Day Two: Christmas Traditions

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Yay for Day 2 of mine and Victoria's It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year link up!  I really enjoyed reading through everyone's list and did get some great ideas of things I should have added to my own list ;) haha!

Today, we're going to be sharing all about our Christmas traditions!

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Christmas Season

 Christmas Parade--I've gone to our little town's Christmas parade my entire life, and once Dustin and I got married, we continued that tradition since he's not originally from our little town.  Thursday night is the Christmas parade this year and I'm really excited because it will be cold, too!

 Shaneyfelt Christmas Light Drive By--Another thing I used to do as a child was ride around with my family looking at Christmas lights.  After reading about Shay's Jammy Cocoa Christmas, I decided Dustin and I could still drive around and look at Christmas lights, but in comfy clothes and with coffee!  I named it the Shaneyfelt Christmas Light Drive By because our first year he drove way too fast down the streets and the lights were all a blur.  Last year I could have renamed it the Shaneyfelt Christmas Light Creep By since he drove the correct speed down the streets ha!  Let's hope this year we're still creeping by the houses!

Galaxy of Lights--Dustin surprised me with dinner + the Galaxy of Lights our first married Christmas and it was amazing to drive through.  The botanical garden also has a walk through night at the beginning of the season, and I would love to try that one year!  This is a tradition that I wouldn't mind doing every few years!

During the Christmas season, I also enjoy watching lots of classic Christmas movies, new Hallmark Christmas movies, and having a gingerbread house building competition with my sister.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve gifts--We started the tradition of giving each other a small gift ($10 and under) on Christmas Eve early on in our relationship.  We started it because it gave us a moment alone to exchange something small before we spent Christmas with our families and exchanged our big gifts in front of them....sometimes privacy is wanted!  We used to eat lunch at Chick-fil-A on Christmas Eve before exchanging our gifts, but last year Dustin had to work.  I'm ready for him to be off on a Christmas Eve so we can bring back the CFA tradition!

Christmas Eve church service--We always attend the Christmas Eve service at church before heading to Dustin's family to exchange gifts and eat.  

Christmas Day

Christmas morning gift exchange--Before we head out to my dad's side for Christmas morning, Dustin and I exchange our own gifts.  Last year he had to work on Christmas, so that meant opening gifts at 3:30 AM...eek!  It was really special sharing that moment together, but it really made me appreciate the fact that both of my parents had jobs where they were off every Christmas AND it makes me look forward to the years when Dustin's rotation is not on Christmas!

On Christmas day, we also do Christmas breakfast with my dad's side and then dinner with my mom and stepdad.

I can't wait to read what other Christmas traditions y'all have!  I feel like as a married couple, there aren't as many traditions as when you have children and you try to create memories for them.  I know that once we do have children, we'll definitely be doing a daily advent activity (D and I each do our own advent study) in order to point our children to Christ.

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  1. I love your traditions and I can also identify with some of them because they are so much like what we do! I love loading up in comfy clothes, hitting up Dunkin Donuts, and then driving around aimlessly looking at lights!!! That is really one of my most favorite things. I really love your CFA Christmas Eve date and hope you get to reinstitute that ASAP! Is your husband in law enforcement or medical work? My husband and I both come from divorced families so I feel like our Christmas is super stretched thin sometimes with all the different places to go. (Yep, we're from the same county so everyone is here but one parent. Eeeek!) Loving this link up pretty lady!

  2. Love the lights that you see--my mom and I used to drive around on Christmas Eve looking at all of the house lights and decorations people did. I definitely used to love doing that with her :)

  3. We do a Christmas light tour every year too and it's such a sweet tradition that I want to continue on with when I get married next year. :)

  4. I love that you call it a Christmas Light Drive By! I love that you exchange gifts alone - it's always nice to have something special, just the two of you!

  5. The Christmas Drive By is something I'd like to participate in! I love Christmas Eve service at church too! So sad that your husband has to work Christmas Day- glad you make the most of it though!!

  6. Yay! So excited for this link up with you and Victoria! CFA sounds like an awesome plan for Christmas Eve! My husband works in the hotel industry so I know how you feel with spouses working on holidays. I'm so happy that this year he will be home! :)

  7. Christmas traditions are my favorite - there are so many to squeeze into this quick month! We love driving to look at lights too and of course Christmas Eve service!

  8. These are all great traditions!! We have several things like this we love doing each year too and it really makes the holiday more special. Jared's a firefighter and sometimes his work days fall on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day too so I totally understand!

  9. I just love Christmas traditions! So much fun!

  10. I love all of these traditions! And I love how you and Dustin exchanged a small gift on Christmas Eve, just the two of you. Brian and I started exchanging all of our gifts on Christmas Eve at the beginning of our relationship and we still do it to this day. We like having the time for just the two of us. <3

  11. Oh my gosh! I love The Shaneyfelt Christmas Light Creep - you may need to keep that name!!

  12. I love your married Christmas traditions! Christmas with kids is definitely so special, but I look back to that time before we had kiddos and definitely miss those peaceful and fun moments together.

  13. Love your traditions! So sweet to have a little time just you two before the chaos ensues with the family :)

  14. You've got so many great traditions! I got baptized and engaged on Christmas Eve so it always feels like an extra fun holiday. We used to go to Christmas Eve service, but it's right in the middle of nap times now. So we go out for a lunch date and then do dinner with my in laws. We do our little family exchange early before we travel and then spend Christmas day with my family. It's busy, but wonderful. Olive is already trying to decide which cookies Santa will like best :)

  15. One of the biggest things I miss from growing up in a small town is the annual Christmas parade. It was always such a big celebration around our town square. There is a parade where I live now but in 26 years I have not gone once..shame.

  16. I am way impressed y'all woke up at 3:30 last year to do Christmas. That's amazing! Being a REALLY not a morning person I think you should win best wifey award for that one. :) All of your Christmas traditions sound like fun! I agree, I think traditions will be even more fun once kiddos are involved. For some reason my hubs doesn't get near as excited about the idea of a "Jammie Cocoa Christmas" as I think future kids would. :)


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