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Friday, November 18, 2016

Happy Friday, y'all!  I'm looking forward to a weekend of resting...and putting up Christmas decorations and cleaning and watching Hallmark movies and catching up on my know, the usual ha!  Oh, and add in exercise because I need to definitely do that this weekend!  

Today I'm sharing with you a few of my favorite things!

Here's a little candid from some photos we took on Tuesday afternoon for our Christmas card.  Well, I'm not completely satisfied (I don't think), so we may end up redoing these Wednesday.  Nothing like last minute!  #storyofmylife  

I asked Dustin to bring our Christmas decorations downstairs on Monday.  I got home that afternoon and walked into everything piled in our living room.  Because we've had something every night since then and I've had sporadic times to work on decorating, our house looks like a war zone.  Time to hurry up and get everything in place!

Literally my favorite breakfast: Ezekiel muffins, natural peanut butter, and chia seeds.  YUMMY.

My dad sent me a picture of my grandfather wearing a shirt my dad bought him while we were in New Orleans and my grandfather was waving in the picture.  So I sent him a waving picture back.  

And after looking at this picture, I see my mom waving to me like this in the halls of my elementary school.  #iammymother

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Victoria and I are gearing up for our Christmas link up!  Click here for the schedule and blog topics--I am so excited to read what everyone posts!!

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  1. Lol'ing about the photo! What are Ezekiel muffins?? I've never heard of them before! True story: I have a jar of natural peanut butter in my desk at work that I take spoonfuls out of here and there when I get hungry at work haha. Hope you have a good weekend full of decorating!

  2. My apartment looks like your living room right now...I can't wait to see your decorations!!! I would have never thought to top peanut butter with chia seeds, but you can bet I will be doing that next time - looks delicious!

  3. You're so cute waving back at your dad and what a sweet sentiment!! Get your decor on girl, can't wait to see it! Have the BEST weekend!

  4. Yes! Christmas decorating weekend is here!!!! I look forward to the weekend before Thanksgiving every year!! Cant wait to see how your home turns out! Enjoy your weekend friend!

  5. I echo Emily... SO ready to see your decorations!

  6. That picture is too cute and funny!
    I can't wait to see your Christmas decorations! Sometimes I wish you could just wiggle your nose and all decorating was done haha I love doing it but sometimes when you don't have enough time to finish it, it can be overwhelming just sitting there haha

    Happy Friday!

  7. What a cute picture! My husband says the candid ones are the best ones. Catch the moment! Haha. I'm waiting on our family pics that we took last weekend. I can't wait to see the disaster ones! Ha. Stopping by from Friday Favorites. Hope you have an awesome weekend!

  8. Girl, the same thing happened to us this week! I had B bring out all of our Christmas boxes last Sunday and we've been so busy/exhausted all week that I haven't touched them since. There is crap EVERYWHERE and it looks positively awful in our living room. Not for long, though! And I can't wait to see your decor!

  9. Got your email about the link up and am looking forward to participating a few days for sure! Thanks for including me! Have a good weekend! <3

  10. Can't wait to decorate for Christmas either :) but first I am helping host Thanksgiving.

  11. Aweee we always end up seeing our moms in us, admitting! Yay for your fun weekend ahead, savor it, sweet lady! xo

  12. I wasn't satisfied with our Christmas photos either and we're retaking tomorrow :) So excited for Christmas!

  13. Like Jenn mentioned, I often keep a jar of pb or ab at work for when I get hungry lol.
    Christmas decorating is certainly happening this weekend.

  14. I love those giant glittery Christmas trees!! I also love PB toast, but never thought to sprinkle chia seeds on them. I've got to give that a try. Hope you had a fun weekend!

  15. Enjoy all your thanksgivings - so fun to have a few!


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