A Day in the Life (01.31.17)

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happy Thursday, friends!  I am so glad that the weekend is almost here because it has been a week!  Today I've got a Day in the Life to share!  These are my favorite to read, and I really had fun taking pictures for this.  I had originally planned to do a Day in the Life on Monday and then I majorly failed taking pictures.  So I decided on a redo for Tuesday and did much, much better!

Here's what an average Tuesday looks like during the school year  (hint: LOTS of fun 😜)  I should also mention that this day is an average day during deer season because Dustin was leaving after work to drive to his hunting club, so you won't see him in any of these pictures. The end of the season is soon!  #praisetheLord

 My alarm went off at 5 but it was so cold in our bedroom and so warm under the covers that I didn't get up until 20 minutes later.  I have a problem hitting the snooze button every morning.
(My lock screen background is from the She Reads Truth Advent study, and I loved that Scripture so much that I can't bring myself to change it!)

 I start off every morning making my Spark drink.  And yes, my fridge pours water on its own.  It was the selling point for me!

 I spend the next 30 minutes reading and commenting on blogs and watching the news.  I love being able to have the fireplace on while I read.

 It was almost 70 degrees Tuesday so I wore this Matilda Jane outfit with sandals.  Summer weather in the winter makes it really hard for me to dress!

 Then I finally arrived at school.  I always leave my lesson plan out for the day along with any papers that need to be copied.

 My breakfast that morning was yogurt and granola, so I started eating it during homeroom and didn't get a chance to finish it until after 1st period was over.  #teacherlife

 During my planning period, I tried to get ahead in the book we're currently reading and plan for the next few chapters.  I also have sticky notes everywhere with random things!

 I went to the gym after school and forgot my socks--gross!  

 I'm lucky enough that my partner teacher/real life friend and I get to work out together in the afternoons after school!  She helps me with weight lifting and I was able to talk her into an outside run after for our cardio.  Thankful for a friend to workout with!

 I ran a million errands after the gym, and since Dustin wouldn't be home for supper, I decided to grab Subway.

 And instead of getting a sandwich, I got a veggie pizza.  I could eat pizza all day every day. I also watched a little TV while eating.  #whenthehusbandisaway

 I worked on my blog post for yesterday.

 I found a new pair of jeans I wanted.

 I ended up winding down the night by catching up on Summer House while laying on our bed.  I am LOVING this new show on Bravo!!!  Anyone else watching it?

I took a screenshot as I turned out the lights....BUT I could not fall asleep!  I was still awake at 11:30 and then woke up at 4:30 the next morning and couldn't go back to sleep.  All that to say, I hate sleeping by myself.  I'm so glad D decided to come back early, so he was home last night!!


  1. So funny. I did a day in the life post from Tuesday too! My how different our days are! I hate sleeping alone too. Sometimes patrick will go sleep with jack who is just across the hall and I still hate it. What a fun post to read!b

  2. I just love your phone screen!! These are my favorite, too. I have never thought to go to subway for pizza, but that looks yummy!

  3. Fun read. I am watching Summer House, but I am not sure I like it. I find the guys act like "douchebags"....oh Kyle!

  4. Such a fun post to read! I hated forgetting socks when I used to go to the gym!! Stickey notes everywhere- I think I should purchase stock in them!

  5. I haven't watched Summer House but maybe I should!!

  6. I love Day in the Life posts too! (and I love your refrigerator!) Happy Thursday friend!

  7. I keep planning one of these and then forgetting to take the photos, I need to get that done! I hate sleeping by myself too. I think you're brave for staying by yourself. Jared's gone 3 nights a week and most of those I stay with my parents or grandparents so I can visit with them and actually get some sleep!

  8. love this!!! I'm obsessed with Summer House. My favorite show on TV right now. It might replace my love for Below Deck. It's fun to see the teacher schedule and so smart to knock that workout out right after school. It makes such a big difference to have a workout buddy too!!

  9. I love these posts so much! I would totally buy a refrigerator for self-pouring water, too :-)

  10. I really enjoyed reading this because it reminds me so much of what my days used to look like when I was still teaching!

  11. These are just the best posts! I have one planned for next week if I can remember to document my day! I always forget!

    And you are so lucky to have a workout buddy. Sadly, I do not. It would make working out so much better, though! :o(

  12. That's great you have a buddy to work out with! I tried to go with a friend, but it didn't really work out after awhile. Sigh. I love these posts too though. It's fun to see a day in the life of bloggers.


  13. Have you ever tried drinking your spark hot in the winter? I started it once when I was doing the herbal cleanse and it really is yum. I'm cracking up about the socks...kudos to you for going anyway as I'm prettty sure I would have used that as a good excuse to skip. Have a super weekend Sarah!

  14. Sleeping alone is the WORST!! Husband likes to fall asleep on the couch on the weekends and it drives me insane because I can always tell when he isn't next to me.

  15. So fun :) I can related to your post because I use to teach and this was my life!!!!

  16. Hi! I'm also an English teacher. Was wondering if you could do a lesson planning post. How do you do it? What format do you use? Etc. Thanks!! :-)

    1. Hi! If you could email me at I could show you what I use and how I plan! Thanks!


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