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Friday, September 16, 2016

I don't know about y'all, but this has seemed like the longest week ever!  I am so happy to see Friday today!  And since it's Friday, you know what that means--I'm linking up with a few people to share my Friday Favorites with you!

 I shared this picture earlier this week on Instagram (@saraheshaneyfelt) but my outfit of choice is a definite favorite, right?!  Dustin had left for work that morning and I was in charge of turning off both sprinklers and moving them out of the grass.  Well, there's no way I was going to do that after I showered and was ready for the day, so at about 5:50AM, I put on my husband's boots and trudged out in the wet grass moving sprinkler (that part isn't a favorite).  Oh, and I did that twice this week.  I may need an award for best wife ever ;)

 We are part of a Dinners 4 group at church where 4 couples are paired up and you eat dinner together once a month for 4 months.  Last night was our night to host, and I really enjoyed hosting!  It makes me even more excited to finish our dining room.  As you can see above, I'm in the midst of cooking 2 spaghetti bake casseroles....and we only ended up eating 1!  So the extra casserole is headed to school with me this morning!

Us after the clean up :)  
As soon as I took this photo, I went and got ready for bed.  No more hosting or entertaining on a school night!

Yesterday, Emily and I shared some of our favorite fall recipes, and lots of people commented about my Healthier Tater Tot Casserole!  It's definite comfort food and perfect for cooler weather.  Emily shared her Pumpkin Squares......oh my....mouthwatering!

And my last favorite is pretty long.  I recently read this article about a PTA mom in Irvine, CA, who was framed with drug charges because she made a set of parents mad--so they set out to get her fired.  It's bizarre and a really long article but so interesting!

What are some of YOUR Friday favorites?

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  1. Bet That healthier version of tater tot casserole is just as tasty and is what my boys are getting next time I make it, lol!! The boots and the whole sprinkler thing, so something I would do, love it!! Happy weekend gorgeous!!

  2. That tater tot casserole does sound amazing, especially being healthier. So glad you dinner last night went well - you guys look so cute! And you know I am a fan of your sprinkler outfit. So fashion forward! :)

  3. That pic of you going outside cracks me up. How fun to have dinner with church friends but on a school night is hard I know!! Have a great weekend!!

  4. So looking forward to some of the recipes you shared yesterday! Have a great weekend friend...stay out of the sprinklers!

  5. That Dinners 4 sounds like such a cool idea - might have to do something like that with a few of our couple friends. Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I go out in my husbands shoes all. of. the. time. I'm so lazy - putting on my own shoes takes too long, plus I can wear his with giant fluffy socks ;)

  7. I love that dinner group idea!!! That sounds really fun.

  8. YUM to that tater tot casserole! A healthier version is a win-win! Happy Friday <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. We do the same kind of thing at our church and it starts back up next month! 23 call them LifeGroups. We can't wait for them to start up! You totally deserve the award for best wife ever! Haha!

  10. I love that dinner group idea at your church! I would love to do something like that! That's a great way to get to know some new people. I'm the worst at social interaction, so I have to have a reason to be in a situation like that, so that kind of thing would be good for me!

  11. I am with you, this was the longest week EVER!!! One morning this week my husband forgot to feed our chickens, so I had to trudge outside in the dark, early morning, and it was RAINING, to feed the chickens. I couldn't believe it haha. But now I think I need some serious boots to get that accomplished in the future! :)

  12. Tator Tots are the greatest thing ever! Drooling over that casserole!

  13. You should definitely win wife of the year award for that! I was sporting a similar outfit this morning (complete with my husband's boots too) when I had to go out and clean up our yard from a little homecoming students decided it would be fun to roll our yard! Oh, the perks of being a small town teacher, haha!

    xoox, SS

    Southern And Style

  14. That story you linked to was totally bizarre!


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