Sense of Sarah: My Journey to Find the Perfect Blue Jean

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

For some reason, blue jean shopping has felt pretty impossible lately.  I hadn't bought actual blue jeans in about two years because I've just been wearing a lot of my older pairs.  The jeans I have been buying recently have been white jeans or colored jeans for school, and through my research (yes, I researched), the denim fabric of colored jeans is different than blue jean fabric.  I spent the last few weeks of summer on the hunt for a new pair of blue jeans and want to share my findings with y'all!

Problem:  Two of my old pairs of blue jeans have ripped.

Back Story:  I'm very picky about how my jeans fit me.  My jeans have to be stretchy, and I prefer the legging jean or one that is slightly loose around the ankle but still tight and stretchy in other places.  The majority of my blue jeans are from GAP because I liked the way they fit my body--plus the price tag didn't hurt either!

I went and tried on blue jeans everywhere over the course of a couple of weeks before I finally found the perfect pair!

Note: I forgot to take pictures of myself in each pair of jeans that I tried on--probably out of frustration that they weren't working!  Just take my word!


My first stop was to JCrew since I bought a pair of their white jeans before school let out and loved them!  After reading about the fabric online and then talking to a salesperson, the white jeans were made out of a completely different fabric than the toothpick dark rinse jeans.  

I was surprised to find how stiff the dark rinse jeans were compared to the stretchiness of the white jeans.  I also had a hard time with sizing.  I tried on my normal size and then the size up and still was so unhappy with how they looked and felt.

Verdict:  Big negative!


My second stop was back to GAP since their jeans had always worked for me.  Apparently they have changed the way they make jeans because I couldn't find a pair that was even close to my old Legging Jean from there.

The rise was a little higher than what I was used to but not so much that it was a deal breaker.  But....these just felt weird.  And weren't the most flattering, in my opinion.

Verdict:  I could have settled on these but probably wouldn't have worn them more than twice.


While we were out eating for our anniversary back in July, I stopped into Madewell to check out their jeans since they are know for being a denim company.  Plus, I have a leather purse from there and love it, so I assumed their jeans would be awesome.

I explained to the sales lady that I wanted a comfortable fabric that was stretchy.  She brought me a pair of the high-rise jeans with a 9" rise.  Yes, the fabric was amazing but they came above my belly button.  I'm not ready for jeans that do that just yet :)  But if you are, then the fabric on these were wonderful!

Verdict:  Would have bought if they were a mid to low rise jean.


A week later I went back to my local J. Crew to see if there was something I was missing.  I realized I still hated the toothpick dark wash and probably always will, but loved the toothpick in a classic rinse--much softer fabric!  So I tried them on...

And I loved them!  The only problem?  I was hunting for jeans that I could wear to school on Fridays and the ripped knees don't cut it for teachers.  Sadly, I had to put these back, but maybe for my birthday?? ;)

Verdict:  I still want these!


The last place I went to go check out jeans was Anthropologie and it actually was a perfect day for me to go in there because they were rolling out their fall denim.  After searching the wall display for a jean that met my qualifications, I settled on this pair:

I put these on and they fit!!  Whoop Whoop!  They have very little distress and absolutely no skin shows through.  They are still a dark wash and I believe can be worn throughout the entire year--perfect for all seasons!  They are so soft and stretchy, and I told Dustin that Pilcro may be my new favorite jean brand since I already own a pair of bell bottomed Pilcros.

Verdict:  I'm so glad I bought these--well worth the money!

As you can see, jean shopping was very exhaustive for me because I'm so picky about how my jeans fit.  I think we all get to be picky about jeans because we want them to be so comfortable--no one wants an uncomfortable pair of jeans!

Tell me, what's your favorite pair of blue jeans that you own?

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  1. Jean shopping can be the worse!!! I ordered a few pairs from the Anniversary Sale but no luck. I have had luck at The Limited, but wanted a little higher quality this time around. I am still on the hunt! Love the ones you picked - they look great on you! And I love the second J. Crew ones you tried on, too! Hope you still get those!

  2. i'm glad you found your perfect pair - I actually really like ann taylor's jeans - they fit exactly how you described to like yours! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Finding a good pair of jeans can be really hit or miss and super frustrating! I'm glad you found a pair that you loved! And I think you should get the ripped ones, for weekends!

  4. You know what? Cheapy wise, I love old navy jeans! Gap I was obsessed with maternity wise!

  5. Finding a good pair of jeans can be tough. Stitch Fix has the best jeans, every pair they send me is a hit!

  6. ugh, jeans shopping is the worst!! You did good girl and agreed, you need the distress ones too!!

  7. I have the same feeling about jeans, but my Gap jeans ripped last spring and my Forever 21's aren't really made for "forever" after all. I don't go to Anthropology very often & didn't even realize they sold denim. I'll definitely have to check it out. A new store opened in our area called Dirt Cheap. I was very skeptical about going there, but I just wanted to check it out, and I scored a cute pair of Rock Republic jeans there for $12. They're stretchy, comfy and slightly distressed. Woohoo!

  8. Jean shopping is the worst! Believe it or not some of my absolute favorite pairs have come from good old American Eagle!

  9. I'm SO picky about jeans as well because some of them have the tendency to make my butt weird. Lol. Right now my favorite pair of skinny jeans is from Target! They are Mossimo brand and they were only $29 last winter. They fit perfectly and they are SO comfy and they don't ride down when I bend over. I LOVE them. I wish I had bought 3 pairs!! Other than that I also have a pair from Old Navy and a pair from GAP and I like both of those pretty good, but they always slide down when I bend over and that drives me nuts. I have two kids so bending over and squatting down is pretty much my life right now. Lol.

  10. I used to hatteeeee buying jeans - it always takes forever to find a great pair! I have one style at each Nordstrom/Loft that I love now which makes it a little easier - still not my favorite!

  11. yay for finding the perfect jeans! They are so hard to find, and my current favorite pair are on their last leg...NOOOO!!! I did find some Wit and Wisdom at Nordstrom, but got a black pair and a gray pair didn't try the blue jeans, I should do that. But right now those are my favorite. I have bigger calves so finding skinny jeans for me they have to be super stretchy like you are saying.

  12. Such a great post!! Love the jeans you ended up with!

  13. Yes, jeans are so hard! How can there be endless fits? I am not loyal to any one brand or fit. I try anything from Target to True Religion. As the stars align for the day I make the purchase!

  14. Jeans are so tricky!! My current favorites are more of a jegging from Old Navy. I used to love GAP jeans, briefly loved Target skinnies and I am curious to give those Anthro ones a try. Love the look and loved your review of them. Fun post because we can all relate to hating going jean shopping :)


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