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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Do you ever wonder what life would be like without cell phones?  I didn't have a cell phone when I was in junior high, and now, sadly, it's rare for me to have a student who does not have a cell phone.  We've gotten so accustomed as a society to having things at our finger tips, but that's not always a bad thing.  I want to share with you a list of my favorite apps that I use on a regular basis--some of these apps are extremely helpful and I wouldn't have access to them without a cell phone!

She Reads Truth
I love this app!  I love the biblically sound Bible studies this app contains--some are topical but most are on books of the Bible.  My favorite study that I have done this year would have to be the Genesis study I did in January.  It showed me how the book of Genesis pointed to Christ in ways I had never realized before.  I highly recommend this app!
Cost: Free!  (But most of the Bible studies cost $1.99)

Tim Keller is a pastor/author that I really enjoy.  Redeemer Presbyterian Church is his church in New York City.  I love this app because it contains his sermons, and I enjoy listening to his sermons some mornings while I am getting ready.  Keller preaches in a way that is easy to understand, so if you're a new Christian or have been a Christian for 50 years, you will learn from his sermons!
Cost: Free!

Pinterest is one of those apps where I really want to ask what life was life before it?! haha!  I pin everything from recipes to fashion to home decor to fitness routines.  Find me on Pinterest here!
Cost: Free!

Ask my husband and he'll tell you that I text a lot :)  I have an iPhone and love the fact that I can text from all of my devices--if I'm using my MacBook and get a text, I can text back from my computer instead of my phone.  Love you, Apple products.
Cost: Comes with your iPhone

GroupMe is an awesome app if you are in a group text.  Every member needs to get this app and instead of constantly being bombarded with a group text thread, this app allows you to group text in a much better way.  The best part?  When everyone is texting at 10 PM and I'm ready for bed, I can mute my thread without having to silence my phone!  You can have multiple threads going and named so you can organize your groups!
Cost: Free!

When I was in my last semester of grad school and having to put together a portfolio of my internship, I had to scan in a lot of documents.  Since I don't have a printer at home yet and the scanner in my classroom printer isn't hooked up, I was having to use a copier in the office to scan in documents.  The computer teacher at school introduced me to this app.  You basically hold your camera over the document you want to scan and it somehow uses your camera to take a picture/scan your document into a PDF.  Then you can email that document or send it to your Google Drive--whatever you need to do.  I use this app a lot now that I'm done with grad school.  I've had to scan in receipts at home for Dustin's flex spending account, and I also scan in worksheets at school that aren't on my computer so I can upload them to Google Classroom.  This app was well worth the money!
Cost: $2.99

I really really really love Instagram.  I love looking at the pictures people post and I love that there really isn't any political drama on IG.  Another favorite?  Instagram stories!  I love these way more than Snapchat because I follow more people on IG than I do on SC.  Find me at @saraheshaneyfelt
Cost: Free!

Tell Me: Are there any apps I didn't include that you find useful?

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  1. I love instagram and Pinterest too! I need to get that GroupMe app and then make my in-laws get it. The ability to mute the convo is awesome!

  2. Pinterest and Instagram and definitely two of my favorites, and you know I love texting! Love this post idea!

  3. LOVE hearing about new apps. Of course Pinterest is my fav. Great round up!!

  4. Group me sounds amazing - definitely going to download that one and and of course all time fave! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Instagram and iMessage are definitely my go to apps. I'm on them constantly! That scanner app.. Who knew! That's amazing!!

  6. My husband and his friends finally started using GroupMe thank goodness! The endless beeping during football games was driving me crazy lol!! I'll have to check out some of the others.

  7. I need to remember to use Pinterest on my phone more often - that would be great for killing time!

  8. I love that group text app and I should definitely check out your app for devotions since I don't have any on my phone. My favorite apps are bloglovin to read blogs, the weather channel, instagram and money saving apps for hobby lobby, walmart, ibotta and cartwheel. I'll have to tell my husband about that scanner app because I'm sure he'd use that regularly for work. Thanks for linking up with us this week!

  9. I use IG and Pinterest all day, erry day! They are my two faves! And thanks for the PSA on that group text app... I need to give this to my family. My mom and dad and brothers are soooo bad about texting back at midnight when I'm long asleep. #oldladystatus

    Another one of my faves that I use all the time is Cartwheel for Target... it's Target coupons right there on your phone! Sometimes they put clothing 20-30% off on there and it's AMAZING.

  10. IG is by far my favorite app. I try to save looking at it until the end of the day like a treat for making it through the day! haha. I've NEVER heard of the scanner app but it sounds like it just might be life-changing! Definitely checking that one out asap!

  11. I love the scanner app! I constantly need to scan things with my job and sometimes I'm out and away from my school's scanner so having the app is super helpful! I love the sound of the group text app... I need that in my life ASAP!

  12. I LOVE She Reads Truth! I haven't used one of the studies all year because I have been listening to the Bible on audio in attempt to read/ listen to the whole Bible in one year but I miss getting deep within the text, so I am taking a break from the fast-paced Bible reading and will study more deeply. i will need to look into SRT to see what's new since I have been gone a while from the app!

  13. I second the cartwheel app! I bought the scanner app in a package with a few other document like apps and I think it's the best thing! It's way better than trying to get the text book just right to copy! Also the to-do list lover in me loves trello, I use mint for budgeting and dropbox! Dropbox automatically uploads all of my photos and they are available on my Mac :)

  14. Scanner Pro is so handy! I love the app Goal Tracker. It's definitely my new favorite. Nothing fancy but I love to keep track of my goals!

  15. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for letting me know about the Scanner app! As a teacher, that is such a valuable tool-some of my friends have worksheets & stuff from years ago & I've always wanted to keep digital copies, but never wanted to take all the time to scan them on the school scanner-this is a lifesaver!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style


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