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Friday, August 19, 2016

I am more than excited for today to be Friday!  This week was the first full week with students and I. Am. Tired.  Even though teachers went a full week last week and the students only came 3 days, this week has been more exhausting.  Hello, early bedtime!


Last week, a sweet student brought me a cupcake and this week a different student brought me an iced sugar cookie from a local bakery.  Oh my goodness it was so good!  I love the iced sugar cookies from this place!  (I really I think I need to take this up as a hobby and learn how to ice sugar cookies!)


Ol Shaneyfelt and I went 4 wheeler riding in the undeveloped part of our subdivision Tuesday night.  I joked that we looked so redneck riding, but regardless, we had a blast and felt like a couple of kids ha!  I love that we have so much fun together :)


I bought this new candle a few weeks ago while shopping in the downtown area of my mom's town.  I've been waiting to burn it because I didn't want to use it all--isn't that crazy!? I finally talked some sense into myself and have been burning it all week, and I haven't regretted it at all.  It smells so good--just like summer--and it's been perfect for the last few weeks of summer!


This article on the Prosperity Gospel and a Kenyan pastor's redemption from it is an eye-opener.


I read The Light Between Oceans a few years ago with my book club.  My heart broke while reading it, but I loved it and couldn't wait to find out what happened in the end.  The movie comes out next month and you better believe I'll be there!  Dustin has some work weekends in his hunting club and I feel like a Saturday movie is in store for me while he's away :)

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  1. That movie trailer looks so good!! I hope you have a relaxing weekend and enjoy some more of that sweet treat! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I have that book on hold at the library - I can't wait to read it! That iced cookie looks amazing. Although I have to say, usually when cookies look that darn pretty, the taste isn't necessarily there. So glad it was a win on both ends for you!

  3. I am just like you when it comes to candles! There are certain candles I rarely burn because I don't want to use them all up but they smell so good!

  4. "light" is waiting for me at the library! can't wait to start reading it :)

  5. I love that article on prosperity gospel! I also love that cookie, so cute! Happy Friday!

  6. That cookie is so cute!! I wish I was good at decorating cakes and cookies and stuff like that but I am most definitely not talented in that area.

    Have a great weekend, Sarah!

  7. Yay for surviving your first full week of teaching! Send some of those students who come bearing delicious treats my way!

  8. Those candles are SO good, I love the Sweet Tea scent-you'll have to let me know the name of the scent you have :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  9. That cookie is the cutest thing I've ever seen! It makes me that much more excited to start teaching in a couple of years.
    Blessed Messes

  10. Your students are so sweet to bring you treats! Good luck in week two!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  11. What a sweet student and a yummy cookie! I've always wanted to learn how to ice sugar cookies like that, but I don't have a very steady hand. So I usually just end up buying them from other people and sticking to what I know how to do in the cookie department :) Wonder what treat this week will bring??


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