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Monday, May 23, 2016

This weekend was somewhat busy and then somewhat laid-back.  However, I'm typing this bright and early Monday morning because I spent yesterday evening finishing up making my English exam to give today and tomorrow #procrastinatorforever.  I'll see half of my classes today and the other half tomorrow and then that's it with the kids!  It's so crazy to think that this year has gone by so fast--although I did spend the majority of it wishing it away #gradschoolprobs


 Friday night was Relay for Life in my town.  I was working my church booth from 9-10 PM, so I talked my sister into meeting me up there early so we could buy a piece of our favorite cake for $1 from our cousin's booth.  And we showed up in the same shirt haha!  I laughed so hard because this was not planned at all!

 I got home about 10:15 that night and there was a package on the front door step that neither of us noticed earlier in the afternoon.  It was my diploma!  It's official!


 I woke up early Saturday morning because I guess my internal alarm clock is still working.  Because of that, I decided to catch up on some TV.  First up, #RichKids of Beverly Hills.  Morgan makes me laugh!

 Then I moved to the couch and decided to watch the second episode of Friday Night Lights.  I would have watched more, but it was time for me to get in the shower.

 ....because we had a wedding to attend!

 My niece, Alina, sat with me during the ceremony.

 And then I had our 15 year old nephew take pictures of us--naturally we ended up with about 15.  This one is the best and then a few candids :)

On Sunday, I went to church while D worked overtime, grocery shopped, watched Hallmark movies, walked, met up with him at Panera, and finished my exam.  

How was your weekend?  Was it like mine--lazy and busy all at the same time?

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  1. Yep, lazy and busy all at the same time too!! Hubby and I had a date night Friday and date day Saturday and we travelled 2 hours south for our nephews 8th grade grad party yesterday. Yay to you two looking all cute at that wedding and yay to those last exam days then you are a free woman!!!

  2. Wedding weekends are the best!! yay for getting your diploma in the mail - so fun! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  3. Hooray for getting your diploma! I love your pretty Lilly dress!

  4. I LOVE lazy weekends! Ours was pretty lazy and it was perfect (the weather made it so that we could be lazy and not feel too guilty about it). Glad it was a good one!!

  5. What a fun weekend! Congrats on the diploma! I seriously just love that Lilly dress...looks like a fun wedding!

  6. What a fun weekend! YAY on getting your diploma and being official! Love those outtakes from your nephew taking pics, so funny! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  7. Love Morgan; I plan on having a huge bingewatching session tonight to catch up on all I'm behind from. Love your dress from the wedding - so pretty!

  8. YAYA!! CONGRATS on your diploma :) Way to go.. I know you have worked so hard
    Happy Monday!! Chelsea @

  9. Hooray for getting your diploma!! It's official!!

    I need to start watching Friday Night Lights... I've heard amazing things about it and I need something to fill the void that Parenthood left since we just finished it a few months ago. I've heard it's really great!

  10. YAY for getting your diploma in the mail, so exciting!! Love that you and your sister showed up matching. My sister and I have definitely done that a time or two lol. Your niece is adorable!!! Glad y'all had a great weekend! :)

  11. Friday Night Lights is so incredible. One of my favorite shows of all time. Have you seen it before, or is this your first time watching it?

    The Midwest Darling

  12. Yay for getting your diploma in! Love the dress you wore to that wedding - so fun! -xx Leah || Chasing Texas

  13. You look so cute for the wedding!!

  14. Lazy weekends are the best! Although, we always end up mixing it in with the busy too! I loved Friday Night Lights, I may have to re-watch it this summer :)

  15. Hahaha I love the pictures your nephew took! And congrats on the official graduation! I hope you're planning on displaying that loud and proud!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  16. love love love that dress, my friend!! I think more fashion posts on this site is a good idea because you have the best closet!


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