Friday Favorites!

Friday, April 28, 2017

We made it to Friday, y'all!!!  I didn't know if it was ever going to come, but it did and I can't wait to enjoy the weekend.  I've got a facial scheduled for after school today, so follow along on IG stories (@saraheshaneyfelt) since it will be my first one!

Also, before I share some of my favorite things from the week, make sure you check back on the blog Monday!  I have a REALLY EXCITING collaboration to share with y'all!

 I finally got curtains for the dining room and got them hung this past week.  It has changed the entire look of the room and even the house since our living area is open concept.  Anyone else hate hanging curtains?  I would have paid someone to do it because I'm too obsessed with making sure everything is even and symmetrical and it's so hard to do!  But I'm so glad that the curtains are hung--I will share pictures next week!

 Kroger cookies are my favorite thing ever.  If you don't have a Kroger near you, I'm sorry.  Anyone want to brighten my day?  Bring me some chocolate chip cookies from Kroger.

 Typical #wheredustinsleeps
He did wake up in time for Southern Charm, and he watched it without me because I was still doing stuff around the house.  This comes from the man who "thinks reality tv is stupid"....yeah right ๐Ÿ˜œ

It may look like these boys are playing in the dirt (and they kind of are) but they are drawing landscape plans for our house.  My only demand for landscaping?  Blue hydrangeas.  
Dustin's dream is to have his own landscape company--his friend John already has one--so I'm sure one day he'll have one.  I snapped this picture and then headed to the truck because I was getting eaten by mosquitos.  #alabamastatebird

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What's Up Wednesday--April 2017

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Happy Wednesday, y'all!!  The months keep flying by and right now, that's a good thing for me because it means my summer break is right around the corner.  Once July hits, I always pray for long, slow days haha!

What we're eating this week...
Monday: Egg Roll in a Bowl  (a trusty fav of ours)
Tuesday: Roasted Veggie and Baked Egg Casserole
Update:  Since so many of y'all asked for the recipe, find it here!

Wednesday: Mellow Mushroom for a fundraiser night
Thursday: I have Bible study so we're on our own
Friday: ??

What I'm reminiscing about...

I shared all about our wedding (that happened 2.5 years ago ha) this month on the blog, and it was so fun reminiscing because it seriously was the best day ever!
Rehearsal Dinner

What I'm loving...
Painted nails, watching The Arrangement, old Fixer Upper episodes, this weather!!!, eating meals outside, IG stories

What we've been up to...
Last Saturday we took a tour of a local goat cheese creamery, Belle Chรจvre, and we had a blast!

What I'm dreading...
Absolutely nothing!!

What I'm working on...
Controlling my sweet tooth and fighting the urge to eat sweets.  Any tips are appreciated!

What I'm excited about...
SUMMER BREAK!!  I'm a teacher...need I say more?!

What I'm watching/reading...
Here are some books I've read recently and some of the shows I'm watching ๐Ÿ˜€

What I'm listening to...
The Big Boo Cast podcast and Shane and Shane Psalms Live album on repeat

What I'm wearing...
 this tank

 this dress

this workout tank

What I'm doing this weekend...
Reuniting with my besties for dinner!!!

What I'm looking forward to next month...

What else is new...
Not much!

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A Saturday Tour of Belle Chรจvre Creamery

Monday, April 24, 2017

Happy Monday, friends!  
Today marks the official one month countdown until the last day of school for students ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ  I know that this last month is going to fly by, and then we'll be heading into summer vacation!  I know I sound like I'm wishing my life away this last month of school, but I'm just really excited about what this summer holds for lots of reasons...and I've got some plans for this blog, too!

All last week I had been looking forward to the surprise date that Dustin was planning for us on Saturday.  He's such a great husband, but he's not great at planning dates.  Because of this, I was so excited to see what he planned.  He told me to be ready to leave the house by 9:30 that morning.  It turns out he had been listening to me talk about how I wanted to take a tour of a local goat cheese creamery and had booked us an 11 AM tour.  I was ecstatic! 

I don't have many pictures of the tour because I wasn't sure if pictures were allowed, but if you're ever in north Alabama, I recommend a tour and tasting at Belle Chรจvre!

The creamery is located inside of an old cotton storehouse.

Dustin snapped this as I was coming out of the bathroom.  Don't I look so excited?

Behind that wooden and glass door in the background is the area where they make and package the cheese.  There are only 5 people employed by the creamery and they rotate jobs sometimes, so not all 5 people are always making cheese.  We got to watch them make a pimiento cheese spread and it's one of the popular ones.

The tour also included a history of the building, seeing some of the goats that provide milk for the creamery (and petting them!), and a video on the current president's history with the company.  

The tour ended with a tasting of all their products, so obviously this was my favorite part since I love goat cheese.  Their spreads are their most popular and we tasted original, coffee, pimiento, cinnamon, fig, and honey.  Then we also tasted the log and a cheesecake made with goat's milk.

 We walked over to the restaurant for lunch and both enjoyed a sandwich with goat cheese. Dustin got a pimento cheese BLT and I got a grilled turkey with honey spread.

Our fun little date ended with a trip to Starbucks for my favorite drink of the moment: cinnamon almond milk machiatto.
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Friday Favorites!

Friday, April 21, 2017

TGIF!!  Last week spoiled me because I had Friday off, so this week has felt a little bit longer than usual.  Like everyone else, I am so glad it's Friday!  Dustin and I have plans to go bowling tonight at an event that benefits my cousin's Relay for Life team, and he's planned a fun day for Saturday for us....if the weather cooperates ๐Ÿ˜Š

Today, I'm sharing a few favorite things!

Pinterest success?!  I made this cake for Easter and I think it turned out pretty good!  My rows aren't straight or even but everything tasted good in the end.  That's all that matters, right?!

Yesterday I wrote about one piece bathing suits and there was a huge support for one pieces!  I loved reading all of the comments!  My post yesterday is a list of suits I want, but this blue one is one I actually bought last year and love it!  It's also 25% off right now!!

(my shirt--almost sold out! )
Since Dustin had to work on Easter ๐Ÿ˜ž, this was our Easter picture together.  We met at my mom and stepdad's for dinner after he got off of work.

 I had an appointment earlier this week and decided to treat myself to breakfast at Panera out on the patio.  It was so peaceful and the weather was perfect!  It definitely has me counting down for summer so I can do things like that more often.  P.S. I got the egg white, avocado, and spinach breakfast sandwich.

This is my favorite hairspray in the entire world!  I used to never wear hairspray because I hated how stiff it made my hair and even greasy once I brushed it out.  This hairspray is literally heaven-sent.  It holds perfectly and also makes your hair feel normal once you brush it out at night.  I can go multiple days without washing my hair while wearing this hairspray--I just use this dry shampoo every morning before teasing my hair.

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The Best One Piece Swimsuits (and I want them all!)

Thursday, April 20, 2017

These past two weeks my school has been administering our state standardized tests.  As one of the teachers who administers the tests, we're not allowed to do anything during the tests--literally, nothing.  No reading, no grading, cannot bring cell phones or smart watches in the room, no crossword puzzles....basically just sit there or walk around and don't say anything.  

As an English teacher, I've tested 4 ENTIRE SCHOOL DAYS.  I've had LOTS of time to think or stare out the windows, and it's led me to daydream about our summer beach trip.

After finishing grad school and gaining a little weight from the insane stress, I wasn't comfortable wearing a two piece in public, so last year I bought my first one piece and loved it!  I've decided that one piece bathing suits can be so stylish, so I've rounded up a few of the ones I'm looking at for our family beach trip!

I actually have this exact suit (color and everything) and I love it so much that I wanted to include it!

six  (similar)
This is sold out now, but it's my favorite!  I'm going to keep watching it to see if it comes back in stock--the back is the cutest.

Which suit it your favorite?

Sense of Sarah: Reality TV

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

It's been a while since I've done a Sense of Sarah post so I am way past due for one!

To see my past posts:

Anyone who knows me knows my love for reality tv.  My earliest memory of watching reality tv was Laguna Beach in early high school.  Anyone else watch that?  After LB went off the air, then I immediately watched The Hills because I was a huge LC fan (and Whitney!!).  And then in college my friends and I used to watch Real World together every week--those were some really fun watch parties!

In honor of my love of reality tv, I want to share a few of the shows I'm watching currently (or was watching) and a little bit about them!

 Real Housewives of New York City
I can't help but really like Bethanny even though I do think she's a little neurotic.  I watched her wedding and then her divorce drama.  I really like Dorinda but I wish she would find a new boyfriend haha!  And I'm not sure what to think about this Tinsley person?!

 Keeping Up With the Kardashians
I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!  I seriously started watching this show from the very first episode, so it has been so crazy to watch the girls change and transform the more famous they get.  I've watched Kim's make up and hair change to more high fashion--even more so since she and Kanye got together.  Anyone else laugh at everything Scott says?!  He's so much more funnier now that he's sober.

 Counting On 
The Duggars are my absolutely favorite!  We started watching them when they had specials on TLC when they had 14 kids...and I thought that was a lot back then haha!  Now that the girls have their own show, it's been so fun watching them become their own people.  I love Jessa and Ben so much (and their theology) and now I really love Jinger and Jeremy (and Jinger wears pants!!!).

 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
This show is so fascinating because these ladies are so rich!  I can't get over how big some of their houses are (or aren' Kyle's?  I would think her house would be much bigger) or the fact that Erika employs people to do her hair and make up daily.  I love Dorit's accent.  I know if my husband was British then I would have a slight accent haha!

Southern Charm
I know I wrote about this in my last Friday Favorites, but I love this show.  Craig needs to become a lawyer and propose to Naomi because I have a feeling her parents are supporting them.  Shep needs to settle down and I'm ready for Cameran to have a baby.  Because of the season opener, I'm curious to see if Landon and Thomas get together.

I shared some of my favorites with y'all, now y'all tell me what I'm missing!?

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Friday Favorites!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Happy Friday, my friends!

I'm off school today and my sister is off work today, so we're going to be doing a little shopping this afternoon and I can't wait to spend some time with her!  I love that my sister and I have such a close relationship :)

Today is also Good Friday--good because we deserve death on the cross, but Jesus, in his infinite love and obedience to the Father, took our place--and Sunday is coming!

Today, I'm sharing a few FAVORITES with y'all!

 I've had lots of fun recapping our wedding (2.5 years later) and I finished it up yesterday with the reception where we had THE BEST time!  I have loved writing these posts and reminiscing!

 Sunday I tagged along with my sister while she had a photo shoot.  Before her client got to the site, she took a few photos of me.  You can tell by my outfit that I was totally prepared to have photos taken......not! ha!  
(Also I'm posting this even though I think I look fatter in this picture ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ)

 My big sister flew in from Colorado Wednesday and I was so happy to see her!  She moved in August and I haven't seen her since, and I know my dad was so happy that we were all together again!
(I'm also wearing my fav workout tank in a different color)

 Dustin and I are aggressively paying off student loans (his undergrad and my graduate school), so this will be how I feel until everything is paid off next year.  I'm taking donations for anyone who wants to support my shopping addiction ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚  I feel like we're kind of doing Dave Ramsey but not 100%.

Southern Charm recently came back on TV and I love that show!  I follow Jennifer Snowden on IG and over the last few months since she had her baby, she's really become my favorite and she isn't even a main character on the show haha!  Her baby was born with health issues and had brain surgery a few days after birth.  If you're watching Southern Charm, who's your favorite?  Landon is getting on my nerves big time and it's only been 2 episodes ha!

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#MeetTheShaneyfelts: Reception!!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Yesterday I told you that I was really good in narrowing down pictures for the ceremony post; well today is a different story.  I had a really hard time choosing, so feel free to skim through these pictures.  I did this mainly for my own memories.

To see the ceremony, click here.

 Once we got to the country club for our reception, we headed out to take a few pictures on the golf course and the guests began to arrive.

As soon as guests began arriving, they immediately picked up their food (yummy bbq) and began to eat.  (Remember, we did get married at 6 PM and it was a 20 minute drive to the reception.)  After pictures, Dustin and I had a table set up in the office and we were able to eat by ourselves before the actual reception began.  Best thing we did!  We were able to make sure we ate uninterrupted and it was so fun to recap the day together and eat our first meal as husband and wife.

 The band's set list

 Our first dance was to Van Morrison's "Crazy Love"

 After our first dance we immediately cut both of our cakes.  I wanted guests to be able to eat cake while they watched the next two dances.  I definitely thought about how I feel at weddings sometimes where I'm dying for cake but it seems like it takes forever until the bride and groom cut it haha!

 My cake was strawberry and vanilla layers with a buttercream frosting died pale pink.  And as you can tell, I didn't have a cake topper #notapriorityforme

 Dustin's cake was wildlife-themed and it was red velvet with a buttercream, too.

 My dad and I danced to Hall and Oates's "Sara Smile."  He always sang that song to me when I was little to where I thought it was about me, so it was only fitting that we danced to it at my wedding!

 Dustin and his mom danced to a George Strait song.

 And the dance floor stayed full the rest of the night...

 My sister breaking it down ๐Ÿ˜‚

 We also had a table set up where people could leave us marriage advice, and some of the things we read were hilarious!  And others were very sweet 

 Some of my book club friends came to the wedding!

 I love this picture so much!  I have it framed on my bedside table ๐Ÿ˜

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