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Monday, May 16, 2016

Happy Monday, y'all!  I hope your weekend was as fun as mine!  If you're new around here, each Monday I like to recap a little of what I did the previous weekend.  Here's what I did this past weekend:


Saturday started off with an easy 2 mile run--and I say easy because since I'm having to build up my endurance again, Saturday was my first 2 mile run without stopping to walk a little.  I know that it'll be no time before I'm back to my effortless 3 mile just takes work!

 I went to a local Indian festival with my dad Saturday morning.  I live in an area that used to be inhabited by Indians and has a few burial mounds.  They had a festival that featured re-enactments of Indian villages, a Civil War village, and Indian dances.

 Then I went to upgrade my phone (to the 6s plus!) and Mom and I stopped in to have chocolate at The Melting Pot--her first time!

 I got this new top from LOFT and I want to go get more! (It's 30% off right now!)


 A new lock screen to remind me to give thanks always

 Dustin worked Sunday so Mom picked me up to go to church with her that night.  When she dropped me off, he was out front pulling weeds!  I married a good man!

I had to document :)

I only have ONE MORE Monday after today standing between me and summer break!!!!

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  1. Love your new top - it's one of my favorites from them this season!! How are you liking the bigger phone!? xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. You literally look just like your mama!! So pretty! You new Loft top is gorgeous and the colors suit you so well!! Happy Monday!!

  3. Wow only one more Monday between you and Summer break?? I'm impressed! I think I have a month left at this point. And our weather is nowhere near normal summer temps yet so it doesn't even feel like that's close. I love your Loft striped top! Super cute!!

  4. Girl your mama is gorgeous!! And I love your loft top! So cute and summery!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  5. I've been trying to get my body back into running shape too. I've just been so busy, I'm slacking. I've got a 5k coming up on Saturday and I'm no where near where I want to be for it! Oh well. Gotta start somewhere I suppose.

    The Midwest Darling

  6. YAY for summer break being so close! I'm jealous! And loving your new Loft top, I definitely need to pick up a few things while they're having their sale. <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  7. That's great you can do 2 miles without stopping! I'm sure you'll be back to 3 in no time!

  8. LOVE that top!!! It's so cute and looks like the perfect summer shirt! YAY for one more Monday before summer break! Glad y'all had a good weekend! :)

  9. That top is super cute! I've still never been to Melting Pot!

  10. I want to go to the Melting Pot sooooo bad! I told B that we need to go to Atlanta for our anniversary this year and eat there. I've heard nothing but good things.

  11. That top is so cute, may have to stop at Loft to check it out! Melting Pot for dessert is so yummy!!

  12. I love that top! Yay for him pulling weeds - we've been putting that off for weeks! Enjoy your Monday. -xx Leah || Chasing Texas

  13. I love your new top and that you got some great time in with your mom!

  14. Love love love that top! Sounds like a fun weekend - why do they end so quickly???


  15. So I can totally understand your excitement that he was out there pulling weeds because that would make my heart swoon if Jamie was doing that. ;) He does a fabulous job with handwork, but pulling weeds is SO not his favorite thing (or mine for that matter!). Love that you and your mom just did chocolate at The Melting Pot. I've been dying to go there again for over a year! It's one of my favorite places.


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