What's Up Wednesday--October 2016

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't participated in a What's Up Wednesday since June!?!?!  I guess I've been extremely busy at the end of each month?  I'm glad to be participating in this month's link up because October was (and is!) such a fun month!

What we're eating...
We ate a chicken ranch mushroom crockpot meal Monday; pizza for my birthday last night; tonight is our trunk or treat at church; Thursday I'll be gone; and Friday out to eat for both my sister's and my birthday...busy week!!

What I'm reminiscing about...
Yesterday was my birthday, so I looked through some of my scrapbooks at my past birthdays.
This was from my 4th birthday!  I noticed that I wore a dress and big bow for my first 4 birthdays.  Then once I turned 5, I guess my mom let me wear pants haha!

What I'm loving...
Fall weather!  (whenever we have it)
I love wearing fall clothes.

What we've been up to...
 We celebrated my sister's 25th birthday.

 Dustin spent a couple of days in the hospital.

 We celebrated my 29th birthday with a small family party.

Dustin and I celebrated on my actual birthday with a relaxing night at home!

What I'm dreading...

What I'm working on...
Finding the perfect curtains for the dining room.  I found some online but they are $$$, so I'm hoping to find the fabric to make some.  So far no luck.

What I'm excited about...
Decorating my house for Christmas!  Last year was our first Christmas in the house, and I've already decided to change a few things up.  I'm also looking forward to adding to our Christmas decorations.

What I'm watching/reading...
Watching This Is Us like the rest of America and reading lots of stuff that I'm looking forward to recapping next week!

What I'm listening to...
Lauren Daigle's album since I'm going to see her in concert TONIGHT!!

What I'm wearing...
Trying to pretend I'm not sweating in these outfits...

 Matilda Jane shirt
(email me if you need my trunk keeper's email!)

sweatshirt (sold out at Anthropologie) / jeans

What I'm doing this weekend...
Running a very long distance and maybe spending some birthday money??

What I'm looking forward to next month...
Colder weather, decorating for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday

What else is new...
Nothing I can think of!

Bonus:  What is my favorite Halloween memory?
Trick or Treating with my parents and little sister--we always had the best time!


  1. Ooh i didn't even think about the reality that Christmas decorations are only a month away!!! We need to get to work on our Christmas project.. maybe let's Skype or something on Saturday?

  2. OMG This Is Us is amazing. I swear it has everyone consumed and just wanting more. I love your Matilda Jane shirt - I have never heard of them I will have to check it out!

    Rebecca at lifelove&creativity

  3. Your living room at a Christmas makes me want a Christmas now! It's so cozy and beautiful!!

  4. Your living room is so pretty all decorated up for Christmas! I can't wait to decorate and do all the Christmasy stuff!

    Yay for October birthdays! Mine is on Friday :)

  5. Chicken Ranch mushroom crock pot? Umm recipe please!! So glad your birthday was nice, and I'm loving your outfits lately girl!

  6. I'm with Jenn! Share that recipe! Yuuuum!

  7. I can't wait for all the Christmas decorations and trees :)

  8. chicken, ranch, mushroom - some of my favorites - I think we're having something similar next week! Cannot wait to decorate for the holidays!

  9. I am absolutely dying to decorate for Christmas even though it's still 85 degrees outside. Haha. I think I'm going to start putting up some stuff the first week of November. EEK!

  10. I definitely think you need to share that chicken crockpot recipe. Tis the season for crockpotting! :)
    I can totally relate to sweating while trying on clothes! I'm wearing jeans and a flannel shirt today and was sweating walking out the door and my hair tripled in size thanks to the humidity! Ugh, fall in the south!

  11. Curtains are always so pricey! Have you looked at JCPenney's website?? They've got some high quality, affordable options and they have sales regularly. I'm currently on the hunt for curtains for our play room, kitchen and blinds for several rooms. I hate spending tons of money on this stuff, but I know it'll be something we use for years! Good luck on your curtain hunt.

  12. Lauren Daigle in concert?!!! So jealous! And I hear you about the fall weather. When is it coming??? In Montgomery, I'm pretty sure it's still August.

  13. Happy birthday to you!! How fun to have an October birthday month : ) Glad to see your hubs seems to be doing better. Do you two dress up for Halloween at all? I'm always curious about other couples our age, it can be so fun to do a couples' costume or something like that but since we are not in college anymore (lol) I feel like we need a good reason to do so. My fiance and I usually come up with something fun, but this year we are debating.

  14. Yum, you need to share that crockpot meal, please! So glad you had a great birthday - sounds like you will be doing some extra celebrating this evening with the concert!

  15. I would like the recipe for that crockpot meal. My husband and I both love ranch + mushrooms.


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