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Monday, June 27, 2016

Do you ever have a weekend where you feel like you need another weekend to recover?  That's how I feel about this past weekend!  Saturday night I told Dustin how tired I was and it wasn't even 9 PM and I've done nothing!  I told him I was tired from having nothing to do all day haha.

I'm starting our weekend on Thursday night when we relaxed on the couch and caught up on the last two episodes of Southern Charm.  I had been waiting on the dinner party at Thomas's house since the first episode started out with that scene.  My thoughts on the end of the season:  I don't like Landon, Cameron has turned into a mean girl, Katherine will always be crazy, Thomas too, Whitney is weird, Patricia is condescending but in a hilarious way, and Craig and Naomi are my all time favorites!

Friday morning I ran.  We've been under a heat advisory the entire weekend so even though it was below 80 at 7:15 in the morning, the humidity was at 3,000% so it made for a miserable and short 2 mile run.
 It was way too hot to take a picture outside!

Then to pass the time since D was at work, I went shopping.  I got two great tops from LOFT, a table runner from Home Goods, and ate lunch at my favorite grocery store, Earthfare!
 Lunch there never disappoints--I just wish it were closer to home.

Friday night we had Dustin's work picnic at a local water park.  Remember how I said at 7:15 that morning the humidity was already at 3,000%??  Well, by 7:15 that night, it had increased to 603,475,927%.  Seriously.  I was miserable, in a romper, and way too hot to even take pictures.  I was ready to get home and take yet another shower and wash my hair yet again.

Saturday I went with my sister to pick up the dog she's going to be fostering.  While we were out, we stopped at her friend's new tiny home to see it.  I think she said it was around 400 sq ft?  This was my first tiny home to see in person!  The inside is SO cute and decorated how I would decorate.  I love her tiny home, but I could never live in one--Dustin would never fit!

Saturday night wasn't picture-worthy.  I cooked dinner.  Dustin got home and we ate.  We both sat in the living room to be together but doing separate things--he watched the TCU and Coastal Carolina baseball game, and I watched Netflix on the laptop.  I'm sure laid back weekend nights become picture-worthy once we have children, right?

Sunday morning was church.  I wanted to capture what my hair looks like right after I tease it.  Next time I'll leave it just like that :)  Isn't it so attractive?

There was a bridal tea after church, so Rachel and I rode together.  Can you see how much she copies me?  Similar sunglasses, similar dress style, both wearing long necklaces and our OTBTs.
Just kidding!  
(Rachel will be so made that I wrote that haha!  But it's my blog and I can!)

Then we met up with Dustin a few hours later after he got off work to eat Mexican.  Rachel and I spent a lot of time together this weekend, and I wouldn't change that for anything.  I'm so happy that we live close and are so close!

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  1. Sounds like a fun, relaxing weekend!! Gotta love how crazy our hair looks after we tease it! My hubs laughs at me every time! Happy Monday!

  2. What a lovely weekend! So awesome you and your sister are so close. That tiny house is beyond adorable - I think you need to see if you can do a home tour on that one. I have never seen one in person!

  3. The heat sounds pretty miserable - not fun at all!! That tiny home - how fun that your friend lives there!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. That dinner party was absolutely insane!! The entire time I kept wondering if Naomi was thinking "how the heck did I get myself in to this situation!!" She's my favourite. And everyone else is just crazy. Hahah
    Xo, Evelina @ Fortunate House

  5. I'm obsessed with Southern Charm ! LOL my thoughts exactly on the fact Landon is not nice, Katherine will always be crazy.

  6. lol at your teased out hair! hahah I feel pretty similarly to you about the Southern Charmers. Thomas and Katherine are nuts. Landon is annoying and pretty pathetic. I still like Cameron--she's my girl crush on the show. And i do like Craig and Naomi too!

  7. Beautiful bridal tea babes right there!! Ha ha on the hair, I should take a pic of my hair teased. You are the cutest and I hope your Monday is starting off great!

  8. Stephen wants a tiny house. I just laugh in his face. Most of our weekends aren't picture worthy're not alone...we're all boring on Saturday nights from time to time. haha

  9. Wasn't the heat completely unbearable this weekend?! OMG. Sometimes living in the south is pure torture! Looks like you guys still had a great time, though!

  10. THAT TINY HOUSE! I wanna see it! It looks so freaking cute! I cannot imagine living in one though. So intrigued!

  11. I'm with you on the tiny house situation. They are really cute, but I don't think I could ever do it!
    I feel like living in our one bedroom apt right now is my "tiny house" experience haha.

  12. Sounds like pretty filled weekend!


    Tamara -

  13. I love that you watch Southern Charm! It's my favorite and none of my friends watch it. I enjoyed your wrap up of that wild dinner party. It seemed like Thomas was on drugs!?!? Why would he even go to all the trouble to host a dinner and then run everyone off before the food is served? Landon is not my favorite because she's always stirring up trouble. Kathyrn is definitely crazy and I'm predicting a baby #3. I love Cam's wardrobe, but don't love her attitude. She does make me laugh though. Whitney and Patricia are so fancy. They're usually right and seem to want to distance themselves from the drama. I really want Shep to settle down, but is that even possible?? And I also love Craig and Naomi :) Can't wait to watch the reunion show on my DVR this week.

  14. The heat is killer these days!! I can barely take the kids out for a stroll any more. That tiny home is ridiculously cute. It actually looks a bit bigger because of that awesome screened in porch!


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