Day Four: Gift Guide for Your Bestie!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

There are a lot of gift guides floating around the blog world this time of year.  Gift guides for your mom, husband, children, name it and it's out there.  But I haven't seen one for your best friend just yet, and today that's what I'm going to share with you!

My best friend and I don't exchange gifts on Christmas because we still do birthday gifts for each other, but if we were exchanging gifts with each other, these would be some top contenders!

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 Don't we all need a fancy cookbook?!  After I gift my bestie with this cookbook, I expect her to make me a meal from it haha!

I love all things personalized, and an initial necklace is perfect for your bestie!  You could get her first initial or last name initial and gold goes with everything.  Plus, this necklace is inexpensive :)

After eating from Cravings, both you and your bestie are going to need to work out.  I'm pretty obsessed with mid-length leggings right now.  I feel like they work on everyone regardless of height.  And everyone has a pair of black leggings and not everyone looks great (or loves) crazy print leggings, so grab her a pair of solids that would go with lots of different colors!

Can you tell I bond over food?  I love this gift.  It's cheap.  And it comes with everything you would need to make beautiful Christmas cookies.  Once you make and decorate a batch, you can split them (and then wear those leggings to work out haha!).  But in all seriousness, I would love to know how to make those beautifully iced sugar cookies!

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  1. Those are one of my favorite pair of leggings!! And I love that simple initial necklace. Great ideas!!

  2. I love the cookie cutter set, SO Cute! also love the idea of gifting leggings considering everyone loves them! I have become obsessed with Lularoe leggings just recently!

  3. These are all great gift ideas!! I'm giving several pairs of leggings as gifts this Christmas because who doesn't love a nice pair of athletic leggings?!

  4. I've been wanting to try those leggings. I need to add them to my wish list!

  5. Cravings is the best! William bought it for me around Thanksgiving and we've had so much fun cooking through it together and working on new to us recipes!

  6. All great gift ideas!!! I know I would love any of them!

  7. Bonding over there any better way? We would be fast friends in real life Sarah. I will have to check out this cookbook. I haven't bought a cookbook in years but have added two since September! Thanks again for hosting!


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