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Monday, December 19, 2016

I cannot believe that it is already the week before Christmas.  Where did the time go??  I really need this week to slow down and go by slowly because I still have so many Christmas activities that I want to fit in before the Christmas season is over!

I barely took any pictures this weekend.  It was a great weekend, but what made it even better was the fact that I wouldn't be getting up for work on Monday morning!  So you know I stayed up a little later Sunday night 😜

 In order to celebrate the beginning of my Christmas break, I enjoyed a glass of Halo Top ice cream while watching Hallmark.  

P.S.  I only eat ice cream out of coffee cups.


I really enjoyed my first morning of Christmas break!  I laid around on the couch watching tv, got my nails done, and cleaned a little.  Then when Dustin got home later that afternoon, we got ready to head out to do a little Christmas shopping together and to go out to eat.
 We just HAD to go into Anthropologie to check out what they had and isn't it crazy how I found this dress?!?  I know it's so close to Christmas and that I really didn't need anything, but it's on MAJOR sale!  You can't say no to a price like that!  

I wore a dress that night so I didn't feel like taking off my boots just to take a picture, so ignore the fact that I have tall boots on.  This dress will look so good with brown wedge booties! 

 We walked into Barnes and Noble to get coffee after shopping and I found this cookbook.  I looked the author up online and found her blog.  She lost 135 pounds on her own in 13 months!  You should check out her blog--her story is interesting and she has lots of recipes! I think I may need this book and her memoir :)

Sunday was crazy busy.  Church.  Then a Christmas party that afternoon.  Then a dinner at church that night.  I took this photo last night after we got home and I told Dustin he had to put all of his clothes away that I folded/or were on the floor.

Today I'll be out and about grocery shopping and finishing up Christmas shopping.  Plus, I'll be wrapping some of our presents since I haven't wrapped any 🙈

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  1. LOVE your Anthro dress!! Less picture weekends are the best because it means you were relaxing!!! Here's to a Merry Monday doll!!

  2. I watched a hallmark movie last night and it was the best!! Hope you enjoy your Monday girl! Sounds like it will be packed with fun stuff! xo, BIana -BlovedBoston

  3. love your weekend recaps.. wish they also said "hang out with victoria!" haha!

  4. Love that dress, super cute! I wish I was on Christmas break! Almost there! I wanted to finish my shopping this weekend but alas that didn't happen. Fingers crossed today or tomorrow! Glad you had a nice weekend!

  5. Have you read Andie Mitchell's memoir, "It Was Me All Along"?
    I really liked it.

    Isn't it amazing to clean on your own time? I'm enjoy Christmas break for this reason alone. I don't feel rushed.

  6. Wow! I just checked out Andie's blog, and she is really inspiration and has great recipes. Thanks for sharing!

  7. You and Dustin are so stinking cute! I love how good-natured he is... he always seems to go along with your shenanigans... He reminds me of Brian!

  8. Love your new dress!! Super pretty floral. Happy Christmas break :)

  9. Wow what an amazing story of transformation in that cookbook!

  10. I only eat ice cream out of coffee cups, too!!

  11. Love that you guys are already enjoying Christmas break so much - the start is always the best!

  12. Wow what a weight loss story! I'll have to check out her blog. Haha, I tell my boyfriend the same thing who loves to put clean clothes on the floor before he likes to just put them away in their place.

  13. Sounds like the perfect weekend. I have yet to try the Halo ice cream - what is your favorite flavor? Kind of love how you only eat it out of coffee mugs, haha.

  14. Thanks for pointing the way to Andi's blog...I had her book "It was Me All Along" on my reading list for a long time but somehow it fell off. Definitely a battle I can relate to and can't wait to read her story. So inspiring!


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