm one more week closer to the beginning of school!  Slow down summer!

 I can't believe I've forgotten to mention this on a favorites post but I LOVE watching the Duggars....especially now that it's Counting On.  Joy's wedding was recently featured on the premiere episode and I loved it!!  Austin is the cutest and seems so genuinely sweet.  

If I had to rank the Duggar daughters based on their wedding dresses, mine favorites would be Jessa, Jinger, Joy, and then Jill.

 I've recently started watching Mallory Ervin Youtube videos, and one I watched recently was on her weight loss.  She talked about her new exercise routine for burning calories fast and I've started doing it!  You walk at a really steep incline (without holding onto the treadmill) for at least 30 minutes.  I've done this about 4-5 times so far and the spike in calories burned (based on my Apple watch) is insane!  Since I'm still a beginner, I've been walking at a 13 incline at 3.1mph for 30 minutes.  I do increase my speed the last 5 minutes to make it a little harder.  Y''s tough!  When Mallory talked about it, I thought it wouldn't be that hard but it is.  I also use that time to listen to podcasts!

 This workout tank is a new favorite!!  Guess where it's from??
My partner teacher had the cutest tank on one day at the gym and she said it was from Walmart, so I left the gym and headed straight to Walmart to buy 2 of them!  They were under $6 each!!  I sized up to get it loose and baggy since I don't like tight workout tanks.  The thin material makes it even better.  Run to your nearest Walmart to get this Danskin tank!  I told my best friend about it on the phone and she went and bought one and loves it too!

Tropical storm Cindy has hit Alabama and made her way up the state.  We had to get out of the house so we made a special trip to the book store to read magazines.  I could sit for hours and read magazines!

I know this is the weirdest thing ever to say but knowing that the Nordstrom sale is coming up has me dreaming about fall clothes!  I am loving the summer weather and summer break, but now I'm looking forward to wearing fall layers 😜

I posted Wednesday about my current wish list that I created for Dustin so he could know what to buy me whenever he wanted to buy me a gift!  I got a lot of feedback about the White peplum so let's hope it looks good on my body type!

UPDATE: My sweet friend Victoria texted me to let me know this top runs small and feels cheaply made.  I will be taking this off my list, and I wanted y'all to know in case you were thinking about purchasing!
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Three Things Survey!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

This week my friend Emily posted this fun little survey about herself, and I thought it would be fun to do the same!  I've got some new faces around here and this would be a fun way to tell a little about myself!  Feel free to do this survey on your blog--I would love to see how we're all similar and different!

Three things I'd never give up

Three favorite vegetables

Yellow squash

Three shows I watched faithfully from beginning to end
Downton Abbey

Grey's (still on and would Shonda Rhimes please end it!)
When Calls the Heart
Three places I want to visit inside the US
New York City

the New England coast
Three place I want to visit outside the US

the UK (my English major heart gets excited about all of the literature written there!)

South Africa
Three things I always have with me
My reading glasses

Carmex chapstick
My phone
Three things that are always in my car

My old iPod
A multipurpose escape tool in case I ever get stuck in my car (thanks Rach!)
Three most recent calls were from / to

My mom

My sister
Three most often used makeup products
**I use all of my make up equally so I'll list three random products

Setting powder
Blush (color is orgasm)

Three things that make me laugh
Quoting Will Ferrell movies

Things 7th graders say/do in class
Three things that make me cry

Adoption stories

Stories of people's parents getting older
Singing my favorite songs in church

My Current Wish List

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

With our anniversary next month and the fact that Dustin realizes I need to be surprised with gifts since I'm always surprising him with things 😜, I've compiled a wish list of a few things I'm wanting as of late.  I'm happy to say that with the exception of the Lilly dress, EVERYTHING IS VERY REASONABLY PRICED!

**Not pictured are the gift cards I listed in my email to him (yes, he asks for an email of things I want ha): Sephora, JCrew, Nordstrom, Anthro, Lululemon

White peplum || even though they are such a staple piece, I never seem to have white tees in my closet!  This is a low peplum hem, so I think I can pull it off because peplum never seems to work for me.  Obviously I'm still trying for it to work since this is on my wish list haha!
UPDATE: My sweet friend Victoria texted me to let me know this top runs small and feels cheaply made.  I will be taking this off my list, and I wanted y'all to know in case you were thinking about purchasing!

Lilly dress || I've wanted this dress since Easter and it's been out of stock in my size in the blue until now!

Eye Brightener || I've read some great things about this under eye brightener that I want to try it in place of concealer.

Sandals || I already own this style in 2 colors so I want to add more.  These would be cute to spice up a casual outfit!

Jeans || I love a good pair of jeans and the ones I've been buying have been really, really expensive.  I thought I'd try out a less expensive pair--it has a lot of great reviews, too!

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Weekend Recap: Father's Day Edition!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Happy Monday, y'all!  This weekend was jam-packed and I'm glad I have Monday to rest and recover (and do laundry, and clean, and grocery shop 😜)

Friday I headed with two friends to Tennessee to visit a pop-up flea market in Franklin.  On the way, we made a detour to Columbia to stop by The Faded Farmhouse.  It was so cute and the prices were so reasonable!

 Does this remind you of Magnolia?

 I didn't take any pictures of the inside portion of the flea market, but the outside was under a huge tent.  I ended up buying a few cute items for the house and a surprise for Dustin.

 I was most excited about the food trucks, and this was the only one that showed up!  

 Our trip home was a little dangerous and Hailey drew the short straw and got stuck in the back with the windmill ha!

 Saturday morning Dustin and I got up to go to the gym together to do some cardio.  On our way there, I had the idea to head to the river to walk so we went there instead.  I love walking by the river!

 Saturday night we did my stepdad's Father's Day at his and my mom's house.  My sister got a new camera for her photography business so we had a mini-photo shoot!

 Sunday after church we headed to my sister, Rachel's house for a Father's Day cookout for my dad!  We ate burgers, played ladder ball, and listened to great music!

And Rachel got a great shot of my dad face timing my older sister, Stefanie, who lives in Denver now.

That night we went out to eat for Dustin's dad!

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