Life Lately (6.30.16)

Thursday, June 30, 2016

It's Thursday, friends, and that means we're one more day closer to the weekend!  I cannot believe that today is the last day of June and that the 4th is Monday!  I'm hoping July creeps by because I am enjoying my summer too much!

Here's a look into what our life has been lately:

 Because we're basically kids, Dustin and I bought a wiffle bat and ball set to play with each other.  We've enjoyed playing with each other in our backyard some evenings when it's not a million degrees outside.

 Typical day for when when Dustin works.  

 We went dining room furniture shopping on Monday and we both ended up liking the same style of table.  The only difference is that I like the round version and Dustin likes the rectangle version, but you knew we'll be getting what I want haha!  These are two swatches of wood stain, and since I'll be picking out the table shape, I'll probably go with the stain that D likes which is the darker.  Either would look good in our house!

 Summer means it's tomato sandwich season!  Except one of us (who won't be named) likes to eat them for breakfast and the other person likes to eat them for lunch or dinner.  I'm thankful my in-laws have a huge garden because it's fresh veggies all the time right now!

Our furniture shopping on Monday took us to the city my BFF lives in, so of course we had to meet up for lunch.  She hates matching anyone so it was hilarious when we showed up in outfits completely opposite of one another!  And she couldn't go home and change haha!  I asked Dustin to get our picture and this is what I got.  Please notice that Janie smiled then entire time haha!

Finally got the curtains hung in our bedroom!  They look so so great and I'm so pleased with how well the curtain pattern looks with everything in our room.  Now the only thing I'm still looking for is the perfect piece of artwork to go above the dresser which will be between the two windows in our room. 

What's going on with you lately?

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  1. Love the outfits.

  2. Y'all have been busy lately! I'm with you... July needs to go buy a little more slowly than the last few months have! ;)

  3. What you do while Dustin is at work looks like what I do while mine is there too haha. I do add in some reading, and some jaunts with friends to break up my couch-sitting haha. The joys of summer!! Love that you guys have a wiffle ball set!

  4. Love me some RKOBH! I am so excited to see your new table. Those pictures with your bestie are too funny - definitely some action shots!

  5. So much fun picking out a new table :) cant wait to see it
    Chelsea @

  6. Love the dark stain for your new table! It will be easier to decorate than the light I bet! LOVE seeing that Auburn shirt pop up :)

  7. I love the dark stain on a round table!! Your time alone looks exactly like my time alone!!

  8. I can't wait to see the table that you guys chose!! I love both of those stains so much... I think either would look beautiful!

  9. It must feel so good to finally have your house and room really feeling complete. And ok playing wiffle ball sounds so fun-I love doing childhood things like that!

  10. It made me LOL when you were talking about tables and said you'd ending up getting the one you like best :) We're in the same boat looking at tables, coffee tables and rugs. Kevin says that he'll give his opinion and then I just decide on the one I like best. I do compromise sometimes :) Can't wait to see how your table turns out! It sounds like an awesome place if you can pick your table shape and finish.

  11. What else do you put on the tomato sandwich? I've actually never had one!! Can't wait to see what the table looks like!! Enjoy your long weekend girl! xo, biana -BlovedBoston


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