A Night to Remember: The Butterfly Ball

Monday, November 20, 2017

Saturday night Dustin and I had the opportunity to attend the Butterfly Ball.  This ball was a fundraiser for the Prayers for Kayleigh (PFK) Foundation in my hometown.  I don't know if you remember from last year, but I mentioned a little 7 year old girl in my hometown who was diagnosed with DIPG, a 100% terminal brain tumor, who died last November after a 6 month battle.  Saturday night raised money for the research on DIPG done at St. Jude's in Memphis.

We had a fabulous time getting dressed up and enjoying a night of dinner, drinks, and dancing!

 (excuse the bad lighting!)

 I was excited to get to break out my faux fur coat!  I found this one that's similar to mine, but mine is a few years old.

 I didn't take any pictures at all because I was having so much fun, but I did think to snap this really quick of part of the venue.  Purple was Kayleigh's favorite color, so purple was everywhere.  Beautiful fabric was draped all over everything, and there were chandeliers everywhere.  They had a cocktail hour with really good hors d'oeuvres and both a silent auction and a live auction.  We listened to a lecture from Kayleigh's oncologist at St. Jude's and then the dancing started!

 Some of my tablemates (aka coworkers)

 I had to battle severe wind walking into the venue so it straightened out one of my curls.  We literally drove through a severe thunderstorm that knocked out half the power in my town on our way to the ball.

 The lady in front of me is Kayleigh's grandmother and she is a sweet coworker of mine

Did anyone else attend a ball this weekend? 😜😜

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Christmas Gift Guide for Ladies Under $30!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas over here at the Shaneyfelt household!  I took down all of our fall decor Monday night and then last night started slowly pulling down Christmas decor.  I have a feeling it'll take me all week to decorate.

I'm also excited to share my first Christmas post of the season!

I love looking at gift guides because not only do I get great ideas on gifts for friends and family, but I also get ideas on gifts for myself!  Today I'm sharing a gift guide for gifts under $30!  These could be great stocking stuffers, gifts for your family members, or great gifts for girls in your Bible study!

Smashbox lipstick set - Buying new lipstick always makes me feel like I'm changing my look without spending a ton of money.  Smashbox is a great brand of lipstick, too.  I love that this gift set is a sample of lots of different colors, but without spending lots of money because remember--it's under $30!!

Skinnytaste cookbook - This is the perfect gift for the woman who is ready to change her eating habits after the New Year and eat healthy!  Skinnytaste started off as a blog of recipes but has evolved into multiple cookbooks.  Of all the recipes I've tried from Skinnytaste, they have all tasted really good!  This cookbook is also perfect because it's for quick meals.

tassel keychain - I always like having a keychain on my keys but the one I have currently is yuck!  Lately, I've been eyeing tassel keychains but haven't come across any in stores.  This would be a cute stocking stuffer or even gift to a teacher or friend.  It comes in a few different colors.

tunic top - I wore my black top yesterday and even posted it on IG!  This top would be a great gift for your mom or MIL because it is perfect for any age.  I love how long it is because I can wear it with leggings and it still be appropriate.

Sephora face mask set - My friend Hailey got me a face mask sampler set from Sephora from my birthday and it's been the best gift ever!  I'm getting to sample 8 different face masks to see which one works best for my face before I spend a larger chunk of money on a full size one.  No one usually buys these gifts for ourselves, but we all need to be pampered every once in a while..right?!

iPhone case - I love the classic look of this marbled phone case--this is definitely my next phone case when I upgrade my phone!

Eats cookbook - I LOVE this cookbook!  Shay's stories before each recipe are fun to read, and I love how she's divided these recipes out by month.  This is a gift I plan on giving this Christmas, and I know any woman I give this to will love it!

coffee travel mug - I currently carry my coffee in a smaller Yeti, but I want something cuter.  This is a Kate Spade mug and I love all of her cute little sayings.  Not sure if the woman you're buying for drinks coffee?  This would be perfect for cold drinks, too!

infinity scarf - Hurry and buy these while they are still 40% off!!  That makes them under $9 a scarf and you cannot beat that!  I have 3 of these scarves and they are my favorites to wear.  Need easy gifts this year?  This is it!  They are currently backordered, but will be in before Christmas.

What are some of your favorites gifts to buy for the ladies in your life?

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A Weekend Spent in Enemy Territory

Monday, November 13, 2017

When you read the title of today's blog post, you were probably confused--enemy territory..what?

Enemy territory = Auburn.

Yep.  This Alabama grad and Alabama fan spent the AU/GA game weekend in Auburn and it was a madhouse.  My best friend and her husband recently relocated to Auburn due to a new job, so I ventured down Friday morning to visit!  

Even though Dustin (who is a huge AL fan) went to Auburn, I never knew him in college so my only visit to Auburn was once in high school to watch a football game with a friend and her family.  Auburn is a quaint little town--and Opelika is the cutest--but it's not Tuscaloosa, and Tuscaloosa will always be my favorite!

 We ate lunch at Hamilton's after driving around 30 minutes searching for a parking space.  I mentioned to Janie that it was too bad we weren't in college and knew all the good places to park where no one else did aka a back alley way.  We used to have some pretty reliable parking places in downtown Tuscaloosa in case we couldn't find an actual parking space.

Hamilton's was really good!  I had blackened Mahi fish tacos and Janie had a toasted chicken salad sandwich and lobster bisque.

 This picture was taken a little before midnight, and I'm happy to note that we weren't the oldest people out. We look tired because we didn't nap before going out that night--anyone else used to do that?

 The next morning was a lazy morning of drinking coffee and watching College Gameday

Each year Janie and I get together either in November or December to make a holiday themed treat.  This year we decided to try making iced sugar cookies that were pieces of pumpkin pie.  I will say, they tasted AMAZING and turned out looking pretty good.  Next time we'll use actual piping bags instead of ziplocs with the tips cut off ha!  #improvising

Not bad for being iced with ziploc baggies!

Friday Favorites!

Friday, November 10, 2017

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Who's glad it's Friday??

This girl is!  I've been looking forward to this day for a while now--we're off school today because of Veteran's Day AND I'm headed down to Auburn to visit my bff since she moved there in September.  It just so happens that I'll be there during the biggest football game ever but we're Alabama fans so #nobigdeal right?

AND I want to say Happy Veteran's Day to my favorite veteran, my dad, who served in the Air Force!  I'm so thankful to everyone who has served or serves in the military to protect our freedoms!

I've got lots of FAVORITES for y'all today and I'm starting with my FAVORITE announcement.....
 Victoria and I are hosting our 2nd Annual The Most Wonderful Time of the Year blog link up!  This was such a favorite of ours last year that we're bringing it back this year with some really fun prompts and guest hosts!!

  • December 4th Christmas Wish List cohosted by A Little Bit of Emily
  • December 5th Holiday Entertaining Tips cohosted by Classic Catherine
  • December 6th A Christmas Day in the Life cohosted by Nicole Cole
  • December 7th Christmas Gift Guide cohosted by Whimsical September
  • December 11th Christmas Card cohosted by Taz + Belly
  • December 12th Holiday Home Tour cohosted by Michaela Noelle Designs
  • December 13th Favorite Holiday Party Recipe cohosted by The Queen in Between
    December 14th Favorite Meaningful Holiday Memories

    Jot these dates down as you plan your December blog calendar--I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

 We had some time to kill before church Sunday night so we stopped in Books a Million to look at books.  Dustin has been obsessed with Dave Ramsey lately, so he found a book by some guy that's on Dave Ramsey's Youtube show.  I have to listen to lots of Dave Ramsey talk all the time...anyone else?

 I'm DYING to get our pictures back for our Christmas cards!!  My sister took them Sunday after lunch and I have a feeling they will be my FAVORITE!  Now to decide on a card...

I'm also deciding on my Christmas list to give to Dustin.  I really want a pair of Ugg house slippers so which ones are more practical/will I love more?
**I haven't decided on a color yet, but first I need to decide on a style.

 My friend Hailey and I are obsessed really like Loverly Grey.  As in, we constantly send each other her IG photos or stories.  I sent this to Hailey the other day because it is part of her collaboration with a boutique so when I checked the price on the day it debuted, I found out it was over $200....okay, no.

.....aaaaaand I sent this to my friend Emily after we found out Mallory Ervin is having a baby and we had the longest text convo about how we couldn't tell she was pregnant.  Then I saw this on IG stories so I circled her belly haha!  She hid it well!  We both love her Youtube videos and they are some of my favorites!

And one last thing--I'm looking for really healthy snack ideas that will fill me up but still taste good.  I'm a weirdo and don't really like fruit, so none of that junk 😂

Ask Sarah Vol. 1

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

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And please excuse my blog design as some of it is still under construction!!

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

aka Happy Friday for me because I took off work tomorrow and everyone is off Friday!  Another reason why I'm so happy?  The high for today 55 degrees, so don't mind me while I wear a sweater, scarf, and boots #basic

Last night on IG stories I asked for blog content ideas because I am lacking creativity for the month of November.  I had SO many responses and wonderful ideas that I was blown away!  I jotted all of those down for the next few weeks until December (so check back tomorrow for a fun December blog announcement!)

One reader suggested a Q&A and I thought that would be perfect since I've never done it before!  I'm answering some of the questions I got on IG, so if you have any others, comment below or send me an email ( for my next post!

sweater on sale! | jeans same brand | necklace

How do you prioritize furnishing your home?
This was such a good/hard question because I'm still furnishing our home!  I plan on dedicating a whole blog post to it this month, but my advice so far is to focus on your main pieces first--and I always make sure those are quality pieces which are more costly.  Then work my way to smaller pieces.  For example, with my dining room I got the table and chairs first, then curtains, and next I'll purchase wall art.

Best winter soup you make?
I actually just made a soup last night that was new to Dustin and I.  I made Shay's Taco Tortellini Soup and it was good!  I did make a few changes though.  I used ground turkey instead of beef and I accidentally forgot to buy frozen corn, so we didn't have it in our soup.  But I felt like it was okay because we saved that starch since the tortellini was one!

What led to your decision to become a teacher?  How did you decide what you wanted to teach/which grade?
I laughed when I read this question because my answer will be so different than most teachers!  First of all, my mom is a teacher so I grew up saying that I DID NOT want to be a teacher when I got older.  I mean, parents would call our house during dinner or at bedtime asking stuff like, "Can I send a check for lunch money?" or really dumb questions that could have waited until the next day at school.  It wasn't until my sophomore year of college that I really felt like I was supposed to be a teacher.  I chose English because reading has always been a passion of mine.  I now teach 7th grade English in my hometown, and it wasn't my first choice BUT I really am so glad it's what I teach now because I enjoy that age group and I work with really great teachers!

Christmas gifts for teachers?
In the 7 years I've been teaching, I've gotten a wide variety of gifts.  Some really really useful and some stereotypical #1 teacher gifts.  But in my opinion, the best gifts are gift cards!  I once got a $5 Starbucks gift card (jr high kids have 7 teachers...eek!) tucked in a bag of candy.  It was a cute presentation and bought me almost 2 drinks, so I really appreciated that!  Obviously, I never expect gifts of any sort from my students, but I'm always so surprised when I get anything!

Best face mask?
I'm still working my way through the face mask box my friend got me for my birthday, but so far this Boscia mask has been my favorite!  It's not a peel off one, but my face felt super clean after washing it off!

How do you stay upbeat/positive while going through fertility treatments?
I'm really glad a sweet reader asked me this question because I think it's so important!  Infertility is so hard, y'all.  And fertility medicines are rough on your body and your emotions.  I hope that I appear good-spirited, positive, and upbeat to everyone because honestly I am 95% of the time.  But I do have my sad days or moments where I cry or have to deal with envy.  How do I stay so positive?  I could not do it without my faith in Jesus.  I've learned so much during these 26 months of infertility, and my biggest lesson is that my joy isn't found in a baby or a pregnancy because those are temporary things.  My joy is found in Jesus.  If we find our joy in anything other than the Lord, we'll be disappointed and unhappy.  I keep this verse in my purse and taped to my computer at school to remind me where my trust is kept:
"You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you because he trusts you.  Trust in the Lord God forever, for the Lord is an everlasting rock."
Isaiah 26:3-4 ESV

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Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Happy Tuesday, friends, from a new and improved Meet the Shaneyfelts design!

This is something I've been wanting to do for months, but it's so hard to make such a big decision.  I bet I looked at over 30 different designs and could never decide.  I finally chose this one because it's simple and clean--and hopefully easy to navigate!

Feel free to click around and just know that I've got a few kinks to work out.  Hopefully that'll be done within the week!

The Best Flavored Coffee

Monday, November 6, 2017

I used to hate the thought of coffee.  I didn't even like the smell of it.  Everyone used to tell me that would change once I started college and would need coffee to stay up to study. But because I didn't drink any caffeinated drink before coffee, I never felt the need to even try coffee.

Then I turned 27 and decided on a whim to order a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks instead of my usual white hot chocolate order.  And you know what?  I loved it!  But I soon realized I only loved coffee when it tasted sweet, and sweet tasting coffee usually means lots of calories and sugar!

I soon realized that I needed to find a way to still be able to drink my coffee but without all the added sugar.  I'm excited to share with you today the way that I've been drinking my coffee in a way that it's sweet but way healthier than most sweet coffees!

A few notes about how I drink my coffee:
-I normally fill my coffee cup halfway with coffee and that's the most coffee I'll drink in a day. Still not drinking a ton simply because I'm a water drinker
-I don't measure anything--just eyeball it!
-I buy sugar free syrups because Dustin is a Type I diabetic and I want him to be able to use these syrups, too
-I bought plastic coffee stirrers from Amazon and they have been a life changer!
-I use unsweetened vanilla almond milk as a creamer because it's so much healthier than milk--or real cream--and it's sweeter because it's vanilla.  Just make sure it's the unsweetened kind!

1. Caramel and Chocolate
 -Pour enough caramel syrup in your coffee cup to just barely cover the bottom
-Pour one good drop (maybe 1 tsp) of Hershey's syrup
-Add in your coffee
-Top it off with unsweetened vanilla almond milk
-Stir and enjoy!

2. Super Vanilla
-Pour enough French vanilla syrup to barely cover the bottom of your coffee cup
-Add in coffee
-Top it off with unsweetened vanilla almond milk
-Stir and enjoy!

Now if you're able to drink your coffee black then you could care less about these flavor additions.  But if you're like me and you want sweet but don't want the extra sugars (and calories) that come with that, then these flavored coffees are for you!

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Friday Favorites! (...on a Saturday)

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Look at this!  My very first Saturday post!

I was planning on getting this post done Thursday evening to post yesterday morning, but starting about 6th period on Thursday I started feeling HORRIBLE.

 As in sore throat, both ears feeling funny, headache, coughing.  I didn't have a fever (which was weird because I felt so bad and assumed I would), so I went to bed at 7 PM without eating supper.  You know I had to be sick for that ha!

So here I am on Friday afternoon writing this post before I have to get ready for a women's event 😜 

Here are a few of my favorites from this week!

 The teachers at my school usually dress up together as a theme.  This year we decided to do something super easy and we were emojis!  I chose the laughing one since that's the emoji I use the most 😂😂

And then the day after...
 I'm so glad to be rid of all that candy!

 I sent this to my friend Wes because I couldn't believe that it had been 11 years since I sat in a sophomore English class as a freshman.  I remember coming in the first day and sitting next to Wes and now 11 years later we're still great friends!  Also, this is what my natural hair color is 😜

 I made these tacos Thursday night and I haven't made them in a while--SO GOOD!  I also didn't add in the tomato sauce this time and still loved the taste.

I've been eyeing a few of Rachel Parcell dresses and she posted this as a sneak peek into her holiday collection and I love it!  I sent this to Dustin basically saying I need this dress ASAP!

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October Book Review!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

It's November 1 and you know what that means?!  Time to break out the Christmas music!!! 😂😂

Just kidding.

I started listening to it on my birthday a week ago. 😜

This past month I read three REALLY GOOD books!  I've mentioned before that I have an addictive personality (thanks Mom) so when it comes to reading, once I find an author I really like, I read everything I can find by that person.

I started reading Elin Hilderbrand last year because Shay talked so much about her, and I can't stop!  I love her books!  They are chick lit but her characters have real issues and it's not all fluff.

the identicas book review blog
 I had a hard time getting into The Identicals, and it was mainly because I didn't like one of the characters.  But once I got over that hump, I couldn't put it down.  This book is about twin sisters whose parents divorce and the sister split up and each goes with one parent (how horrible).  Something major has happened and the sisters can't stand one another.  Then their father dies and their mother has to undergo surgery, so the sisters are forced to reunite.  I highly recommend this book!!

winter solstice book review blog
 Remember last month when I read the Winter Street trilogy in less than 5 days??  Elin decided to put a 4th book out there (how could she not?!) so I read this as soon as it was released.  I love the Quinn family and I loved that this time we got to read from Bart's point of view.  I was really rooting for him this whole book.  Elin said this is her last Quinn family book, but she could honestly write a 5th one--I hope she does!  These are fast, easy reads!

ape house book review blog
I loved reading Water for Elephants and when I saw this book by the same author at the library, I figured it would be good too.  And it was!  I still think Water for Elephants was better because it was a love story, but this had a small love story, too.  Isabel Duncan is a scientist who works with bonobos (similar to chimps) and their language acquisition and use.  Her clinic and bombed and she's seriously injured.  After recovering, she spends the whole book trying to rescue the bonobos which are like family to her.  This book was so interesting--especially after finding out that the author visited a place in real life that worked with apes and their language.  Even though this book wasn't as good as Water for Elephants, I'll read another Sara Gruen book!

What books have you read recently that you loved?

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Weekend Recap: The One With All The Shopping!

Monday, October 30, 2017

I cannot believe it's Monday already!  I had a fun, jam-packed weekend, but that also means I'm exhausted on Monday morning (which is when I'm writing this post 😂).

Friday after school I had coffee with my mom, went grocery shopping, and then read/watched the World Series with Dustin until late.

Saturday morning I was up early to get ready for a quick day trip to Nashville with my mom!  We went to The Mall at Green Hills to do some shopping and it was great!  We both got really cute clothes, so I'll do a shopping post soon.

 We started off in The Container Store and spent 30 minutes wandering from aisle to aisle--it was wonderful!

 We went into Nordstrom and tried on a bunch of clothes.  One of the tops that I loved but didn't work for me was this ruffle hem top.  It was full of so much static when I put it on that it was completely stuck to my body.  I've seen a ton of bloggers wear this top and it's so cute on, but I wish it were made out of a different material.

 Mom grabbed me this top to try on in Loft.  It was so cute....until I put it on.  I don't like open sleeves or cold shoulder tops because they are too trendy for me, so this shirt was a definite no.  These types of tops look so cute on everyone I see, but they just aren't for me.

We spent hours in the mall and ended up having a late lunch at Fido in Hillsboro Village.  Then we drove to 12th South to grab donuts at Five Daughters Bakery.  We swung by Franklin on the way home, but they were having a huge festival and the downtown was blocked off, so we turned around and came home!

I got home that evening about the same time as Dustin did.  We quickly changed clothes and headed over to my sister's because her husband, Nick, had shot a huge buck but couldn't find it.  Dustin was going to help track it.  I finally made Dustin leave a little before 11 PM because I was exhausted #canthanganymore

Sunday morning Dustin had to work so I slept in and just went to our church service.  I made my crockpot chex mix...

And I stayed up finishing a book I had gotten from the local library which was really good!  October book review will be coming this week to the blog!

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Friday Favorites!

Friday, October 27, 2017

HAPPY FRI-YAY!!!!!  This has been the longest week, but it's been a good week!  I wish I could say I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow, but Mom and I (and hopefully Rachel) are headed to Nashville for the day to do some shopping....if the weather cooperates.  I'll be looking for Christmas card outfits for Dustin and me.  I want us to maybe dress up a little since we've worn jeans and sweaters/button ups the past two years...any suggestions?

Let's get to a few of my favorite things from the week!

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 Tuesday was twin day at school so my partner teacher and I dresses alike.  None of our students got our shirts 😂 And this is what my hair look like if I don't blow dry it straight and straighten it!

 Wednesday was my 30th birthday and I woke up to lots of surprises from Dustin!  I didn't get a picture of everything but he had those balloons ready for me along with a sash!  

And thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!

On the blog Wednesday, I shared 30 facts about me for my 30th birthday.  If you haven't had a chance to read them, head on over there now!

 My best friend surprised me during my planning period later that day!!  She moved 3 hours away and I hadn't seen her since September, so that was such a fun surprise!  I've got plans in about 2 weeks to go spend the night with her, but it was so nice to see her on my birthday--which also happened to be her 3rd anniversary!  You know you've got a good best friend when she asks permission to have her wedding on your birthday and then surprises you with a cookie cake that day!

 Dustin also had a sign on our porch, a sign in our yard, and a sign at school by the door I use to go in at school!  I was blown away and then laughed when he said he's got decorations to use each year now ha!

One of my friends got me a sampler box from Sephora of all different face masks, so I tried out my first one last night!  Since last year, I've been pretty obsessed with skin care and trying to find the perfect regimen.  I was hooked last night and my skin felt so clean and soft after taking off that mask.  I'm thinking about doing a post on all of the masks and skin care samples I've gotten from Sephora recently!

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