Weekend Recap: Weekend Before Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 21, 2016

This past weekend was a pretty important weekend around the state of Alabama.....
Yep, it was opening day of gun season, so this picture pretty much represents my life (and lots of my friends' lives) for the next couple of months!  At least I really like eating deer meat :)

My weekend started off on Friday....
 with a visitor to my classroom!  Since Dustin was leaving before I got out of school Friday, he stopped by during my planning period to visit.

 I did a good bit of Christmas decorating Friday evening (i.e. decorating the tree) in between watching two episodes of Grey's to get caught up.  

A cold front had officially hit Alabama--I'm talking waking up to temps in the 30s--so I did a quick Hilliard Studio Method video in my room.  I love this mother daughter team and love that they've created videos so that I can benefit from their workouts even though they are located in Charlotte!

 Then I got ready for the day to head out shopping.  Please ignore the two piles of clothes I had separated to wash at a later time.

 I love the hi-lo hem of my shirt.  Even better?  It's a sweatshirt!

 The damage done = not that much.  There were so many people in Hobby Lobby that I grabbed a couple of items and left.

 I finished my inside decorating.  You can see a little sneak peek of my tree in the back!

 And I randomly walked by the fridge and noticed my water glass.  Side note:  Our fridge has an automatic water dispenser that senses when your glass is full.  So you press the button and can walk away, and it plays a little song when your glass is full.  I fill up my water and forget about it ALL THE TIME and it drives Dustin crazy.  So when I walked by and found this Saturday, I had to snap a pic and send it to him.  He loves me anyway haha!

I finished the night by watching Hallmark and going to bed early.  I had planned on going over to my dad's house to watch the fight he bought on PPV, but the main event didn't start until 10:30 eek!

 Church attire....notice I'm only down to one pile ha!

 Made some chex mix

 Dustin got home from his hunting club and washed (and dried) his 4 wheeler.  If you follow me on IG (@saraheshaneyfelt), you probably saw the story.

 We went to eat at my mom's and I forgot to snap a picture of everyone there.
And I'm trying to pull off the red lipstick trend.  Does it work for me?

 Trying to rig the garland up without drilling into the brick.

And we finished the night with it up (for now) and watching a little tv/reading Southern Living before going to bed early.  Perfect end to the weekend before Thanksgiving!


  1. You can totally pull off the red lipstick! Love that you got a surprise visitor at work--so sweet! :) The tree skirt that you have is adorable--I love it!

  2. J & I decorated for Christmas too. I love the sights and smells of the season. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. At least you never over flow with the water - that is too funny that you do it all the time, even cooler that your fridge sings when it's done LOL! I think the red lipstick totally works on you girl!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I LOVE the red lipstick pretty girl and your outfits!!! That plate is so cute and bet your house is looking spectacular, I decorated all day Saturday's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, lol!!!! Happy Monday beautiful!!

  5. What a fun weekend! I can't wait to see all your Christmas decor! I laughed at your IG story about blow drying the four wheeler!! I want your Chex mix recipe! It looks so yummy!

  6. Loving both your outfits this weekend. That top looks so comfy and that dress is super cute. LOVE the red lipstick on you. What kind do you wear? I need something that is long lasting! I love your decorations - can't wait to see the final pictures. Also, you could try using suction hooks if you want to put it a little lower on the windows - not sure if it would stick to brick?

  7. You had such a busy weekend! I love your tree skirt! The polka dots are adorable! I am not going to decorate until Friday but I am super excited since this is our first Christmas in our new house. Your chex mix looks yummy!

    The Lovely Latte

  8. You have the cutest style! Also, I had no idea HSM did videos, too...I've been wanting to try it out! Since having two little ones, I need some new workout videos, and I've heard nothing but good things :)

  9. Love your church outfit! I never look cute for church. I'm terrible at getting myself ready because I'm focused on getting the boys ready! And I love the red lipstick!

  10. Sarah, that tree skirt is gorgeous! Gold and polka dots... it's perfect! And WHY have I not seen that shirt dress at Old Navy?! I have the white and black windowpane plaid one, but I haven't seen that gingham one. It's so beautiful!!

  11. I want to know where you got that tree skirt form. It is beautiful and I need one similar. Love that hi-low shirt you posted. Everything sweatshirt related that is still cute is a win in my book.

  12. I can definitely attest to the deer season! We get next Monday off of school so our students can hunt! Love that tree skirt! We need one, so I keep looking around for one that would fit our tree!

  13. Christmas decorating and shopping? Sounds like the perfect weekend! I love the red on you- looks so good with your dark glasses! :)

  14. Love that dress you wore to church! So many fun things this weekend... I'm jealous of the decorating - I can't wait to do that in just a couple days!

  15. Sounds like a great weekend, shopping and decorating. And the red lips look good. Also, I had to laugh at that sign. Hunting season is wrapping up in Washington and so I feel like I get my husband back. Have a great week!

  16. I echo everyone else when I say that you ROCK that red lipstick! For real! I love it! Also loving that church outfit. I saw a vest in that pattern at Belk yesterday for $25 and almost scooped it up. I may need to go back and grab it!


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