2016 Year in Review

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

This past year was my first year to choose my One Word for 2016.  I had always heard of people picking out a word for the year, so this year I decided to pick one for myself.  After much thought, I decided on the word JOY.  I wanted to spend 2016 focusing on finding my joy in Christ only and not in material things or my husband or my job or my home.  My year started out with that prayer and ended with that prayer!

We experienced a "blizzard" in Alabama 😂 Thankfully this was as much as we got and it melted the next day.  BUT we did get out of school early since the last time it snowed it was a total disaster for school let out!

 We hosted 7-8th grade boys in our home for the weekend for DNOW, and it was an experience ha!

We also went bowling one night and Dustin learned that I was a superstar bowler.

We took a little spring break day trip to Nashville for the day, and I introduced D to his first experience at Jeni's.


 I mailed in my portfolio and all of my paperwork in order to finish my internship for grad school!  All I had left was an exam in May and then I was done!

It was also warm enough in April to go out on the river for the first time--we love river days!

 Janie and I went to see The Avett Brothers in concert in our old college town.  We had a great time listening to a band we both loved listening to in college.

We celebrated my graduation from grad school with a dinner with both of our families...and presents for me!

#wheredustinsleeps started since Dustin sleeps everywhere...including on my leg while we were supposed to be watching tv.

We went on a cruise to the Bahamas!  We loved the Bahamas (minus the crazy taxi drivers) and decided next time we could just stay at Atlantis!

We celebrated Dustin's 31st birthday!  He'd been wanting a 4 wheeler forever so I got him one...on his cake haha!

We also celebrated 2 years of marriage the very next day!

Someone got the 4 wheeler he'd been wanting...

 I went to visit the Southern Living Idea House with Janie and was so obsessed with the living room--especially the gallery wall of these cranes?  birds?  ducks?

We went to a football game in town and were the only people who didn't bring rain gear.  

I received this really fun surprise in the mail!

 My husband proved he really loved me in September.

And I also finally got my dining room furniture!

 We went to a wild game dinner and ate way too much deer, turkey, bison, and fish--and lots of other "fauna"  (my husband is a wildlife science grad and made me type fauna instead of species)

 My little sister turned 25.

 We experienced a really scary health issue with Dustin's diabetes and he was hospitalized for 3 days.

I turned 29!

 Mom and I went to Christmas Village and didn't buy anything Christmas related but lots of food.

Dad took Rachel and I to New Orleans for a 3 day weekend and we had a whole lotta fun!

December was fun....and then not fun.  I love Christmas and really enjoyed the lights and music, but I am ready for 2017 to get here.

My favorite thing about 2016?  All of the memories made with Dustin!  I am looking forward to many more in 2017.


  1. You had a full year!!! Can't wait to follow along in 2017 - I know it's going to be a great one for hopefully both of us. :)

  2. Such a great full and fun year! 2017 is sure to bring just as much :)

  3. What a your Christmas card! 2017 is going to be awesome for you and the BIG 30...whoohoo!

  4. I love a good walk down the past year! Such a fun year... I may be picking your brain as we are planning to visit Atlantis on another cruise this summer! Happy end to 2016!!

  5. I hope 2017 is just as wonderful for y'all!! Xoxo love it!

  6. What a fun year - I love this idea of looking back. It looks like you had a relatively good year, so that's great. :) I hope 2017 is even better!


  7. I too love looking back. It looks like you experienced a great 2016. Cheers.

  8. I love the word Joy. And it looks like a super fun year. I'm loving that you're a superstar bowler!!

  9. I just die looking at your blizzard *cue the laughing emoji* What a great year-nothing better than finishing grad school! Hope 2017 is wonderful for you!

  10. It's been such a great year for you guys!! I love the One Word tradition and have decided to start it again in 2017 because it worked so well for me before.

  11. What a great year!! I've loved following along with all of y'alls adventures! Happy 2017 to y'all!

  12. What a great year!! We loved visiting Atlantis for the day when our cruise ship stopped in the Bahamas. I think we'd definitely go back and just stay there. Your Southern Living tour sounded like so much fun and your dining room set is gorgeous. I'm glad that you were able to find so much JOY this year. Happy New Year!!


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