Blogtember 2016: Currently...

Sunday, September 4, 2016

I know I never post on Sunday, but I'm trying to participate in as many Blogtember posts as I can!  To see my introduction from Day 1, click here.

Today's prompt is Currently...

Reading... Here's to Us by Elin Hilderbrand!  I'm only one chapter in so far but planning on reading much more today.
Playing... Friends in the background while I type this post
Watching... Downton Abbey. Last night before Alabama played, I finished season 2 and I AM NOT HAPPY!!!!  If you've watched this series, tell me, will Mary ever be happy again?!  I had just replied to a sweet blog reader about how much I loved Mary and Matthew and then that happened.
Trying... to run 3 days a week!  My official half marathon training started yesterday so my sister rode her bike with me while I ran 3 miles.  It's always nice to have someone to talk to during runs.
Cooking... lots of game day food last night!
Eating... a Special K protein breakfast bar for breakfast
Drinking... my Advocare Spark to get my day started
Calling... my mom and sister every day
Texting... everyone.....I text a lot haha!
Pinning... lots of dinner ideas with the random dessert thrown in for good measure
Tweeting... I don't have Twitter anymore!
Going... to church this morning
Loving... the fact that tomorrow is Labor Day and I am off of work!  This break is much needed! 
Discovering... how much I love running in cooler temps--it's been a while since then
Thinking... about what I'm going to make for dinner tonight
Feeling... rested!  I slept 10 hours last night--very unusual but much needed
Hoping (to)... go make a purchase tomorrow for the house!
Listening (to)... the Crowder Spotify station--love his new album Neon Steeple
Celebrating... the start of college football this weekend!
Smelling... my favorite candle from Anthropologie
Ordering... 3 new Matilda Jane pieces and I cannot wait to wear them!
Thanking... the Lord for his provision during this season of life
Considering... painting my nails before church this morning
Starting... to get up and get a brisk 30 minute walk this morning
Finishing... planning out my posts for the month of September--who am I?!


  1. I love Downton Abbey! And yes, Mary WILL be happy again. I hope you have a relaxing holiday weekend!

  2. I'm curious about your large purchase for the house. I guess I'll have to come back tomorrow to find out what it was.

  3. Yes, things will turn around for Mary! I promise you will continue loving the show! All this chat is making me want to re watch again! I think I mentioned that to you already! haha

    YAY for planning your posts I have most of mine planned too and most written! WHAT?? I might be an actually blogger again!

  4. Ah, Downton - now I want to watch it again. They had the cutest merchandise available on Zulily the other day!

  5. I neeeever want to run in the summer because it's just way too hot! I feel like I can't breathe. And we know that I'm not going to want to get up early enough for it to be bearable. ;) I'm going to try to get back into it this fall/winter.

  6. Your breakfast bars and game day food sound yummy! We're headed to a cookout tonight and hoping they'll be some delicious food there :) Happy long weekend to you! Hope you get to buy something fun tomorrow for the house.

  7. This is a fun post! I need to go check out this linkup! I knew we were meant to be friends! I was watching the Bama game last night and texting.. I love! Please don't call me. Just text haha. Happy Sunday friend!

  8. Fellow Bama girl here =) I watch Friends re-runs all the time. I so wish they would bring it back--best show ever!

  9. Good luck on your marathon training!! That is really impressive! I can't get farther than 3 or 4 miles so anything beyond that is really impressive to me!

  10. Oh, Downton Abbey! Funny thing - I just finished the series but for some reason missed the very last episode. I was complaining to someone about how the series seemed "unfinished" the way it ended, yada yada, and my friend finally said she thought I was missing something - and I was!! Watch to the very end, and you'll just be bummed that it's all done ;) Yay for 10 straight hours of sleep. Get it, girl!

  11. Yay for college football and for feeling rested! It's always nice to catch up on some extra shut eye. Any motivational running tips?

  12. Ok, you will have to do a review or something about your Matilda Jane items when you get them. I totally didn't realize they had adult items, I thought it was just little girls! I love Matilda Jane style though, it looks a little anthro(ish). I'm interested to hear more about this! :)

  13. Mary is happy again, but I will never be!!!


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