Thoughts on a Thursday--New Hair?

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Sometimes when I get an idea about doing my hair differently, it just sticks with me and I think about it constantly.  Like when I wanted to try the balayage look with my hair, I obsessed over it until I did it (and ended up loving it!).  But then the minute I was over that look and ready to go back blonde, that was all I could think about until it happened.  Just this week, I've started thinking about cutting my hair short again and now it's all I can think about.  I've even been texting my friend Kristi different pictures of hair inspiration.  Is anyone else like that, too?

These are a few of my inspiration pictures for the hair style I'm loving and contemplating over:

All images via Pinterest

If it were anyone else doing this, I would be all Yeah!  Yeah!  Yeah!  Cut that hair!  BUT since it's me, I'm a little more hesitant.  I'm going to be a list maker like my husband and list my pros and cons  (Do you see how big of a deal this is to me? haha!)

-new hair is like a new beginning
-less time to dry/fix each day

-if I don't like it, it takes forever for my hair to grow back out
-can't throw it up in a bun/ponytail if it's dirty
-won't look as good curly if it's short

I know this is the craziest post and sounds a little obsessive, but it's just who I am :)  I tend to over-analyze a lot!

**If I choose to cut my hair, it won't be until after summer is over--I like long hair for summer!

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  1. I have had the same hairstyle for a few years now because I am too afraid to cut it! Plus, me and short hair don't really work out together. But your hair is great and perfect for that cut! Why not take a chance? =0)

  2. Such a dilemma! I tend to grow my hair out and cut it back into more of a bob style every couple of years. You're right that it is more difficult to curl shorter hair, but it is much faster to fix in the morning. I like short hair ponytails and find that my hair stays in them better and looks perkier, but I usually keep a couple bobby pins on hand for the shorter pieces. Good luck with the decision! Cheers, Laura

  3. I do love the shorter hair cuts, but I understand not wanting to cut it either. I am the same way. It takes forever to grow out. I was just in this predicament. I decided to color it differently. I think my hair is ok, but I want to do the balayage.

  4. Love the looks you have going on here. Short hair is easier, but sometimes it can be harder, depending on how "clean" the cut is...does that even make sense? Either way I can't wait to see what direction you go (if any!)

  5. Kelly and Carrie are ALWAYS my go-to googles when I'm looking for hair inspiration!! Can I just trade heads with them?! You're not being obsessive...we all do it. Mine looks awful curly when it's short. I get it, but I say go for it!! I love the feeling of a fresh cut and style!

  6. I love your hair inspirations!!! The think the cut would look super cute on you, but I definitely can understanding waiting until after summer. It's a must to be able to throw your hair up when it's crazy hot out!

  7. I think that hair cut is so adorable!! And I agree with your pro and con list. Sometimes short hair can be more work because you can't throw it up or leave it in its natural state!
    Xo, Evelina @ Fortunate House

  8. I can TOTALLY relate to your feelings in this post! I do the exact same thing! When I want to change my hair I obsess over cutting it and debate back and forth on whether or not I'll like it. I know it's easier in someone else's shoes to say go for it, but you really should! That is such a cute hairstyle on you, and would be perfect for a cute change right before the new school year begins. :)


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