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Friday, August 26, 2016

Happy Friday, y'all!  It's been a crazy, busy week but it's been a good week!  I've also got a really fun weekend planned starting with a surprise date planned by my husband!  When I asked him what I should wear, he told me to prepare for dirt floors.....eye roll.  We'll see where he ends up taking me--read about it on Monday!

Here's a quick recap of a few of my favorites from this week!

Last night I finished season 2 of Downton Abbey.  Can I say that I'm so glad that Lady Mary and Matthew are finally engaged?!?  I'm afraid season 3 won't be so happy.  If you've seen it, don't tell me!  If you haven't seen it, so sorry to spoil it!

 Monday night, Dustin and I went to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings to support a program that my mom was waitressing for.  Can I just point out how tired I look?  #beginningoftheyearteacherlife

 Isn't she so cute?  She was a great waitress.  Also, I think I'm done eating at BWW.  I don't eat wings or anything fattening, so I only order the naked wings.  I have tried so many sauces and rubs with it and still don't like anything they have.  I'll just leave that as a place D can go eat with his guy friends.

 Our friends, Lindsey and Wheeler, had a baby on Monday.  We headed to visit them in the hospital on Tuesday.  Can I get a job where I get to hold babies all day?  #onlyiftheydontcry

And like 5 year olds, we saw fireworks on the way home from the hospital and got really excited.  My mom pointed this out to me, but isn't it so funny how we get so excited every time we see fireworks and act like it's the first time?  Well, Dustin and I were guilty of that on Tuesday.  #noshame

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  1. I would totally be giddy about fireworks, too! I cannot WAIT to hear about this surprise date. Have so much fun!

  2. You're adorable even tired!! And you're mama is a doll! I get giddy over fireworks too and that fact that it's Friday, lol!! Have a wonderful weekend sweetie!!

  3. Ah so fun to have a surprise date, can't wait to hear about it! I love BWW boneless wings and so when we go maybe every 6 months or so I say screw it and eat alllll the wings and fries pickles ;-)

  4. Is it weird as soon as I saw the Downton Abbey I decided to follow you? You're going to LOVE the rest of the seasons!

  5. I love that you're finally watching Downton Abbey! I still have all of the final season recorded and haven't watched it yet - I just don;t want to say goodbye yet! I figure this autumn/winter I'll re-watch them from the beginning and finally watch the final season too.

  6. We used to LOVE BWW, but we rarely go there anymore. It just seems like everything is fried and I just can't bring myself to eat it anymore. We do like that it's loud in there because it drowns out the noise our kids make! Haha. Have a great weekend, Sarah!

  7. I'm not a big BWW fan either. Wings aren't my thing so I'll usually vote for Mexican food :) Hope you have a great weekend. My hubby and I love fireworks and get so excited when we see them anytime anywhere :)

  8. I love that white top you wore to see your friend's baby, looks so pretty! I completely agree about BWW. I have tried lots of different things and haven't liked anything from there, but then again I'm not a wings fan. Congrats on surviving your first week! :) I started back teaching and college this week so I totally feel ya on the sleepy factor.

  9. I don't love BWW either. I can't find anything I like and it's so loud! Holding new babies is the best but I'm with you.. Only if they don't cry. And that goes for my own babies too! Haha. Hope you're having a great weekend. Can't wait to hear about your date night!

  10. You and your mom look so much alike - beautiful ladies!


  11. What a cute little baby!! So much hair! I've never been to BWW but I'm not a huge fan of wings either!


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