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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Hey y'all!  I am really really REALLY excited about today's link up prompt!  I'm linking up with my friend Emily for her monthly Girl Chat linkup all about our favorite make up.

Fun fact about me--I am obsessed with make up!  I think it's so fun to play around with and try new products.  Sephora is obviously my favorite store and I could spend hundreds of dollars (as in, you should see how many points I have ha).

The only favorite make up products that I didn't include in the graphic are my sunscreen and lipsticks.  I have tons of lipsticks, so it really just depends on what my outfit is that day!  You'll also notice that I use both high end products and drugstore products.  (And I forgot to add pictures of my blush and highlighter, but I use these everyday.)

1. Almay mascara: I'm all for cheap mascara.  I don't think I could spend $20+ on mascara since I replace mine every month.  Almay for the win!

2. CoverFx primer: This is perfect for my oily t-zone.  I use just a little on my t-zone every morning and it keeps my face from being oily all day!  I tried lots and lots of primers until I found this one that worked and didn't break me out.

3. Naked palette: Neutrals all the way for my blue eyes!

4. Nars concealer in vanilla: I put this on after my foundation, and I put it under my eyes, down my nose, and a triangle in the middle of my forehead.  Then I use a damp beauty blender to blend it in.

5. Tarte bronzer:  Y'all--this stuff is the best!!  It's waterproof so I can work out after school and my make up still look great.

6. Mary Kay eye primer:  This stuff is super cheap and lasts me almost an entire year.  I put this over my eyelids before I put on my eye shadow.  It keeps my eye shadow on so well that it even stays on after swimming all day.

7. Nars foundation:  This is a recent purchase and I'm really enjoying it so far.  It's really lightweight but offers lots of coverage and stays on all day  (except the tip of my nose??  Anyone know how I can fix that?)  I was using Make Up Forever Ultra HD and liked it, but it was really creamy and heavy, so I feel like that's a better cold weather foundation.

8. Laura Mercier transluscent powder:  My favorite make up product!!!  This goes over my concealer (using a wet beauty blender--trust me on that) and it keeps my make up looking flawless all day long.  I also put this on my chin since that's an oily area for me.

9. Almay eye brow pencil: I am all about coloring in my eye brows.  I believe that eye brows frame the face, and it looks so much better when someone has defined brows.  I use this because it's pretty cheap but I'm dying to use something from Anastasia at some point!

Because I love make up so much, I want to know--is there something you use that I should try?


  1. I've heard a lot about the Naked palettes but haven't ever tried them! I'm always so nervous to try new products because of how sensitive and temperamental my skin is! We just got an Ulta, and I spent more than I should have last weekend!

  2. I love the Naked palette! Mines almost out though, wahhh! And I keep hearing about Tarte so I think I need to check it out! Thanks for linking up!!

  3. I have not seen that Naked palette...where have I been??!! And you have me intrigued with the wet bronzer application. I seriously haven't figured out bronzer yet....I may be a lost cause at this age haha.

  4. You know I am taking notes right now - your skin always looks flawless! Thanks for linking up! And FABULOUS graphic. :)

  5. I'm terrible when it comes to buying makeup, I need to focus on better quality versus just buying the cheapest stuff.

  6. I need to check out that Tarte bronzer! Thanks for sharing, Sarah! Beautifully Candid

  7. I am obsessed too. I recently was looking for a particular shade of lipstick and couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. I had been buying did many though that I finally sat down with all of them and tried them all on. I think I have about three different lipsticks that with a recent gloss purchase, gives me the look I want. I am telling myself, "no more lipsticks!" But, I am helpless to stay away. I love going to ULTA and Sephora. I use a Maybeliene cream eyeshadow that is a bronze color that is gorgeous. It also keeps my oily lids from creasing any powder shadow I put on top of it. I will be checking out your primer. I am on the hunt for the perfect primer!

  8. I love that Nars concealer. It is pricey, but so worth it. And I am all about the Naked palettes. Thanks for linking up.

  9. I probably need to get a bronzer for the summer because my face tends to stay so pale compared to the rest of my body since I slather 55 SPF on it! Thanks for linking up with us, Sarah!

  10. I have the same obsession! I shouldn't even be allowed in Sephora somedays! haha Love the Naked palettes I have two of them and one of the naked basics, they are all such good staples! :)

  11. Love the Naked palettes! Urban Decay eyeshadows are some of the best out there (I think so anyway!). I've been nervous to try translucent powder but I see it everywhere!

  12. I've been wanting to pick up a new foundation and concealer and I hadn't even thought of Nars-but now I know I need to add it to my Sephora cart stat!

    xoxo, SS


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