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Friday, January 20, 2017

Happy Friday!!!!  We made it! 

 I don't know about you, but this week has been crazy busy for me.  Not only after work, but at school, too.  We started a new novel unit on Tuesday this week and even though I love it, starting a new novel unit is always exhausting.  Especially this one.  We've been learning lots of background on Judaism since our novel begins with a Seder meal, and because I don't know much about Jewish traditions/rituals, I've had to really research a lot!  (If anyone reading this is Jewish, I have some questions for you!!)

Today I'm linking up with some of my FAVORITE blogs to share some of my FAVORITE things!

This is my #1 FAVORITE today!!!  I have an hour long massage scheduled for after school today, so I'll be counting down the hours until I'm experiencing complete relaxation.

 Since we were out of school on Monday for the MLK holiday, I ran a million lots of errands.  And it was 70 degrees?  I have a hard time dressing for weather that isn't seasonal.  I threw on this really comfy Southern sweatshirt (a FAVORITE) but paired it with flip flops.  I felt weird about that (but it was hot!) until I saw lots of people in sandals 😂

 Since one of my goals this year is to eat healthier, I've been enjoying new recipes and figuring out how to incorporate more protein and fiber into my diet.  I made a wonderful new recipe (coming to the blog soon!) and it started out looking like this--super colorful.  It was really pretty!  A new FAVORITE for us.

For me, fashion doesn't have a political affiliation.  I don't care if you're Republican, Democrat, or neither, if you dress great then I'm going to enjoy looking at your clothes.  I enjoyed looking at the clothes Michelle Obama wore, and now I'm really excited to see all of the clothes Ivanka Trump will wear.  I saw this yesterday on my IG and this dress immediately became a FAVORITE.  Very classy!  Can I find something with a big bow in the back that I can wear?!

Anyone else watching this show?  It's my new FAVORITE!!  Even though I don't quite agree with the concept of losing weight in order to "get revenge,"  I am loving the transformation that you get to watch.  It's encouraging!  I love watching people workout and talking about eating healthy, so this show is right up my alley.  If you haven't watched this yet, it comes on Thursday nights!

What are some of your FAVORITE things?

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  1. Weight loss transformations are so amazing! Love your Southern sweatshirt! We have been trying to eat healthier too and I feel a lot better. I hope you have a wonderful weekend sweetness!

  2. haha I'll take all your questions girl!! I like that you said you don't associate fashion with politics - i feel the same way and she's always so well dressed!! Happy weekend girl!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. I love Ivanka's style, too. She was rocking a green coat yesterday getting off the plane and looked gorgeous! I saw the first episode of Revenge Body and loved it. I don't really love the revenge aspect either, but I think in the end people kind of get over that and realize how good it was just for themselves!

  4. I need to check out that new show with Khloé!!

  5. I LOVE Ivanka's style. I just want her closet to appear in my house!! I love any shows focused on health/wellness so I watched the first episode of Revenge Body but haven't watched the second yet!

  6. OMG all the heart eyes over that dress Ivanka is wearing. I so wish us normal people had occasions to dress up like that! I hope you enjoy your massage this afternoon, and have a great weekend!

  7. Regardless of political affiliation Ivanka Trump's pointed toe flats have been by favorite work shoes for five years now, I also love her gown!

    PS where did you get that southern sweatshirt??

    Happy Friday!

  8. I wish I had somewhere fancy to go to wear clothes like all the political people! I'm style spotting while watching the inauguration right now!

  9. I'm loving that dress with the big bow, too! Very classy. & that southern sweatshirt? I definitely think I need one of those in my closet. Happy Weekend!

  10. Hey! I've been reading along for a bit, and I'm Jewish if you have any questions you want to ask.


  11. The weather here has definitely been crazy here lately! I mean, it's been almost 80 here for a week!

    And girl, I LOVE Ivanka Trump. I'm not a fan of her dad's but she is about as classy as it gets. That dress she wore is absolutely stunning.

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Enjoy the massage - the perfect way to start the weekend! Obsessed with Ivanka - have loved all the inaugural looks for her and all the Trump girls so far!

  13. I always love paying attention to the First Family's fashion, too. I LOVED that green coat Ivanka wore and the First Lady's blue jacket/dress. Glad you get a massage and an extra day off this week! Sounds pretty great :)

  14. Totally agreed on the White House Fashion - Kennedys, Obamas - I don't discriminate! Love that Ivanka dinner dress, and OMG did she look impeccable during inauguration today in that white pantsuit? Perfection!

  15. Completely agree with fashion and politics. I LOVE seeing what people are wearing and Ivanka always looks so put together. I am not sure I would ever need to wear a gown like hers, but I do love it! Have a great weekend!

  16. I have been wanting to watch Revenge Body! My girlfriend says it's amazing! Hope you enjoyed that awesome massage!!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House


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