Day Three: Christmas 2016 Home Tour

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Today is the third day of mine and Victoria's link up and each day keeps getting better and better!  Yesterday's topic on traditions was so sweet to read with each and every blogger who linked up.  Victoria and I really appreciate those of you who are linking up--we love reading each post and chatting about it with each other!
 So don't forget to grab our graphic and link back to both of us with your home tour!

This is the second Christmas we've lived in our home, so I had an idea of where I was putting some decorations.  I'm also still acquiring decorations :)

Come on in and let me show you around!!
We have candles in all of the windows, and pictured is the entry to our house.

 This is the entryway.  Last year I had our nativity on this chest, but this year I decided to do something a little different!

 The view from the front door

 A vintage bride and groom ornament gifted to us for our first Christmas

 My secret pal at school last year gifted me this ornament--so perfect for the tree

 The little snowman was Dustin's must-have purchase last year for our home, and while I wasn't thrilled about it in the store, I think he did a great job picking it out because I love it now!  

 I didn't put our stockings up yet because I have to take them down each time we turn the fire on (thanks Hobby Lobby for the flammable stockings).  I'll get them out for us to fill for each other before Christmas morning and invest in better stockings next year!

 I love the gold, white, silver, brown, and mercury glass ornaments on our tree!

 Nothing special on our breakfast table this year.  I may hit up after Christmas sales to buy something for the table for next year.

 My view while doing dishes--I have a Woodwick candle burning next to my Christmas soap; a gorgeous bouquet of flowers a sweet friend gave me Friday, and a themed plate from Target to look at while looking at the tree...or listening to Christmas music :)

 Isn't this beautiful?!

 An extra house from my MIL's Christmas Village fit perfectly on the kitchen counter

 And now my dining room!  Next year I hope to have curtains bought and hung and art on the least I have a table this year ha!

 My table isn't complete but it's perfect for this year!  I grabbed these pewter chargers from Walmart and my friend Emily has the dishes I should have bought before they sold out (next year I'm buying them!).  I bought tartan fabric to use under my dough bowl that holds and assortment of ornaments and two trees from Hobby Lobby.  Since we don't host a Christmas meal, I'm not too concerned with finishing this table just yet.

 These trees are hanging out in the corner this year since they match the color scheme of the table decorations.

And one more of my table and chairs because they are my favorite most-recent purchase!  Fun Fact:  Victoria and I are actually table twins--just in different washes!

I also have a Christmas tree up in our master bedroom, but at the time of these pictures, I was sick and had been laying in our bed all day.  #reallife

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  1. this post! Your living room looks like a page in my Pottery Barn catalog! The dining room set and just the whole room is so gorgeous!

  2. Everything looks great! I love the little Christmastown on your sofa console table :)

  3. Love the view of the living room from the kitchen!! Isn't the sound of the Woodwick candles so serene? I have one right in my kitchen too and not only love the aroma of pine but the sound too! So pretty! Love those pewter chargers!

  4. I just love your home!! The entrance is so pretty with the white lights! Your living room looks so cozy, and makes such a great view from the kitchen! You know I love your dining room - next year you are definitely getting those plates - early! Haha

  5. Did you MIL gift you all of the Christmas Village homes?! Because mine was the one who gifted mine to me as well! That would just be a fun coincidence. :) Your home looks beautiful!

  6. Your home looks so warm and inviting and your decorations are both timeless and festive! :)

  7. Where is your Christmas tree skirt from??? I love it!

  8. Oh sweetie, it's so beautiful! The mantle, your tree and your tablescape all soooo pretty! I'm not sharing my tour until Monday because the blended blog blog but I'll come back and link up!

  9. Love those glittery trees in the corner of your dining room! I need more big stuff like that. And I think that snowman is adorable!

  10. Sarah, everything is just perfect! Your tree is stunning and I love that vintage bride and groom ornament... how special!

  11. I just love your house it always looks so cozy. Your sofa table is perfection!

  12. I love your Christmas village & the snowman by your fireplace - so cute! Your home feels so warm, inviting & cozy - the best descriptors for this time of year!

  13. Sarah your dining room is GORGEOUS!!! So beautifully decorated! And I am totally with Dustin on this one - love the little snowman!

  14. I just love your house and how you've styled everything ALL throughout the year, but at Christmas time it is absolutely stunning! There are so many things I love! Your snow village on your console table is soo cute! I want one of those so bad! My favorite picture is your view from the front door. Talk about a cozy and beautiful view to walk into. :)

    I am loving looking through everyone linking up with y'all! So thankful you and Victoria have hosted this fun Christmasy link up! :)

  15. Everything looks so sweet :) Love it

  16. I love your tree skirt!! I had a set of stockings from Target and after a little mishap with our gas logs they had to be replaced. I'm just glad I didn't light the whole room on fire. Your dining room table and chairs are gorgeous!! I love the plaid in there, too. Your home looks lovely :)

  17. I am obsessed with your decor, everything looks beautiful! This is only my second Christmas celebrating as wife to my sweet hubby, so we're still collecting decor as well-after Christmas is my favorite...gimme all the sales!

    Also, your Christmas village is amazing!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style


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