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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hi friends!  I cannot believe today is the last day with students for this school year.  Exams started yesterday and finish today.  Teachers finish up Friday and then that's it for the school year!  It really now feels like it's gone by fast (even though there were some weeks that felt like they drug on 😜)

Since I didn't blog any last week, I've got two whole weeks of a little life lately to share with y'all!
My little sister and I spent one afternoon together shopping.  She wanted a half up top knot so I did the best I could with her thin, fine hair 😂  I used to fix her hair when she was in elementary school for her school pictures and sometimes for regular school days.  I wish she would share her 4th grade picture where I curled random pieces of hair and she wore her Mary Kate and Ashley clothes 😂😂 Maybe another blog post!

Speaking of hair, I used a wand on mine for the first time since I felt like it was finally long enough.  We also enjoyed a yummy lunch of PF Chang's to fuel ourselves for shopping!

I love this romper (under $100 right now!) so, so much, but sadly it didn't fit well in my chest and the next size up was ginormous on me.  It looks so cute in person and the back is cut out.  I love it so much that I want everyone to go and try it on!

I had been dying to get my hands on this Lilly dress for a while.  Apparently it's sold out everywhere in my size (trust me, I've looked everywhere).  In this picture, I'm squeezing into a size 6 and really need a size 10 for my chest.

Then I tried this dress on because I love the color, but I honestly don't have a need for something like this right now.  I had zero luck shopping with my sister that day and she had great luck because she bought the cutest Lilly romper!

Mother's Day lunch with my mother-in-law and her two boys

Matching in our blue and sunnies (mine)!

We did supper with my mom and sister that night

Please excuse my outfit 🙈 
I didn't think about taking pictures and had taken a nap that afternoon

This makes me so happy!!

I was having a rough morning and my teacher partner brought me coffee from my favorite coffee shop downtown!  And the next picture explains why we're the perfect partner teachers...

Because we randomly showed up dressed alike one day--curled hair, chambray dress (similar), sandals!

Dustin and I had a date night to our favorite local brewery last weekend.  I ordered 
healthy-ish with my salad.  It was massive!  It was topped with veggies and the salad was underneath AND there wasn't any cheese so actually it's healthier than I thought.  I don't even know if I even ate half of my salad.

Date night with my love

When you get to church early because your husband loves drinking the coffee at church.  Yep, that's us.

I'm planning on starting Whole30 this summer, so I've tried some of Whole30 approved recipes out.  I made this lemon dill baked salmon with a lemon caper aioli and it was really good!  I also learned that when I buy salmon from the seafood department, I need them to cut mine much smaller!  I ate almost half of this portion.

I picked up the cutest PJ top and bottom while Dustin and I were out on our date night.  The fabric is so soft and almost feels like silk!  The cashier said they wash well, too, so I'm loving them.

So there you have it....a little life lately!

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  1. What a fun week you had! I hate when I don't find a thing when I go shopping. That Lilly dress is cute. I ordered t in green but it was too tight in the chest for me!

  2. I love that blue Lilly dress on you - it's so cute and different. Too bad about that other one - I know you said it was too small but you can't tell at all in the picture and it just look so pretty with your hair and eyes! Speaking of hair - loving the curls!

  3. Happy last day(s)!!! Your hair is absolutely adorable curled!!

  4. So excited the school year is almost over for you! Nobody does dressing room poses better than you beautiful girl! Your hair looks incredible and I love you and that lily dress!

  5. Sounds like you've had some fun lately - sorry you didn't have much luck shopping with your sister! LOVE those pj's. I need some new ones.


  6. You have been busy! Now time for a little rest. I had to laugh about Dustin loving the coffee at We love grabbing coffee at church. I will so get on board and do Whole 30 with you!! I need some accountability and honestly June is a pretty good month. Are you going to start on June 6th still?

  7. You've had a lot (of fun) stuff going on! Loved your outfit on your sissy date and those dresses! Can't wait to hear about whole30! A friend of mine just did it and is down 8 so far!

  8. I missed you blogging last week! I even double checked to make sure I hadn't accidentally unfollowed you or something ;-) So exciting you are almost on summer break! And I just have to say, you are looking GREAT-can I have your arms!?

  9. You look absolutely stunning with curly hair! So beautiful :-)
    Best wishes from Berlin, Germany!

  10. Lol at the teacher twinning - I so remember that from my teacher days! It's like you become the same person! That salad from your local brewery looks so delicious - it's always so hard to find healthy options when eating out! Too funny - I also posted Life Lately (and a Lilly dress!) today :)

  11. Those pajamas are so cute!!!

  12. Loving your hair curled, all your cute outfits and that veggie packed salad looks so good! Happy kick off to summer :)

  13. Yay, you're back! I missed your blog! Jamie loves the coffee at church too, so I can relate to that. ;) Love your hair curled with the wand! Do you follow Jen Hatmaker's blog? She talked a lot recently on her blog and on her Facebook page about doing Whole 30!

  14. I'm loving your curls! I cannot for the life of me figure out how to use my wand... it's like a science project every time so I keep sticking to my curling iron. I also want that Nap shirt, too cute!

  15. Loved your curls with using your wand!! That teacher twinning pictures is so darn cute!!

  16. You'll have to share more Whole30 recipes with us when you start out, because that salmon looks delicious!

    xoxo, SS

  17. I love your hair curly! It's super cute. I'm also loving your denim dress! Where did you get it? I have those same pjs! They are SO soft. I work at GAP seasonally and as soon as I noticed we got those in I snagged a pair. I want all the prints now!

  18. Oh my gosh, the end of the school year already - so exciting!! Enjoy these last two days!!

  19. Those pajamas are too cute! I'm a sucker for matching PJs.


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