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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Happy Wednesday, friends!

This week has been an unintentional blog break (aka a crazy busy week), so I hope to be back Friday for a Friday Favorites post.  If not, I'll see you back next week for sure!

It's freezing here in Alabama, so I hope you're warm wherever you are!


  1. This was me last week. Busy as a bee! My Jeff is in Huntsville this week for business and says it is freezing. Have a great hump day!

  2. Stay warm and have a great week beautiful!!

  3. I also took an unintentional blog break, but it seems like several people have so we aren't alone :) Also the miss piggy meme is perfect haha!

  4. Sometimes blog breaks can be nice. I hope your week calms down and it warms up for you guys! I'M READY FOR SPRING!

  5. I totally understand you there (that was me, last week!) Can't wait for your friday faves!
    Also, thank you for alerting me to the whole "no-reply" thing, I had no idea! If it's not fixed, would you please let me know? I think I was able to get the kinks worked out :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  6. Sometimes you just need a break! Enjoy your weekend!


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