Blogtember Challenger 2016: Five Things That Bring Me Joy!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

For those of you who are visiting for the first time today, I'm participating in a few of the Blogtember 2016 prompts, and when I say today's prompt, I knew I couldn't miss it!  

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Five Things That Bring Me Joy.

For the sake of writing about something new, I'm going to skip writing about the only thing that will every bring me true joy--Christ.  True joy comes in knowing who He is and resting in His promises knowing that He is faithful every single time--even when I am not.  True joy comes in knowing that I am never alone in my suffering and that it is all for my good--good that will conform me to be more like Christ.  Please feel free to email me any questions you may have!

1. Routines
I find joy in a routine.  If I have to stray from my morning routine before school, I feel like my whole day is thrown off!  As a teacher, my class thrives on routine--how to turn in work, what to do when you need to sharpen your pencil, etc.  It only makes sense for me to be a routine person outside of the classroom too, and I definitely am.  Ask my husband.  I can be a little OCD about my routines at times ha!  I think this is so strange because I am definitely Type A in the fact that I thrive in routines, but the rest of my life is Type B.

2. Getting into bed freshly showered with clean sheets
This is my favorite!  There's nothing better than sleeping on clean sheets after you've showered yourself.  Last night after Bible study, I ran to the laundromat to wash our white comforter.  Sleeping last night was heavenly because the comforter smelled so good and our sheets were clean, so I slept like a baby!

3. Baking
I enjoy baking, and I really enjoy it when others like eating what I've made.  I love the whole process of baking something new and figuring out adjustments to make the recipe better.  I love baking old favorites because I don't need to even look at a recipe.  I get the love of baking from my mama!

4. Mail
I'm not talking about bills or anything, but I love getting good mail.  You know...cute cards, invitations, or even packages that you've ordered all makes getting mail really fun!  My mom used to mail me stuff in college at least once a week if not more.  Sometimes she'd mail me a card and sometimes it might be a big package.  No matter what she mailed me, she always decorated the outside of the envelope/box.  That always made mail day so exciting because my mail was the prettiest!  Sometimes my sister and I will randomly mail each other a card just for the sake of getting fun mail--and we live in the same town!

5. Christmas decorations in stores
I love the Christmas season so much.  I love the music, movies, decorations, etc.  Nothing makes me happier than to go shopping in a store that has Christmas music playing and is decorated.  I enjoy going to indoor malls during Christmas because the malls are always decorated, too.  Christmas is such a joyful time of the year, and shopping in a store that has been decorated makes it even more joyful!

There are a few other things that bring me joy too: waking up early on a Saturday when it's sunny and crisp outside, candy corn, reading books with a happy ending, wearing new clothes, lipstick, and holding babies.

P.S. My husband brings me so much joy, too :)  I know he's going to read this and wonder why his name wasn't on the list.  You know I love you, D!

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  1. Yes to all of this! I definitely do best with routines and fun mail is the best kind of mail.

  2. This whole list speaks to me! Getting mail is such a fun surprise. I still ask my husband daily if i got anything. Usually it's no. Haha. Christmas is my favorite so walking into hobby lobby right now and seeing all the decs makes me so so happy!! Have a great day!

  3. Precious post, and ironically so many of these things are what brings me joy is well in life! A good routine and baking my sweet treats makes me giddy! Not to mention the sights and sounds of Christmas no matter what time it is. Have a happy Wednesday

  4. I love a routine too! I guess it's the Type A in me :) And yes to being freshly showered and getting into fresh sheets!!

  5. Yes yes yes to all of this. I need my routines, I need my baking, and I need my cute mail! But I also wanted to thank you for the reminder of joy in Christ. I'm a nearly lifelong Christian and KNOW THAT, but this morning I'm awaiting some news of His deliverance in a particular situation, and I needed the reminder that all His decisions are made to conform me to His image, and that is what matters more than anything! So thank you for that!

    1. Yes! We constantly need to be reminded of the Gospel and where true joy resides--nothing wrong with that!

  6. Love this! And I couldn't agree more. Routines and planners make my heart happy :)

  7. I love getting letters in the mail too, especially since I live 2000miles from friends and family. And YES to clean sheets!

  8. I'm pretty sure we're the same person! Love it!

  9. Routines, clean sheets & Christmas would definitely make my list too! I'm OCD about routines too but hey, it works for us right?!

  10. Yes to Christmas decorations! They make me so happy!

  11. YES to all of this Sarah! There is something so comforting about a routine and I believe there is nothing quite so simply blissful as crawling into freshly laundered bedding after a shower to wash away the days dirt.

    Handwritten letters are one of my love languages and I love baking sweet treats to share with people I hold dear.

    Christmas decorations! My husband and I already agreed that November 01 they're going up - although he would leave them up year round if he could!

  12. I LOVE getting fun mail. I never really get any, but when I do, it is extra special! I love sending mail too. I randomly send little note cards to my friends, because I know how fun it is.

  13. I love the idea of fun mail. How sweet that your mom always did that in college! It has me wanting to start mailing people little things :-) And I totally agree with you, nothing beats going to sleep on fresh, clean sheets!

  14. I love every single one of these! And I adore the fact that you and your sister send each other cards in the mail even though y'all live in the same town! That is so special!

  15. I totally agree with getting in to a bed with clean sheets! I love making the bed in the morning just because of how much joy I get from getting in to it at night.

  16. ROUTINES! I should have included that! Good stuff! :)

  17. Yes to the routines! I'm type B in so many ways, but I need my routine.

    And the mail. I've been online shopping just so I can get packages (and the goodies I want/need, of course).

  18. Ok I have to laugh about the sheets, because I was writing the other day with fresh, cool sheets and just shaven legs and I was all happy and my husband could not understand what a glorious feeling it is!

  19. I have to say this the more I read your posts and about you the more I'm like seriously me and this gal are so much a like! Nothing is better than fresh sheets and freshly showered going to bed! Mail, baking, Christmas and routines LOVE! haha

  20. We are twins :) I love routines, love holiday decorations, and yes to everything else on your list. I'm a huge snail mail sender. I love getting real mail so I try to send a lot to other people. Olive wrote to her favorite Disney princess and she was so excited to mail her own letter. I love clean sheets and baking delicious treats is definitely my favorite hobby. Great list!


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