#MeetTheShaneyfelts: Reception!!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Yesterday I told you that I was really good in narrowing down pictures for the ceremony post; well today is a different story.  I had a really hard time choosing, so feel free to skim through these pictures.  I did this mainly for my own memories.

To see the ceremony, click here.

 Once we got to the country club for our reception, we headed out to take a few pictures on the golf course and the guests began to arrive.

As soon as guests began arriving, they immediately picked up their food (yummy bbq) and began to eat.  (Remember, we did get married at 6 PM and it was a 20 minute drive to the reception.)  After pictures, Dustin and I had a table set up in the office and we were able to eat by ourselves before the actual reception began.  Best thing we did!  We were able to make sure we ate uninterrupted and it was so fun to recap the day together and eat our first meal as husband and wife.

 The band's set list

 Our first dance was to Van Morrison's "Crazy Love"

 After our first dance we immediately cut both of our cakes.  I wanted guests to be able to eat cake while they watched the next two dances.  I definitely thought about how I feel at weddings sometimes where I'm dying for cake but it seems like it takes forever until the bride and groom cut it haha!

 My cake was strawberry and vanilla layers with a buttercream frosting died pale pink.  And as you can tell, I didn't have a cake topper #notapriorityforme

 Dustin's cake was wildlife-themed and it was red velvet with a buttercream, too.

 My dad and I danced to Hall and Oates's "Sara Smile."  He always sang that song to me when I was little to where I thought it was about me, so it was only fitting that we danced to it at my wedding!

 Dustin and his mom danced to a George Strait song.

 And the dance floor stayed full the rest of the night...

 My sister breaking it down 😂

 We also had a table set up where people could leave us marriage advice, and some of the things we read were hilarious!  And others were very sweet 

 Some of my book club friends came to the wedding!

 I love this picture so much!  I have it framed on my bedside table 😍


  1. I haven't had a chance to comment on some of these wedding posts, but I've read them all and really enjoyed them!!

  2. I love this! We ate alone before entering our reception as well and it was such a special memory!

  3. Such a FUN night with your favorite people!! I so wish we would've had just a few minutes together alone before our reception. We were exhausted by the time ours was over and we were finally getting a chance to really talk with each other.

  4. Love love love! You looked absolutely STUNNING on your wedding night. And I love that you and your dad danced to Sara Smile. :o) I think I've told you this before, but my parents named me Sarah Lindsay (but decided to call me Lindsay) so my Dad used to sing Sara Smile and Sara by Starship all the time. So sweet! I LOVE your dress that you wore to leave after the wedding!

  5. Both of those cakes look and sound good! And I like the send-off with sparklers.

  6. I love that you guys ate in private! That is so genius. How many couples don't end up eating at all at their reception. Plus being able to just have that down time to connect with each other after such a precious union. I love this!


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