Weekend Recap: Thanksgiving Edition!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Monday, sweet friends!  Can you believe Thanksgiving is over?!  My Thanksgiving was wonderful and I sincerely hope yours was too!

I'm fully into the Christmas spirit--music blaring, lights constantly lit, fire going--it's wonderful!  AND I'm so excited that mine and Victoria's Christmas link up starts next Monday!!

 More on this tomorrow, but my sister started a photography business on the side and I was more than happy to let her play around with her new camera.  This was taken at my mom and stepdad's farm.

We enjoyed Thanksgiving night at home watching football and hanging out together :)

 My mom and I went Black Friday shopping again and this has become our yearly tradition.  I try to buy gifts for the majority of our Christmas list and my mom buys for herself haha!  Belk was our 3rd stop at 6:30 in the morning and we got some really great deals there!

And then I didn't take any pictures from the rest of the day....a nap for me, Subway with Dustin, and a trip out to his parents' house that night.  Crazy Friday night, right?!

 Rachel and I went to support a local boutique Saturday morning and received a gift card because we were there so early haha!  Then our mom called us to see what we were doing and she just so happened to be less than a mile away, so she met us at a local coffee shop. I love living in a small town for reasons like that!

 And because I felt so fat from Thanksgiving (because my eating was ridiculous), I had to muster up the courage to go workout.  Since it was so cold out, putting on my Lululemon running tights made working out so much more bearable.  Anyone else feel better working out when you have on cute workout clothes?

The Iron Bowl was at 2:30 Saturday, so I went over to my sister's since Dustin had to work.  
 I brought cheese, turkey, and crackers and Rachel already had out cheese and crackers--great minds think alike!

I left to meet Dustin at home to watch the rest of the 4th quarter together.  Alabama didn't play their best the first half of the game, but a win is still a win!  SEC Championship, here we come!

 I snapped this photo and sent it to Dustin to show him my gorgeous attire for running to get the neighbor's paper to put in her house before I got ready for church (she was out of town).  I don't run the fashion club for nothing, right?! ha!

 Yesterday afternoon I went over to my aunt's house for a girls' Christmas craft day.  I had the best time!  There was food, some shopping, and a cute door hanger craft for us to make.  Listen, I am not artistic in the least bit so I was pretty proud of how mine turned out!  This was my table busy painting our snowman.

 The rest of the girls in my aunt's salon painting their masterpieces!

 My finished product!  Not too shabby for someone who can't draw a circle ;)

Dustin and I went to Cracker Barrel last night when he got home because we are both obsessed with the grilled chicken caesar salad AND it's on the healthy menu!  Then I watched a little bit of The Wizard of Oz before getting ready for bed.  I can watch that movie a million times and it never gets old!

I finished the night doing my quiet time.  The first day of the advent season started yesterday and I look forward to doing an advent study every year.  Some years I've done John Piper's study, but he didn't come out with a new one this year.  Last year was the first year I did the She Reads Truth study and loved it!  This year's study will go through the Old Testament prophets, kings, high priests, and point to how Jesus fulfilled that in the New Testament.  It's not too late to start this study since today is only Day 2--please email me if you have any questions or just want to chat about faith!

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  1. LOVE your craft, what a cute snowman belly!!! Look at your gals getting your shopping on, too cute!!! LOVE the pic of your and the Mr., so sweet...of course it is because you are the SWEETEST!!!! Happy Monday girl, hope it goes smooth!!

  2. what a great Thanksgiving weekend! I loved seeing your insta stories about your black friday have much more zeal than i do!! I was just writing my calendar out for December and put all of your link up days on it! Can't wait!

  3. I can't wait to see the rest of the photos that your sister took - how fun that you'll have a photographer basically whenever you want now!! So glad you had a great thanksgiving and scored some great deals for black friday shopping!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. So glad you had the best Thanksgiving. I just love that photo of you and Dustin - your sister did a great job! We ran into some people while shopping on Saturday - makes me miss living in a small town! Happy Friday!

    1. Haha, wishful thinking on that Friday comment - Happy Monday!

  5. Sounds like a fun holiday weekend - the photo your sister took looks gorgeous - so nice to have a photographer at your finger tips!

  6. Gosh you guys had a jam-packed weekend! Love your "getting the neighbor's paper" attire lol.

  7. What a weekend! So much fun! And we were cheering for y'all in the Iron Bowl as we always do... we hate Auburn! Lol. We'll be cheering for y'all to win the whole thing now, too!

  8. That picture of you and Dustin is so so great! It is a major perk to know people who are good with a camera :-) Small town living and running into people is always the best. And I love that you do Christmas crafts with your family, that is so fun!


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