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Friday, March 31, 2017

Happy Friday, friends!  I hope your week has been as wonderful as mine has been!  Being off all week for spring break basically reaffirmed that I need to be a stay at home wife.  All I need to do is find a way to work from home ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

 We are Dustin is working on re-landscaping our yard and this is one of my inspiration photos for Dustin.  I do know he'll be adding in some height to our front beds, so I like the height in this photo!  Also, this house is in Birmingham!

 I blogged Monday about the really fun cooking class I took Sunday night at Sur La Table on cooking healthy Mexican food.  Last night I whipped up some burrito bowls and decided to make homemade refried beans to go with it.  I learned how to make those in that class, so I told Dustin spending the $70 on that class was totally worth it because I've recreated TWO of the recipes already! haha  (Side Note:  Did you know that refried beans in Mexican restaurants are made with LARD?!  Yuck!!!)

 Earlier this week the sunlight was streaming in and everything was so quiet and serene in the house--it was so beautiful.  

 Dustin and I both had appointments in Birmingham on Wednesday, and for mine, I had to do fasting bloodwork.  I had visions of eating a great breakfast and relaxing at O'Henry's after my appointment.  I got a blueberry muffin and caramel machiatto, snapped this picture before I started eating, and not even halfway into eating this, I got really really sick and had to run out of the restaurant--literally.  #horriblestomachprobs  Since I don't ever eat sugary breakfasts (or sugary anything really), I should have known better.  Dustin is the best because he quickly got threw away the rest of his breakfast and ran out after me--favorite husband!

 We drove around after I started feeling better looking at architecture trying to get ideas for the next house we build (which will hopefully be in about 5-6 years!!).  We both immediately decided a french country theme, but that could change haha!  I love the colors of this house--the cream painted brick, robin's egg blue shutters, and dark brown door and trim.

 I love visiting book stores and libraries because I could sit and read for hours!  We spent over an hour in Barnes and Noble and it felt like 15 minutes to me.  I could have stayed a few more hours reading ๐Ÿ˜Š

Yesterday, Dustin worked really hard digging up some plants and moving other plants around in order to prepare for the news ones we're buying.  He's such a hard worker!

I recapped our proposal story and rehearsal dinner on the blog this week.  Next week I'll recap our wedding and reception!

I've had this shirt in my shopping cart for over a month now.  I love peplum but most of the time it doesn't look great on me.  I feel like you need a small chest in order to pull off peplum.  I wish I could find this in store to try it on.

Have a happy weekend!

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  1. I LOVE your landscaping inspiration. I cannot wait to see what you guys do! So sad that you didn't feel well. That happens to me a lot! LOVE that house - I would love to build a house, but I think I will have to live vicariously through you. That top would be super cute on you, especially that color. Having a small chest, I feel like sometimes I look like a little kid in those types of things!

  2. Peplum shirts are popping up everywhere (again) and they just don't look good on me no matter how hard I try to make them work! The landscape inspiration photo is so pretty - we need some of that at our house! Stopping over from the linkup - hope you can pop by my blog too!

  3. Hanging out in Barnes and Noble is the best! I had off on Monday and I went there for a few hours and it was great! Can't wait to see the new landscaping!

  4. Such a random question - but where did your little table runner come from?! I've been searching and only find really long ones :(. Thank you!!! The breakfast thing happens to me all the time - usually on the train on the way to work. Ick!

  5. That top is so cute! I haven't been brave enough to try anything peplum yet, either. Your house really is so pretty-I love that new dining room table!

  6. I could be a stay at home wife/mom as well. All of our breaks from school just reaffirm my laziness lol I'm glad it was a good week off overall though!

  7. Love love love your beautiful dining table. We hope to build a house one day too! A lot of people say the process is miserable, but if you guys are planning to do it again in a few years, you must have enjoyed it. I'd love to read a post about your thoughts on building your home!

  8. I love the blue house and yard on Southern Living! I would love one just like that:)

  9. I LOVE hanging out at B&N! Pre-kids we'd always do a dinner date then hang out and book browse. Have a great weekend!

  10. I love that top, it's super cute. Maybe you could try one that has a smaller peplum section on it if you're not so sure about it. If you have a Belk in Alabama, one of their brands they carry (Crown & Ivy) has a super cute peplum top that's only got peplum on the very bottom section. I have it in navy and love it.

  11. Please send Dustin my way after he's done with your yard! We could use some new shrubs in the front and back! Lol. Have a great weekend, girl!

  12. So sorry your breakfast made you sick!! I'm glad to know Jared and I aren't the only ones who drive around looking at houses for inspiration! So glad you've enjoyed your spring break :) Maybe you should look into teaching online from home. With the way technology is going I think this will be the reality eventually anyway!

  13. I absolutely love the landscaping ideas on that home. It's so simple but gorgeous.

  14. First of all, your home is stunning-I love all the light colors and the natural light. Second of all, the first picture that you shared just made me want to redo our landscaping! We have boxwood already up against our porch, but I love the border of other plants. I may have to try to talk the hubs into helping me put that together!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  15. I like your dining room. There are some legitimate from-home jobs out there, you have to weed out the ones that are disguised telemarketing or pyramid sales,

  16. A cooking class sounds like so much fun! Funny you say that about the peplum...I'm always thinking it's my thick hips that make it wrong for me....maybe I can blame the boobs instead..haha


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