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Friday, February 24, 2017

Woohoo for Friday!!!  This short week has felt like a long week, and tonight this will be me...
Seriously though!  I have the hardest time staying awake on Friday nights most of the time.

Today I'm sharing a few of my FAVORITES from the week!

My #1 FAVORITE is having a workout buddy in the afternoons after school.  I know without Hailey I would be totally lost in the weight room, so I'm really thankful she guides me on weight lifting in order to tone up.

I saw this on Facebook earlier this week and laughed because it's so true!!  This graphic is a FAVORITE!  I try to drink a lot of water during the day in order to stay hydrated and as a result, I'm usually running to the bathroom multiple times a day.  But as a teacher, I have to wait until class change and then I'm sprinting down the hall because we only have 4 minutes in between classes at my school.

Isn't this dress gorgeous?!  Best part?  It's not as expensive as I was expecting!  A gingham maxi is definitely a summer FAVORITE!

And a few other FAVORITES from this week...
-Tuesday's episode of This Is Us
-Shay's post about being active

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  1. Haha I laughed at that meme ab going potty. I used to have to use the kids. Atheism that was right across the hall from my classroom when I was pregnant. That maxi is adorable!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh my gosh the episode of this is us this week wrecked me - even the cast was sorry they made us so emotional LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Two great graphics! One- I can never make it until 10 pm any night!! Two- definitely hear you about going to the bathroom!! We should be proud that we can train our bodies to hold it so long!! I've definitely been guilty of sprinting to the bathroom in those 4 minutes!!

  4. This Is Us was SO SO SO good! I am not a teacher, but have to be at work decently early. Friday nights are my favorite because I can lay in bed and catch up on like three shows - lol.

  5. Tuesday's episode of This is Us had me shook! The ugly cry I had going was rather intense for watching a TV show. I love that show!

    I have the same problem staying awake on Friday nights! 9pm and I'm so ready for bed haha

    Happy Weekend!

  6. Ah teacher life lol. My friends & I were talking last night about how we really wanted a night out some time soon & another girl & I are both teachers & we were like ok...on a Saturday.

  7. Okay I can totally picture you wearing that maxi-it is so pretty!

  8. That dress is so cute and it has pockets!! I love it. :) Have a great weekend!

  9. LOL I am having ALL the teacher flashbacks right now!! Also, I was all over J.Crew this week but somehow missed that dress. DARLING.

  10. Ohhhh! That maxi, love, love!

  11. Ha I hear you on the sleep - most Fridays all we want to do is relax! Love that gingham dress!!

  12. I'm swooning over that gingham maxi! Cheers, Laura

  13. Oh gosh, going to the bathroom between classes was SO me in high school because I always had to go and we hardly had time. I just carried tons of books so I didn't have to visit my locker all the time. Sigh. haha

    Ooh that dress is really cute!


  14. I'm not a teacher, but that is literally me every Friday lol. Unless we have company over and even then I am STRUGGLING to stay awake unless we're playing a game or out doing something! I'm fixing to go read all those links you shared at the bottom of this post! LOVE that dress!

  15. Restroom breaks and teaching are so hard to manage!! Glad you've got 4 minutes haha. Love that gingham dress!!


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