2017: New Year, New Goals

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Looking back at my goals post for 2016, I wrote about how goals fit my personality more than resolutions.  And they do!  I am optimistic and like to see the good in each situation, and goals are something positive that you strive for and work toward = my personality to a T!  You always hear the negative side of making resolutions--that most people don't make it past the first few weeks before they quit.  That's not me.

My #1 goal for last year (besides graduating with my masters...which I did!!!) was to know the Lord more.  I intentionally pursued God last year and grew in my relationship with Him more than ever because He was gracious to me and made Himself known.  There are so many things that I can sit and reflect back upon and see how God was working through me and orchestrating everything to fit together perfectly.  I read a quote by John Piper yesterday that said, "God is always doing 10,000 things in your life, and you may be aware of three of them."  Can you imagine?!  :)

Memorize Scripture each week.
Scripture memorization is so important for Believers, and it's something that's gotten harder for me the older I've gotten.  Probably because I find myself busier the older I get.  I received Scripture memory cards on the attributes and character of God from my mom for Christmas.  There are 52 cards, so one card per week.  Why is Scripture memory so important?  It's available in your mind for the Holy Spirit to bring to your attention when you need it most; it strengthens your faith; it prepares you to witness or counsel to others (so much better than saying, "Well somewhere in the New Testament it says something like..."); it helps you to focus on the Word constantly.

Exercise 3-4 times a week.
Before grad school, I exercised every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  Now that I'm done with grad school and back in the gym, I want to get back to my old schedule give or take a day.  

Be more intentional about what I eat.
Eating healthy also took a backseat during grad school, and ever since I graduated in May 2016, I never got back on track (because who wants to give up eating sweets and pizza all the time?!).  I'm in an accountability group with two friends and this has already made a difference.  Of course, losing a couple of extra pounds would be ideal, but my main goal is just to be healthier since heart disease runs in my family.

Monthly date nights with Dustin.
While it's still just the two of us, I want to focus on quality time with one another.  I'm not going to count a quick run to Subway as a date (cough, cough Dustin) 😉  Even date nights to the movies are on my list since I married a crazy person who doesn't like the movies.

Quality family time.
Spend quality time (aka not on social media while with them) with my family!

Say Yes to what matters and No to the rest.
I've done pretty good with this in 2016, but I really need to start saying Yes only to the things that matter.  I'm a Yes person because I feel bad turning people down when they ask me to do something.  But if I over-extend myself, then I'm left with less time to spend with Dustin or my family and friends.

This year I'm going to continue to focus on finding my joy in Christ and not in everything else.  That kind of joy is the only everlasting joy I could ever have because everything else will eventually let me down.  So my prayer for myself and for you is to be able to find joy only in Christ.

What are some of your goals for 2017?


  1. I love that you got scripture cards - I think that is so neat and something I didn't even realize they made! May be on my wishlist this coming year! I am definitely with you on exercising regularly and more importantly, eating better. That is by far my downfall and I am still trying to find the happy medium between overindulging and restricting myself too much. Cheers to 2017!

  2. Love this! My word this year is "devoted," and my goal is to be more devoted in all areas: my marriage, my walk with Christ, my work, my health. I'm grateful for all of them and felt I hadn't been pursuing any of them with the devotion I should. Love your date night commitment! I have planned out alphabetical dates for this year and am SO EXCITED to do them!!

  3. Great goals! I'm trying to be more intentional about eating more healthful foods. I really like your idea about date nights and may try to put that in place this year!

  4. We were just recently talking about quality family time no devices in hand. We're losing some of the closeness we once had. Love your goals friend! Happy 2017!

  5. Great goals! I want to have more date nights too. And patrick also hates going to the movies.. how does one hate that!! Happy 2017

  6. You've got some really good goals for 2017! Good luck with them!

  7. Very relatable goals! I have several of them as well!

  8. I love goals that are true to yourself! I always do the same thing too, one's that are attainable and I've already built a foundation for! I really have to work on not saying yes to everything though. Happy New Year :-)
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams 

  9. Hoping that this year's goals are super easy to incorporate!

  10. Love these goals!!! Memory cards for scripture are a great idea. I need to do better at that myself! I love how intentional you are about pursuing Joy purely through Christ. I need to really work on that myself. I let myself look for it in my husband, family and work too much and need to remember it truly only comes from one source.

  11. I definitely want to be better at memorizing scripture this year!

  12. I love your goals! Especially monthly date night... I may steal that idea too :)

  13. I love the idea of scripture cards. What a wonderful way to keep Christ present in your life at all times. And I agree with you 100% about new year's resolutions... I'm the type of person who sticks with them as well!

    Oh, and I LOVE your new picture! You are so cute!

  14. It's sure to be a great year with these goals!! Good luck :)


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