Friday Favorites: End of the School Year!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Yesterday marked the end of another school year for me.  This past school year was pretty rough (remember grad school?) and I have been looking forward to this summer for a long time.  Today officially marks my first day of summer and that is my number one FAVORITE!!


I took this week off from the blog because of the chaos of the end of the school year coupled with not feeling good--I've missed it!  I've missed reading my blog list each day and participating in the community that's been created.  Not blogging this week has really made me appreciate the friendships I've formed through this!  It's always a FAVORITE!

Bonus Questions

For my exam this year, I decided to give a really easy bonus question that everyone could answer.  I had my students tell me ONE thing they learned in English this year.

I got answers like this...
 ...which made me laugh.  And then I got answers like, "Reading The Skin I'm In over the summer and talking about it at the beginning of school really helped me to be comfortable with who I am."  And this was my most FAVORITE answer because I felt like I finally accomplished something this school year.  It may have taken the very last day to find out, but it made me happy because that was my goal with that novel!  And very happy for that student!


My mom was recognized yesterday for an award she had won earlier in the school year.  She's the best teacher and mom ever and definitely my FAVORITE person!!

Summer Plans

I cannot wait to finally have a somewhat free summer!  I plan on establishing a daily routine of exercise, good eating, and reading/tv watching haha!  I wished the school year away because I knew that meant grad school would be over, so here's to wishing for summer to crawl by!


  1. Congrats on the end of the year friend. YOU TEACHERS who spend countless hours in classrooms [and outside of contract hours] make schools what they are and help make the world a better place. WAY TO GO! And love the bonus question, what a great idea. Have fun establishing the routine you want and enjoying your time off, you SO earned it!

  2. Congratulations on the start of summer!! I'm so envious over here with 4 more weeks left to go, but I know the joy of the start of summer! And a big congrats to your mom on that award! Awesome :) Hope you enjoy your first weekend of Summer!

  3. Yay to your mama!!! Yes, missed you this week love but so understand the need for breaks. School's out for the summer.....whoohoo!! have ehe BEST Holiday weekend gorgeous!!

  4. YAY for the end of the school year! Enjoy your first weekend of summer & have so much fun setting up a good summer routine for yourself... that should absolutely include some tv watching :)

  5. WHOO HOO!! ENJOY your Summer break - you deserve it!

  6. Enjoy your summer, Sarah!! And congratulations to your mom! Glad you're back!

  7. Happy Summer - I can't believe it's finally here and your done with the school year!

  8. Yay for summer break-I am always ridiculously jealous of you teachers this time of year 😉

  9. Sometimes blogging breaks are totally necessary, and I'd say you had a good reason. :) Have a fabulous summer off! I know you will!

  10. Both of those answers are great - one because it's like really and the other because it makes you feel so good! Congrats again to your mom. And yes, I too am so thankful for the relationships and friendships through blogging, especially ours!


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