Weekend Recap!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Anyone else feel the same way?

I literally feel like my weekend wasn't even a weekend because I was so incredibly busy.  And because of that, I have zero pictures from Friday.  Let me just recap Friday: 3 hour dyslexia training (I actually loved it and learned so much about dyslexia), work in classroom, lunch, 1 hour meeting, work in classroom, home by 5:30, cook supper, fall asleep on couch before the US walks in to the opening ceremony.  #teacherlife

 I woke up Saturday morning to a text from my co-teacher/friend Hailey wanting to know if I wanted to run with her that morning.  Running with someone is always better than running alone in my opinion, so I hopped out of bed and met up with her.  As we were running back to our cars, we ran into two of our other friends/co-workers who were out walking.  Naturally, we had to stop and take a selfie to document :)

 My sister went with me to go buy another pair of OTBT shoes (the ones I bought) and to look for another pair of jeans.  Y'all, I've got a post coming about jean shopping because I have had the hardest time buying blue jeans!  I guess it's because I haven't bought actually blue jeans in a very long time--only white or colored--so I've got a few opinions about jean shopping that I've learned from my exhaustive search.  Good news--I found a pair!

I had a wedding to go to Saturday night with my mom because Dustin wouldn't be able to make it.  
 I wore this dress and received a ton of compliments!  (I would link it, but it's sold out)

 Don't you love the side detailing?

 Mom had her hair done earlier on Saturday, so of course we had to take a picture driving to the wedding haha!

 My sister, Mom, and me!

Sunday was open house at school.  Open house is where students walk around with their parents meeting their new teachers and learning where all of their classes are located.
 I took a quick picture of my door.  I painted it with a chalk paint, and every month I like to change out the quotes.  I'm always so incredibly blown away by the amount of students I get to meet during Open House.  Knowing that God has placed these individual students in my class for an entire year under my responsibility is amazing and a little scary.  I pray every day that God helps me to love the students who need love the most.  You know, it's always easy to love the sweet students who do everything you ask them to do.  But then there's students who make it difficult some days to love them the way they should be loved, and sometimes those kids come from really bad home situations.  I pray that God grants me patience with my students and that they know that I really do love them!

Then I rushed home to put dinner in the crockpot.  When I was planning out our meals for the week, I picked pretty much all crockpot meals.  The kids start back to school on Wednesday, so I'll just be in survival mode the rest of the week!

We finished the night watching the Olympics :)

Do you have any good tips for buying blue jeans?  Any favorite brands/stores to buy them?

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  1. The side detail on the dress is so pretty - I can see why you got a ton of compliments - looks amazing on you!! Happy Monday girl! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. What a beautiful dress on a beautiful Mrs. Shaneyfelt!!!! Back to school open houses are so great to get excited for all the wonderful kids you're going to inspire!! Happy Monday gorgeous!!

  3. I LOVED your dress for the wedding. Gorg! Can't wait for your jeans post - you know I struggle, too. Love your classroom door, especially the mason jar hanger. Too cute! And you need to share your crockpot recipes, please!

  4. Crockpot meals are the best! Good luck with school starting back up this week :)

  5. I need to find some friends to go running/walking with! It really is so much better when you have someone. Have a great week!

  6. So glad you're back to posting!! I missed hearing from you. :) PLEASE do a jeans post! I have been on the hunt for some good quality jeans that aren't crazy expensive. Would love to hear where you found yours!

  7. Love the side detail on that dress! Hoping all goes well back at school this week!!

  8. That dress is beautiful!! Good luck being back at school with your kiddos this week! I know you're gonna rock it!

  9. The dress for the wedding is gorgeous! I love how you decorated your door for your room - hope this first week goes well!


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